LogicalDollar is run by an incredible team who are all committed to putting our readers on the path to taking control of their money and achieving financial freedom.

Personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated and we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get the best, most actionable advice on what it takes to secure their finances.

Accordingly, our team is made up of people who live and breathe just that.

Anna Barker, Founder

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Anna is the founder of LogicalDollar and has been recognized as a personal finance expert by Bankrate, HuffPost and many others.

With 10 years of experience in the financial and legal industries, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Law and her own personal history of turning her finances around, Anna is passionate about helping LogicalDollar’s audience make more money, start investing, manage their money better, launch a side hustle and much more.

Check out Anna’s articles here and find out more about her media features on our featured press page.

Sarah Delaney, Operations Manager

LogicalDollar team member Sarah Delaney

Sarah is the Operations Manager here at LogicalDollar and is in charge of ensuring that our audience is getting the best possible experience, whether it’s the content they see or the wider direction that the site is taking, as she crafts our strategy in line with our mission statement.

After graduating college with a mountain of student loan debt, Sarah decided to turn her financial life around. She quickly realized that the key would be to boost her earnings and so she started a range of side hustles, including freelance writing, selling on Etsy and working as a virtual assistant, to do anything possible to eliminate her debt – and, ultimately, begin the climb to financial freedom.

In her spare time, Sarah loves a good book or finding the nearest beach with her labrador.