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Hearing someone say that they’re earning a 3 figure salary isn’t that common. In fact, if someone says it to you, you’d be right to be confused. After all, doesn’t it seem kind of low to be someone’s actual income?

So how much is 3 figures? And what does 3 figures mean in money?

Well, this article will show you just what these terms mean – including how to calculate this on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

What is 3 figures?

The term “3 figures” refers to any number from 100 to 999. As it includes any number with three digits in it, it can include 100, 999, or any number between these, like 233 or 789.

Essentially, when people talk about figures like this, they’re referring to the number of digits in the amount. For example, 5 figures would be an amount like 24,692.

What does 3 figures mean in money?

In terms of 3 figures in money, this means all amounts ranging from $100 to $999. As such, it could be $245 or $897. You often hear about people discussing figures in terms of their salaries, although it could also be used to describe the cost of a purchase.

It’s worth mentioning that if you have three numbers with a decimal in-between, this isn’t considered as being 3 figures. So, for example, $1.25 won’t be a three-figure, though it has three digits. $200.35 is, however, seen as being 3 figures since the whole digits (200) falls between 100 and 999. 

How much is a 3 figures salary?

When discussing a 3 figures salary, this denotes earnings ranging from $100 to $999. Usually, talking about “figures” in the context of salaries refers to your annual earnings. In this case, though, earning 3 figures a year would be extremely low.

In fact, this would basically be impossible to survive on in most countries. This is why, when it comes to a 3 figure salary, this is much more likely to refer to someone’s earnings every day or, sometimes, each week.

couple counting their 3 figure salary

For example, a person earning $200 per day will be on a 3 figure daily salary. The same person will be earning around $4,000 per month, assuming there are 20 business days that month, which would be a 4 figure salary each month or a 5 figure salary per year. This is much more in line with the average annual wage in the US, which is $51,916.27.

How much is high 3 figures?

High 3 figures is any number ranging from around 700 to 999. For example, if your side hustle rakes in $800 in a month, then it means you’re earning a high 3 figures monthly.

You might also hear someone mention this when they talk about how much something cost, particularly if they don’t want to say the exact amount.

That said, determining exactly when a number becomes high 3 figures isn’t an exact science. Just consider it as basically being any number that starts to approach the four-figure mark.

How much is 3 figures a year?

Earning 3 figures a year means your income is anything from $100 to $999 in a single year. You may do this by running a side hustle which, if you’re just starting out or treating it more as a hobby, could see earnings of less than $1,000 annually.

Alternatively, you may want to work only a few days each year and generate this kind of money for the whole year. Some people do that to get some extra cash around the holidays, for example. In those cases, that’ll be 3 figures a year.

How much is 3 figures a month?

Having an income of 3 figures a month means your job or business generates between $100 and $999 every month. This isn’t a lot, but it is realistic if your business has just been launched or you’re only able to work a few hours a week.

While 3 figures a month may seem meager, it’s a perfect place to begin, especially if you’re making this cash as a side income and so have other earnings on which you can rely. And if you’re, say, a student and can only work a few hours each week around your study commitments, getting 3 figures a month can be a valuable eye-opener to financial wellness.

How much is 3 figures a week?

Making 3 figures a week means you’re earning between $100 and $999 every week. This could mean you have a weekly income of, say $362 or $789, both of which would fall within this range.

As mentioned earlier, the average annual wage in the US is $51,916.27. This is equivalent to earning $998.39 per week, which suggests that the average person is actually on a 3 figure salary each week.

man counting cash and wondering what does 3 figures mean in money

How much is 3 figures a day?

If you’re earning 3 figures a day, this means that your business or job generates between $100 and $1,000 every 24 hours. Reaching a high 3 figure salary each day is definitely a great goal to have, as it could mean that you’re earning up to $30,000 per month.

In fact, if your overall objective is to earn a 6 figure salary each year, hitting 3 figures a day will be key. That’s because, at the very least, you’ll have to earn $274 a day to reach this target.

What are 3 figure salary jobs?

There are various 3 figure salary jobs with hefty paychecks – as long as you base this on them earning 3 figures a day, given how rare it is for someone to earn less than $1,000 a year without having any other source of income.

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So on the understanding that we’re looking at this as a daily rate, most jobs in the 25th percentile (that is, where your wage is more than $41,000 per year) pay more than $200 per day. The amount you get will vary depending on the qualification, job group, and state.

As some examples, here are five 3 figure salary jobs that generate less than $999 per day.


You can work as an aeronautical engineer, petroleum engineer, construction engineer, or chemical engineer.

Professionals in these sub-niches earn between $4,458 and $7,042 per month. Denver and San Diego are two goods states with lucrative engineering paychecks.


Cooks in the United States earn an average of $13.03 per hour. This equates to a full time wage of $135 per day and $723 per week. Their pay varies, however, depending on the professional portfolio, state, and job group.

Some hotels and restaurants also pay marginally higher rates. So, be sure to check the amount offered in the job posting before applying for a cooking job.

Air traffic controllers

Air traffic controllers’ central role is to direct aircraft. They manage where planes land to avoid confusion and delays.

These professionals earn $38.80 per hour, which is equivalent to $401 per day. However, their pay varies depending on the airline they work for and the job portfolio.

Medical and clinical medical lab technicians

Medical lab technicians earn an average of $19.70 per hour, meaning $204 per day. The lowest-ranked lab technicians earn $2,875, while the highest-earning technicians carry home $6,416 per month. 

The skills and duration of expertise are critical when determining the pay.

Dental assistants

Dental assistants record all patients under various dental care programs and help dentists perform a range of tasks, such as teeth whitening, oral check, cavity treatment, etc.

Typically, dental assistants earn an average of $18.99 per hour and $196 per day. However, states such as California pay as much as $21.23 per hour.

Sales managers

The average salary of a sales manager is $20.39 per hour, while the pay per day is $209. Managerial posts have wages with the highest margin.

The highest-paid sales managers get monthly wages of up to $117,000, while the lowest-paid earns $47,000 per month.

The highest earners get up to $117,000 per year. That means working as a sales manager guarantees you at least $18,000 per month.

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