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We’ve all seen those incredible-looking pantries or color-coded boxes of kids’ toys all lined up perfectly on Pinterest. And while you’d probably love to do the same at your place, you’re (understandably!) all about saving money and so it would be great to be able to have some cheap storage options that look just as amazing as the flashier, more expensive versions!.

That’s why I’ve assembled this great list of cheap storage ideas for small spaces on a budget. With these tips, you’ll see exactly how to keep a small house clean and organized without having to spend a fortune in doing so.

This includes things like clothes storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget or small kitchens with no storage. There are even some options for how you can organize without buying anything! Plus, check out some of the best DIY storage ideas out there that cost even less and let you flex your creativity muscles.

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Best cheap storage ideas for small spaces on a budget

1. Hanging kitchen supplies

As you’ll see, one common theme with many of the storage ideas for small spaces on a budget is to use wall and ceiling space. This includes in your kitchen, where you can take advantage of hanging space to store things that may not fit in your cupboards.

Installing this kitchen rail adds a great option for holding a bunch of things that would otherwise take up valuable pantry space. It’s also incredibly good value!

2. Under cabinet spice rack

spice storage idea for small spaces on a budget
Source: Beneath My Heart

I’ve got a few ideas for how to store your spices but I couldn’t help starting with this under cabinet spice rack as it looks so professional. It’s also incredibly easy to make, as you can see from the instructions at that link.

While making it yourself will take a bit more time compared to if you simply bought a rack like this, it can end up being much cheaper. Doing it yourself also means that you can adjust the dimensions to suit your own kitchen and storage needs.

3. Pull out spice rack

If building something yourself is a bit beyond your abilities (you wouldn’t be the only one, trust me), this simple pull-out spice rack is a great alternative.

It lets you take advantage of narrow spaces for storing your spices, with the pull-out aspect meaning that you can put it somewhere that would otherwise be hard to access. That makes it a perfect storage idea for a small space given that it’s possible that nothing else would fit in there anyway.

4. DIY magnetic spice rack

DIY magnetic spice rack as an example of a cheap storage idea for small spaces on a budget
Source: Garden Betty

While this may be another DIY spice storage option, it’s probably the easiest DIY trick you’ll ever find. Basically, all you need are some small jars, which you may have on hand anyway, some magnets and industrial-strength glue. Just attach the magnets to the jars and you’ve got a magnetic spice rack.

(Or you can just buy these magnetic spice tins, which is definitely a much easier way to do this.)

The full instructions can be found here which, as you’ll see, show you how this is an excellent way to take advantage of available space, like on your fridge door.

5. In-cabinet plate stacker

I actually have these in-cabinet plate stackers and so I speak from personal experience when I say: these are one of the simplest and best storage ideas for small spaces on a budget that you’ll find.

In particular, they’re perfect for anyone who is sick of having to pull out a bunch of plates just to get to the one you need. They also take advantage of the fact that many people have space that goes upwards that they can’t seem to use. Just throw one of these bad boys into your pantry and suddenly that upward space is yours to use to your heart’s content.

6. Cheap pantry makeover

tidy, organized pantry as an example of a storage idea for small kitchens
Source: Today’s Creative Life

Getting organized and removing some clutter can be a great way to find some more storage space. After all, when things are more organized, you tend to be able to fit more things into that cupboard or that drawer.

And with many of us having a fairly chaotic pantry, getting that under control can really help you with your kitchen storage woes. It’s for this reason that I recommend you take a look at these ideas for organizing your kitchen. A lot of them are as simple as using some storage containers for small spaces to store everything. In doing so, not only can you see exactly what you have and be able to line it up more neatly, but it just looks better too. 

Check out these airtight containers (with labels!) as a budget-friendly way to get started..

7. Hanging door organizer

If your pantry needs some organizing – and, let’s face it, whose doesn’t – take advantage of your behind the door space with this hanging door organizer.

You can keep all sorts of things in this and it can be a particularly good option for those things you need to choose frequently. That is, by keeping them on the door, you can simply reach in and grab them rather than rummaging around and messing up your very tidy (obviously) pantry. 

This is also great for small spaces as your kitchen may not have all that much room for keeping everything you need, so this is basically like getting some free shelfspace!

8. Dollar Tree Lazy Susan

DIY Lazy Susan as an example of how you can organize a small space with a lot of things
Source: Craft Your Happiness

This is a crazy cheap way to store things like sauces or oils. Literally all you need is some cake pans and some marbles and you’ll have yourself a budget Lazy Susan.

Putting one of these in your pantry is perfect for anyone who finds himself reaching to the back and messing up rows of beautifully organized bottles. Instead, simply swing this one around and immediately have access to what you need. Not bad for what’s essentially an online dollar store organization hack!

9. Paper towel, foil and cling wrap all-in-one

I mentioned before how storing things upwards is key if you need storage ideas for small spaces on a budget and this wall mounted holder definitely fits into that category.

That is, by keeping your paper towel, cling film and foil nearly under a pantry or somewhere else that you can mount them on a wall, you’ll be keeping these items away from your clutter while also being within easy access. It’s also incredibly easy to install this so don’t worry about what that involves.

10. Under the kitchen sink

tidy, organized under sink cupboard as an example of what you can do with a small storage space
Source: Neat House Sweet Home

The space under my kitchen sink is basically a black hole of cleaning supplies, so if yours is the same, consider using these tips to get it organized to make better use of the space.

This could be as simple as purchasing some cheap baskets, so everything is stored neatly together. But, if you have the upward space, you may also want to consider adding some shelves or even some stackers, similar to the plate stackers I mentioned a bit earlier.

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11. Wall-mounted mug storage

Wall-mounted mug rack as an example of how you keep a small house clean and organized
Source: Simple Made Pretty

These wall mounted mug racks look incredible and, as you’ll see from the instructions, they literally cost the person seven dollars to make. Of course, you can always buy a ready-to-go mug rack. But while that will certainly be easier, it’s going to be cheaper to try to make it yourself.

Either way, this idea is a really good way to store your mugs in a way that looks like it’s lifted straight out of a home decor magazine.

12. Wall storage with a peg board and containers

Taking advantage of wall storage doesn’t have to just be limited to your kitchen, with this pegboard and container set being perfect for any sort of knick knacks you need to keep somewhere.

That is, storing his items can take up valuable desk or cupboard space. Instead, by wall mounting them, you’re suddenly opening up your cheap storage options in a way that can also look great. There is the added bonus here that these items are suddenly going to be much more accessible, so this could be a really good idea for things that you tend to use more frequently than others.

13. Peg board shelves

Like the idea of a pegboard but have things to store that won’t fit in those containers? Then take a look at these shelves that you can buy to store even more items.

The best part about these is that, by using a pegboard, you can add as much as little space as you need. That can always be a problem with shelves mounted directly to a wall, and that when they’re there, they’re basically not able to be moved. These, however, can be adjusted based on your needs. 

And don’t worry, they’re pretty strong in that they hold items that are up to 20 pounds in weight. So while you probably shouldn’t store piles of bricks on these, your other items around the home should be perfectly fine.

14. Pull down drying rack

DIY drying rack folding out from the wall as an example of how you maximize storage in a small house
Source: Crafted By The Hunts

The laundry is often the room in the house that many of us are desperate for extra storage. This includes when trying to deal with your laundry – and this DIY fold down drying rack is a great solution for that.

That is, if your laundry is too small to hold a full drying rack or to keep an actual dryer, if that’s what you prefer, with a bit of DIY you can keep your drying rack built into the wall. Sure, it’ll take a little bit of work to make it, but for those with a small space, it could be the solution you need.

15. Slim rolling laundry cart

Looking for something that can hold your laundry items that also doesn’t take up a ton of space? This slim storage cart is perfect for that, especially if you have free space between, say, the washing machine and the wall. You wouldn’t be able to keep anything else in there anyway, so simply slide this in and you’ve magically got extra space for things like detergent and fabric softener.

Of course, this doesn’t have to only be used in the laundry. For example, this would be great for a small bathroom where you have a few extra things that just won’t fit anywhere else.

16. Laundry room countertop

If you’ve got a front loading washer and dryer and want a way to store more things on top of them, check out this DIY counter. It looks, frankly, incredible and when you see just how easy it is to make, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t made your own earlier.

There is a bit of work involved, so if you don’t already have a circle sore, you may have to borrow one or ask for someone’s help. But it’s truly not that difficult to make and can open up the top of your washer and dryer and dryer for some much-needed storage space.

17. Linen closet ideas

tidy and organized linen closet as a way for how to organize a small house with no storage
Source: Today’s Creative Life

Bedding and towels can take up so much room and I’m sure I’m not speaking only for myself. I say that opening the cupboard and having a bunch of sheets fall out on top of you can be super frustrating.

This is why, with a bit of work, getting your linen closet organized can make your life much easier. It’s also a very easy option for anyone who needs storage ideas for small space on a budget as, just by buying a few boxes like these, you can make much better use of the space. Check out these tips for some ways to get started.

18. Learn to fold fitted sheets properly

properly folded fitted sheets as an example of how couples organize their bedrooms
Source: The Homes I Have Made

Following on from the previous point, fitted sheets can be a nightmare for anyone dealing with a lack of storage space. It seems like no matter what you do, they just won’t stay flat, taking up valuable space that you could certainly put to good use otherwise.

This is why, if this sounds like you, you should consider taking the time to learn to fold your sheets in a much better way. The picture above shows you one way, which involve storing your sheets in their matching pillowcases. Not only is this much better from a storage perspective, it makes it much easier to simply grab everything with matching and go.

See more about how to do this here.

19. Stationery organizer

Whether you have a home office, an area for your kids to do their homework or just a bunch of pens floating around, getting your stationery all in one place is much better for storage purposes…and your sanity.

This is why I’d recommend grabbing one of these cute wooden desk organizers. They’re quite narrow, so don’t take up much space, but the fact they go up a few levels means you’re taking advantage of it up with space again. 

They can also help by showing you exactly what stationery you have on hand, so you don’t find yourself buying another set of coloured pencils for your child (or you!) when you’re sure you had some around here somewhere, right?

20. DIY hanging organizer

DIY hanging organizer as an example of how to organize your home on a tight budget
Source: Craftsy Hacks

There are some great hanging organizers out there but if you’re feeling a bit creative and want to save some money, why not try making this hanging organizer yourself?

I can work almost anywhere, whether it’s a bedroom, home office, kitchen or more. The beauty of this is that you can personalise it to fit the colour scheme in the room where it’s going to go, meaning you can certainly mix and match the fabrics depending on your taste.

21. Hanging file organizer

Of course, you wouldn’t be blamed if making one of these just isn’t your thing. It’s for that reason that, especially if you’re looking for space to store documents or books, this over the door file organizer will be perfect.

It’s a particularly good, cheap storage option for anyone who has found themselves suddenly working from home over the last year or so. That is, you probably didn’t have any space aside for things like documents and even if you bought something like a filing cabinet, they can take a ton of room.

This is why, instead, consider organizing your paperwork with one of these so you can leave that floorspace to things that actually need to be there.

22. Cereal box desk organizer

DIY cereal box desk organizer as a way for how you can organize without buying anything
Source: Craftsy Hacks

For an even more budget way to organize your desk, but that still looks amazing, check out this DIY desk organizer. Believe it or not, it’s made out of leftover cereal boxes, so not only is it basically free to make but you’re also being sustainable!

The colourful exterior is made using wrapping paper, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants a more personal touch for storing their things. 

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23. Under desk storage

Desk with boxes as storage under it as an example of storage ideas for small spaces on a budget
Source: Saving Talents

While upward storage is always a great option for those who need storage ideas for small spaces on a budget, don’t forget to look underneath things as well for potential space.

A great example is in the image above which shows just how you can find a bunch of extra storage space both on and under a desk or table. This person has added these storage boxes into a bookshelf tucked away at the end of the desk as well as a smaller shelving unit on the other side of the desk, at the front of the photo. It could be a really clever way for you to do the same.

24. Coat closet organizing technique

gloves, scarves and hats organized in a closet
Source: Lovely Indeed

Looking for a way to quickly find hats and gloves this winter without wanting to scream every time you open the cupboard that they’re buried in? This closet organizing idea in the picture above is a super simple way to easily store these items while also making them quickly accessible when you need them on the way out.

This only takes a couple of minutes to make but as an idea for storing these things while restoring your sanity, it’s possibly one of the best.

25. Hanging bag organizer

Opening a cupboard to find that bad you had in mind can also be incredibly frustrating. After all, you’re sure that it’s buried under those shoes that pile of clothes that you will definitely get organized sometime this week… But finding it in there is another story.

This is why you should take advantage of hanging space to keep your bags organized, like with these hanging bag organizers. Not only will this help you find them more easily, but you’re making much better use of the storage space (and, it’s worth mentioning, it’s much better for the bags themselves).

26. Under bed toy storage

rolling under bed toy storage
Source: The Happy Housie

Under the bed can become a bit of a black hole of stuff that you need to keep somewhere, but probably isn’t as well-placed as it could be. This is why, if you’re looking for storage ideas for small spaces on a budget, working on your under the bed storage can be a good solution.

This includes toys. If you’re sick of finding your kids’ stuff lying around the house, giving it a set space to go can help. And as you can see from these under bed rolling Lego carts, Hiding these away is a perfect way to use that space.

27. Under the bed shoe organizer

If you live in a small place, having something like a shoe rack is a luxury that space may not allow. This is why a great alternative can be to store your shoes under the bed.

However, simply lining them up under the bed is a recipe for them to, in a short amount of time, quickly become disorganized. That’s why you should consider getting something like these under bed shoe organizers.

They’ll keep all your shoes lined up neatly and allow you to easily pull them out, grab the shoes you need and then slip the container back under the bed, ready to go about your (highly organized) day!

28. Under bed storage

Most bed frames allow you some storage space underneath the mattress. However, you can really maximize this by building your own under bed storage, like you can see in the image above.

Sure, the bed will be a bit higher than normal. But for the sake of that slight bit of extra effort, you’ll suddenly find yourself with a tonne of extra storage space that could save the rest of your room from becoming overly cluttered.

Check out the instructions here.

29. Clothes folding technique

Shoving all your clothes in a drawer and praying that it works really isn’t the best use of that space. Instead, you may have heard of the KonMari method of folding clothes. Before you dismiss it as a passing fad, you really should consider giving it a try purely due to the space saving advantages it offers.

That is, not only will your drawers be neater using this method, you’ll be able to fit more in and find it more easily. And sure, you could line all your clothing up on its own, but I’m a big fan of keeping things separate as a way to help me stay organized. For that, I really recommend these adjustable drawer dividers. They’re a good alternative to simply buying baskets or other containers to keep in your drawers and you can easily shift them around depending on the space you have available.

30. No-sew decorative storage boxes

decorated boxes as a cheap storage option to declutter your house fast
Source: Sustain My Craft Habit

We’ve all used a spare shoebox or something similar to keep things in. And while it is certainly effective, it’s also not the most attractive way to keep things stored properly.

That’s why these instructions on how to use these boxes to create really stylish versions of these boxes are so good. They look super professional and the fact you don’t have to so there’s an even bigger bonus.

Instead, just grab some glue, some material of your choice and start making those old storage boxes into something you actually want to look at.

31. Print photos organizer

photos in boxes on a shelf
Source: Frugally Blonde

While we all have thousands of photos on our phones these days, there’s no question that getting them printed is a great way to highlight those that are really special to you. The issue is, though, that you have to find somewhere to keep these that won’t see them getting bent, lost or scattered around your house.

That’s why these very simple and colourful containers can do just the job. They’re much smaller than creating a full album for these but ensure that all your photos will be kept together. You can even label each container based on different events or different people, depending on how you wish to group them. Either way, it’s a great way to be able to grab one box when you want to and reminisce.

Find out more here.

32. Framed earrings organizer

DIY earring organizer
Source: The Boondocks Blog

Earring stands are a great way to keep your pieces together, but they can often take up a lot of room. So when your main concern is valuable bench space, why not consider a DIY earrings organizer like in the image above?

It’s super easy to make and can either be laid against a wall or hung on it to save even more space. And that’s not even mentioning that it actually looks amazing, meaning that it can really serve a dual purpose when added to your room. 

33. Cardboard bookshelf

cardboard bookshelf with kids books in it
Source: Little Ladoo

While little wooden bookshelves are all the rage on Pinterest these days, they can cost a surprising amount of money. So if you’re looking for storage ideas for small spaces on a budget, this DIY cardboard bookcase definitely fits the bill.

While it can take a little bit of time to create this, the person who created this confirms that theirs has lasted years. It’s for that reason that you shouldn’t be concerned that it’s made of cardboard because it really is very durable.

And it also looks amazing having your books displayed like this. In particular, it’ll be perfect for a kids room to both allow your child to find the book they’re looking for and also take advantage of the bright colours of the book covers as a decorative item.

How do you organize small spaces on a budget?

1. Declutter

One of the best ways to organize small spaces that’s also budget-friendly is to simply get rid of stuff you don’t need. That is, it’s going to be far easier to get organized if you have less stuff to organize.

For that reason, take the time to go through your things and see what can be donated, thrown away or even sold. Who knows, this cleaning process could get you a few extra dollars in the process!

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2. Consider seasonal needs

If you have things like clothes or shoes that are taking up too much space, then it can really help to develop a rotation system so that things you don’t need until later in the year are kept out of the way until then.

For example, buy some space bags to put coats, gloves and hats and grab an old box for those winter boots. All of that can then go out of the way, whether that’s in an attic, basement or spare space in the garage.

Then, when the temperature starts to drop, switch everything out for the shorts and t-shirts you won’t wear now until next summer. In doing so, the things you don’t need for now won’t be in the way, meaning you really only have to organize storage in your home for those things you’ll actually be using over the coming months.

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3. Ask around for old boxes

Almost everyone has some old boxes lying around that they’re not using. So whether it’s your friends and family or even in things like local Facebook groups, ask if you can take these off people’s hands to help with your own storage needs.

I’ve even got some tips in this article on how to decorate these so that they look less…box-like. That is, with some material and glue or even just wrapping paper, you can get these looking in a way that doesn’t look like you’re halfway through packing up your house.

4. Use your walls and the roof

Stacking things in wardrobes, your kitchen pantry or even in the corner of rooms is often what most people turn to when trying to organize small spaces on a budget. And while that can help somewhat, there’s also the risk of it still looking cluttered by doing this.

That’s why you shouldn’t forget about your walls and even your roof as a way to get organized. For example, add some floating, no-drill shelves to use that space effectively or consider getting this multi-purpose pot, pan and kitchen utensil storage unit to avoid overloading your cupboards. Not only do they look good, but they can help to free up a ton of space elsewhere.

5. Sort out under your bed

Under the bed can be a bit of a black hole for stuff. But when done effectively, it can be a really useful area for getting organized.

And what’s even better is that tidying up is free! Just grab some of those boxes you got in a previous step, pull your mattress to the side for an afternoon and start sorting out things that can go under there. Ideally, this would include things that you’re not using all the time, but see what works for you.

Final thoughts on storage ideas for small spaces on a budget

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to organize a small space with a lot of things and none of them have to cost you the earth.

Of course, one of the best ways to maximize storage in a small house is to get rid of things you don’t need. That’s why working out how you can declutter your house fast is a great first step in seeing what you can do with a small storage space.

But from there, these unique storage ideas for small spaces give you a ton of cheap storage options, whether you need storage ideas for small spaces in a bedroom or for small kitchens.

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