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Have you heard the theory that if your right hand is itching, a lottery win is on its way?

I mean, the fact it happened to that one person must mean it’s true…right?

There are literally hundreds of superstitions that exist in every single culture. In fact, you’ve probably heard of some of them, even if you may not entirely believe in them all.

Don’t walk under a ladder. Don’t open an umbrella inside. If you break a mirror, it’s seven years of bad luck.

And have you ever “touched wood” as a way to avoid bad luck? That exact belief comes from the same one that says that your right hand itching has some meaning for your future. In particular, there are some who believe that an itchy hand means money is coming your way – which I’m sure we’d all agree would be pretty nice!

So keep reading to find out just what an itchy right palm may mean – and what you can do to take advantage of some of the good things that might be coming your way from this.

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Right hand itching meaning

If your right hand has an itchy palm, the meaning traditionally is positive. That is, it can mean things like you’re about to have money coming in, that you’re about to make a new friend or see a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or that you’re about to get some news or a letter coming your way.

In the case of the money-related belief, this is actually why many people prefer to hand over cash with their right hand. It’s thought that it means that the money will come back to them in some way, like that the cash they’re handing over is an investment.

There are also those who believe it could relate to a new or existing friend. This may come from the fact that most of us shake hands with our right hands, so it’s seen as indicating some sort of social connection. Based on this, your right hand itching could have the meaning that you’re about to need to use that hand to shake the hand of someone positive in your life.

person with a right hand itching meaning money is coming

Finally, about the fact that your itchy right palm could mean that you’re getting some news, this isn’t because your phone is about to vibrate with a breaking news alert. Instead, it could come from the fact that most people are right hand dominant, so it tends to be the hand you use to receive a letter that someone gives to you.

(That said, there are those who believe that to get this news, you have to spit in your hand, so maybe don’t combine this with the hand shaking one from above.)

It’s worth mentioning that the book Italian Folk Magic actually has one negative example when your right hand is itchy. This book says that a right hand itching can have the meaning that you’re about to beat someone up – and win. So good luck using that excuse in your next bar brawl.

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Is your right hand itching and you’re female?

If your right palm is itching and you’re female, the meaning can be different for you than with men.

That is, in India, having a right palm itching has the meaning that you’re going to attract money – but only for males. For females, on the other hand (pun fully intended, by the way) it means that you’ll have money going out.

two hands holding fairy lights

While that’s definitely a bit of a bummer for us women, look on the bright side: it also means that if your left hand is itching, the meaning is the opposite, in that you’ll have money coming in.

This means that the answer to the question of what hand itches when you get money is: it very much depends!

Is your right hand itching and you’re male?

As mentioned earlier, if your right hand is itching and you’re male, this is generally a good sign. Almost all beliefs relating to this, including the Hindu beliefs that see it differently for men and women, conclude that something positive will happen when you have an itchy right hand and you’re male.

The good news that comes when you have a right hand itching and you’re male isn’t based on astrology, like some people think. Instead, it’s based on a concept called palmistry, which is basically the technical term for palm reading.

In particular, there are those who believe that when your right hand itches, it means that energy is moving through the hand. It’s also why you’re recommended to “touch wood” if you think this itchy hand will have a negative outcome, as this is seen as releasing the energy buildup.

Does your right hand itching mean lottery luck?

There are actually a bunch of stories out there of people who had a right hand itching with a lottery win shortly afterwards.

  • One woman in Baltimore, for example, bought a lottery ticket after all three of her daughters told her they had itchy hands. After scratching it, she realized she won $50,000.
  • Another man in Michigan credited his lottery win to his itchy hand. After it wouldn’t stop itching for a few days, he bought a lottery ticket – and won $250,000.
  • This woman in the UK won over £16.7 million (US$23.7 million) in the Euromillions lottery.
  • And probably the most amazing win was a woman in Brooklyn who was on a bus when her palm started itching. She immediately jumped off the bus, bought a lottery ticket…and promptly won a massive $64 million.

Now, these are all pretty incredible stories. But can you actually tell from this that if your right hand is itching, the meaning is a lottery win is coming?

In the case of the woman from the UK, she specifically said in her interview that she had an itchy right hand just before discovering her win. Case closed?

person holding a scratch ticket wondering if their right hand is itching for lottery luck

Well, at the same time, it’s worth mentioning that in the first two stories above, they didn’t actually say which hand was itching when they bought their tickets. And in the case of the third one, it was actually her left hand, not her right hand that was itching.

(We should also probably consider the thousands of people who had itchy hands, bought lottery tickets and didn’t win anything.)

In the end, it’s up to you. It could be a happy coincidence. Or the answer to what does it mean when your right palm itches could be that you have millions of dollars coming your way.

Which would definitely be nice! I just probably wouldn’t recommend going out and spending your life savings on lottery tickets the moment you start to have an itchy right hand as your great strategy to become rich overnight.

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What’s the winning lottery number for a right hand itching?

If you’re still keen to try your luck, you may be interested in knowing that the woman who won $64 million from her itchy hands-induced lottery win used the numbers 5, 14, 17, 19, 24 and 25. These are apparently the birthdays of family members.

The other woman in the UK who said her lottery win was due to her right hand itching used the numbers 1, 4, 10, 19, 23 based on her children’s birthdays. The remaining two numbers of 2 and 8 were picked at random.

an itchy right palm

And the man who won a cool $250,000 used the following numbers for their lottery ticket:

  • The month and day of he and his partner’s first date
  • Their future wedding date
  • Their age (they’re both the same age, just to clarify)

To add to this, the man apparently had one regret, which is that he didn’t also play the age they would be when they get married. If he’d added that, he would have won the entire jackpot.

So if your right hand is itching and you need some lottery numbers to take advantage of what this could mean for your personal financial plan, it seems the moral of both stories is to use numbers that mean a lot to you!

(With a couple of random ones thrown in for good measure.)

Religious beliefs relating to your itchy right hand

There are actually several different faiths that support the idea that if your right hand is itching, good things will come from it.

For example, in the Hindu religion, the goddess Lakshmi has four arms that are symbolic of the four goals of humanity that are considered good in Hinduism: 

  • Dharma (pursuit of ethical, moral life)
  • Artha (pursuit of wealth, means of life)
  • Kama (pursuit of love, emotional fulfillment)
  • Moksha (pursuit of self-knowledge, liberation)

She is sometimes depicted with wealth symbolically pouring out from one of her hands. Sometimes, she simply holds a jar of money. Either way, this symbolism has two meanings, in that wealth manifested through Lakshmi includes both material as well as spiritual wealth.

And it’s thought that the Hindu belief that each itchy hand means different things for different genders is derived from this.

woman reading

Similarly, in Christianity, there are several verses that could be relevant here:

  • “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret.” – Matthew, 6:3-4
  • “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” – Isaiah 41:13

The first verse has been interpreted to mean that you should give to charity in secret (literally, with your right hand) rather than drawing attention to it, while the second is meant to give people courage in times of fear.

While these may not directly relate to you receiving money, they do suggest how good things can happen based on your right hand. If you want to break it down even further, you could interpret them as meaning that the right hand is preferred for both giving and receiving.

Whether or not you believe either of these is up to you. But it’s always interesting to get some extra background on where some of these beliefs relating to your right hand itching may have come from!

So what does it mean when your right hand itches?

As we’ve seen, if your right hand itches, money could be on its way. In particular, if your right hand is itching, lottery luck may be just around the corner!

Or it could mean you’re about to see an old friend or meet a new one. Alternatively, you could be about to get some news – or even get into a fight, apparently.

It’s pretty safe to say that the answer to what does it mean when your right palm itches is: potentially a bunch of things.

At the very least, most of them are very positive eventualities! And if you’re someone who believes in the power of positive thinking or manifesting certain outcomes, then having an itchy right palm and being confident that good things will come of it could mean that that’s exactly what will happen.

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