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As you’ll see from our SolidGigs review, if you’re a freelancer (or want to be one), this site could save you some serious time while helping you make some serious money.

That is, while becoming a freelancer and working from home is the ideal arrangement for many of us, there’s no doubt that the most frustrating aspect of it is actually finding this work.

With so many job sites out there, having to spend hours trawling through options that don’t fit for whatever reason can be incredibly demoralizing – especially when you could be using that time to actually earn some money!

This is where SolidGigs comes in. Its goal is to send you only the best freelance job opportunities based on what you’re interested in, meaning you’ll immediately be able to start pitching for this work rather than wasting hours trying to find it in the first place.

Keep reading to find out more about SolidGigs, including how it can help you grow your freelance business – or where you may want to consider an alternative instead.

What is SolidGigs?

SolidGigs is a website that freelancers can join to find work and specializes in finding high-quality jobs specific to someone’s individual profile. This, in turn, allows freelancers to focus their efforts on applying to clients that are best suited to them rather than having to spend time searching through thousands of options that may be less suitable.

It was created by Preston Lee, a former freelance graphic designer who started a blog that sought to help freelancers find work.

screenshot from our solidgigs review

When he noticed that the majority of his readers still struggled to find quality jobs, he decided to create SolidGigs as a platform that would help them do just that.

This means that this site was, from the very start, built with freelancers in mind.

How does SolidGigs work?

SolidGigs works by providing daily updates and weekly emails with the top 1% of freelance jobs based on the kind of work you tell them you’re looking for. Its goal is to save you time, so that instead of searching through nearly 100 different sites looking for freelance work, the SolidGigs team will handpick the best jobs for you.

This means that it essentially works like an email newsletter. That is, simply sign up for SolidGigs, enter the types of freelance jobs in which you’re interested and you’ll receive regular updates with (what they say are) handpicked jobs.

woman on laptop doing a solidgigs review

As you can probably tell, this will clearly save you a ton of time. If you’ve been looking for easy freelance jobs and you’ve ever found yourself checking even just a couple of sites every day, you’ll know the feeling of having to trawl through hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs that just aren’t a good fit for you.

So all the time you’re saving by not having to do that could easily go towards pitching a few extra clients or doing some more training – to help you earn even more going forward!

We’ve gone into some more detail below about the main features of SolidGigs.

Daily handpicked gigs

As mentioned, when you sign up for SolidGigs, you’ll be able to enter some information on the types of jobs you’re looking for. Using those details, the SolidGigs team will personally look through jobs and update its list of suggested opportunities for you.

They say that the way that they’ve been able to do this is by only letting in a few members at a time. For instance, at first, SolidGigs only allowed 50 members per month to join and while it’s unclear what their current rate of new joiners is, they do keep it fairly exclusive.

By doing this, they’re able to continue to have the ability to manually find freelance work that matches your needs, based on SolidGigs’ review by its team of almost 100 freelance sites, job boards and similar pages.

SolidGigs weekly gig list

Once a week, SolidGigs will email you with its picks for the best freelance jobs based on the type of work you’re looking for.

They claim that this represents the top 1% of all freelance job offers out there, with options being filtered out based on things like whether or not they suit what you’re looking for, whether the client is offering enough money or simply based on overall professionalism of the client.

Once you receive the list, you’re free to pitch to as many or as few clients as you prefer. Over time, you’d ideally then be able to build up your own personal client list with the ones you like working with based on the offers you’re receiving through SolidGigs.

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Training for freelancers

One great discovery from our SolidGigs review is the training opportunities that are also offered to freelancers.

That is, by signing up with SolidGigs, you’ll also be given access to a range of courses that are specifically relevant to freelancing and entrepreneurship. These are on topics that can range from pitching, sales and client acquisition to how to price your services to get paid what you deserve.

person using laptop on bed

SolidGigs’ main service already offers you the chance to make more money. After all, time is money, so the fact that this platform is saving you time on your job search means you have more time to actually make money. 

But the fact that you can also boost your skills through SolidGigs means it gives you an extra chance to earn more. For example, you may be an amazing graphic designer but if you don’t know how to do an effective pitch to clients or you’re accidentally undercharging, these can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

This means that by working on these other, but just as relevant, skills, you’ll be able to further develop your freelance business – and make sure you’re getting what you deserve.

How to get started with SolidGigs

To get started with SolidGigs, simply sign up for the service through their site. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter information on the kinds of freelance jobs you’re interested in. This will allow you to receive daily updates and weekly emails on job opportunities that align with your interests.

When you receive these updates and see a stay at home job that you’re interested in pursuing, you’ll be directed to the site on which this job is advertised. This is because SolidGigs doesn’t advertise these roles themselves; instead, it acts more like an aggregator of the most suitable positions.

This means that you’ll then be free to apply for a job in whichever way the original site tells you to do so, whether that’s by pitching directly to a client by email or applying through the original site itself.

SolidGigs pricing

SolidGigs costs $2 for an initial 30-day trial. From there, the service costs $19 per month and you can cancel at any time. This price is locked in forever assuming you stay signed up for SolidGigs, even if the price goes up in future for new members.

This is probably going to be the biggest downside you’ll find in this SolidGigs review, especially given that similar sites don’t charge you to join them. Instead, they’ll usually charge a commission for each job.

For example, signing up for Fiverr and even advertising your services there is free. However, for each service you sell on Fiverr, you’ll receive 80% of the service cost while the site will take a 20% commission.

person on laptop with view behind them

On the other hand, SolidGigs is different in that you’re not advertising your services through it.Instead, it’s more of an aggregator of job opportunities, so it’s the one providing the service to you.

And, like most companies, it’s a service you’ll pay for. That said, while $19 per month may make you pause, it’s worth calculating just how much time it’s saving you each month.

This is especially the case if you’ve been spending large chunks of time trawling through job sites trying to find freelance opportunities. If you’re saving literally hours per week, that $19 could very quickly become worthwhile, particularly as you’ll likely to easily earn it back from your very first job.

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Is SolidGigs worth it?

SolidGigs is worth it if you find yourself spending significant amounts of time on job sites searching for freelance work, particularly if your job search has been mostly unsuccessful to date. By having the best suited offers sent to you, you’ll be able to focus your time on pitching these clients rather than having to track them down.

It’s worth saying it again: Time is money. And each hour that you spend on yet another job board is an hour that could have been spent cleaning up that pending client pitch, fine tuning your technical skills or working on that task that’s due tomorrow.

So what it will ultimately come down to is how much time you personally are saving and what your time is worth to you.

person using laptop

If you don’t tend to spend all that much time looking for freelance work or you’re pretty much booked out with a client list you’re happy with, you probably don’t need SolidGigs.

But if you’re getting frustrated about the fact that you always seem to be looking for work but most of the things you find just aren’t right or you’ve been struggling to lock down a gig, then SolidGigs could help you to reach that next level you’re looking for.

If that could be you, I’d recommend signing up for the 30-day SolidGigs trial. It’s only $2 instead of the usual $19, meaning you’ll get an incredibly cost-effective way to see if SolidGigs is for you.

And who knows: you could even find that dream gig during the trial, meaning you’ll be hitting the ground running with barely any cost at all!

Is SolidGigs legit?

SolidGigs is legit, in that the service you’re paying for is what you’ll actually receive. There are plenty of SolidGigs reviews online confirming that people have received their updates and while not every review is completely positive, there do not appear to be any complaints indicating that SolidGigs isn’t a legitimate service.

The SolidGigs site is also safe, with payment being processed securely. They also make it very clear that you can cancel the service at any time, meaning you’re able to unsubscribe from their weekly emails whenever you want.

man using laptop

The SolidGigs reviews on its site are also positive, with an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5. Of course, though, it’s always difficult to know whether the reviews that a site displays about itself are a complete list of reviews it’s received.

This is particularly the case with a relatively new site like this one, as it means that there aren’t that many SolidGigs reviews elsewhere. Reddit does have some, with most people that have commented on this in the subreddits that help people make money on Reddit noting that the jobs are pretty good. At the same time, some of these comments state that, in certain industries, you may have more luck on certain social media platforms or by networking directly with potential clients.

SolidGigs review summary

As an overall summary based on our SolidGigs review, I’d recommend keeping the following in mind.

  • Great time saver – lets you focus more on actually doing work that makes money
  • Price is future proof – once you sign up, you’re able to lock in that price forever
  • Handpicked jobs means you’ll likely get better options – the fact jobs are handpicked means you know people are actually spending time to find the right options for you
  • Platform is built with freelancers in mind – given that the founder of SolidGigs is a freelancer himself, you know that the site is built with your specific needs in mind
  • Price may be a bit steep – some people will prefer the commission-based model of other job sites, others may think SolidGigs’ pricing is fine depending on how much time it saves them. Ultimately, it’s going to depend on your own circumstances
  • Can’t see examples of the services on offer without signing up – while the 30-day trial price is very reasonable, it would be nice if you could see even an idea of what you’re getting without having to provide your credit card details

SolidGigs alternatives

If you’re looking for freelance work but aren’t sure if this is for you based on this SolidGigs review, it can help to have a list of SolidGigs alternatives on hand as potential options.


fiverr screenshot as a solidgigs alternative

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance sites in the world. It’s great for anyone looking to offer their services for one-off tasks – which, despite the name, definitely don’t have to cost only $5.

It’s best to simply search Fiverr to see the massive variety of gigs you can advertise on there, as they can range from designing (whether it’s logos for a business, wedding invitations, artistic pieces and more) to website-related work (like coding certain items or improving site speed) to literally anything in between.

(And as someone who’s personally hired people on Fiverr, it’s probably my favorite from all the options in this list.)


flexjobs screenshot as a solidgigs alternative

As you can see in the image above, FlexJobs bills itself as the largest job site in the world for finding remote, work from home and freelance job opportunities. At the time of writing this, it has over 27,000 jobs listed from almost 6,000 companies so there’s basically something for everyone.

This huge range of options could, however, leave you open to the issue that SolidGigs is trying to help you to avoid, in that it can take time to find the right gigs for you. 

That said, its advanced search options are seriously great at helping you to filter your search results down to what you need, so you may actually find yourself not really needing SolidGigs at all here.

freelancer screenshot as a solidgigs alternative has connected over 51.5 million employers and freelancers globally, so there is definitely going to be no shortage of options here if you’re looking for freelance jobs.

It’s especially good for helping you to find jobs, although you’re able to advertise your services too. But in the case of the former, simply find a project that suits your profile and bid for it. 

Bidding is free although, if you’re chosen, charges a small commission based on how much you’re paid for your work.


upwork screenshot to compare it based on a solidgigs review

Upwork is like a combination of Fiverr and the others, in that you can either find fairly small one-off tasks or more ongoing jobs. For example, I know a few people who have been successful at getting jobs as freelance writers or virtual assistants through this site, making it a great virtual assistant website.

It’s good at connecting jobseekers with clients, with a great aspect being that you’re rewarded for your good work. That is, the more projects you complete with solid ratings, the more visible you’ll be to new clients who are also looking for help.


guru screenshot

Guru is another solid freelancing site and while it may be smaller than some of the others, this doesn’t mean it should be disregarded.

In fact, it’s got over 800,000 employers worldwide, with a particular focus on programming and writing jobs. This means that if you’re in either of those areas, it’s worth taking a second look here.


cloudpeeps screenshot

CloudPeeps is another freelance site and while, again, it may not be as big as some of the others, it does claim to have connected people with some pretty impressive clients. That is, with employers like L’Oreal, Airbnb, Lyft and Virgin America, there are definitely some big names here.

As above, it appears to have a particular focus on copywriters and developers, but others should also consider looking for job opportunities here just to see if you stumble across any gems.


PeoplePerHour screenshot

PeoplePerHour is perhaps slightly closer to Fiverr in that it’s got more of an emphasis on allowing clients to hire freelancers for fixed work.

That is, with gigs like coding certain items for a business’ website, designing logos or preparing content, this may be better if you’re not looking for long term work. If that sounds like, this SolidGigs alternative is certainly worth considering.

Final thoughts from our SolidGigs review

For any freelancers looking for their next client, the sheer amount of time needed to find that next ideal job can be seriously frustrating.

The most annoying part is knowing that you could be using that time for so many better things, whether related to your work or otherwise. But when you know that you have to get through the thousands of irrelevant jobs to find one that suits your profile, the job search process can feel both completely necessary and like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill at the same time.

This is where SolidGigs really shines. By saving you hours of searching every month – hours that could certainly be put to better use – it can definitely be completely worth it.

As mentioned earlier in our SolidGigs review, where it may not suit you is if you already have quite a full plate of tasks or don’t really seem to have issues in finding new work based on your existing client list being pretty reliable.

But for those feeling stuck in the search phase, it’s worth at least giving SolidGigs a try during its 30-day low-cost trial period (as $2 is basically nothing) to see whether it’s for you.

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