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While working remotely has become increasingly popular over the last few years, it’s the events of the last two years or so that have really seen this skyrocket. So if you’d like to do the same but aren’t sure where to start, it can really help to focus your search on easy freelance jobs for even beginners to do from home.

After all, nearly 38% of independent workers consider themselves freelancers, so there’s clearly a huge area of opportunity here. In particular, if you have a desire to work on your own or if you are seeking a way to become more independent in the work you do, becoming a freelancer is one option that provides virtually endless opportunities and possibilities.

That said, some online freelance jobs aren’t the easiest to get hired for, whether that’s because you need specific training or experience or perhaps the market simply isn’t big enough.

This is why understanding which freelance jobs are best for beginners helps to show you the ones that may be right for you. In turn, knowing how to seek out easy freelance jobs can help you on your journey to working freely and independently for years to come.

Easy freelance jobs

Whether you are looking for easy freelance jobs from home or online freelance jobs that are suitable for your skills and abilities, there are plenty of opportunities available for remote work.

1. Proofreader

Do you have a love for reading, writing, and fixing grammatical errors? If so, consider working as a freelance proofreader. Working as a proofreader or becoming a freelance editor is a great way to enter into the realm of freelancing, even if you have little to no experience with working on your own.

In fact, there are plenty of proofreading jobs for beginners. While some clients will, of course, prefer you to come with at least some experience, most recognize that attention to detail and an ability to stick to timelines is just as, if not more, important overall.

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2. Writer

Working as a writer is possible by searching for online freelance jobs, local newspaper jobs, or even by building your own website and online portfolio to showcase your talent. As a freelance writer, enjoy the opportunity to write press releases, white papers, and even in-depth guides or tutorials about niche markets and topics that are of interest to you.

And it’s more than possible to become a freelance writer with no experience. You won’t be paid quite as much at first, perhaps unsurprisingly, but work is definitely available. Just by accepting a few clients, you’ll quickly start to build up your portfolio, making you an even better option for more clients!

3. Virtual assistant

Another freelance career that has become more popular and in-demand than ever includes becoming a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant basically does what an in-person assistant would do, just for an online business. This means your tasks can include anything from more administrative things like filing documents or responding to customers, to creating and updating content on the business’ website or managing their social media profiles.

And with more and more businesses shifting either to fully or partly online, demand for virtual assistants is higher than ever, even if you’re just starting out in the industry. Check out our article on finding virtual assistant jobs for beginners to launch your new career in this field.

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4. Tutor

Do you have a set of skills that you would like to hone in on and put to good use? Are you looking for new ways to share your skills with eager and motivated students? Becoming a freelance tutor is one of the best ways to pursue a teaching career without feeling restricted to a standard teaching schedule and routine.

In any one of the thousands of online tutoring jobs out there, you have the ability to teach just about any topic or subject you feel comfortable with, depending on the clients you are interested in helping. And given how much demand there is out there for good tutors, this is definitely one of the easier freelance jobs for finding work – including if you’re particularly interested in easy freelance jobs for students, given all the online tutoring jobs for college students that are available these days.

woman tutoring online in one of the easy freelance jobs for students

Working as a tutor is possible from your home or even by connecting with prospective clients online and following up with tutoring sessions in person. After all, just because you are freelancing independently does not mean you are required to work from home or remotely with each new client and project you take on.

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5. Transcriptionist

Are you someone who can type fast (and enjoys doing so) while also having attention to detail? Do you want to find a way to put your typing skills to use? If so, consider working as a freelance transcriptionist.

Whether you are searching for easy freelance jobs on Upwork or if you are looking to build an independent career as a freelancer, working as a transcriptionist is a great way to break into the market while you establish yourself.

As a transcriptionist, you will be responsible for transcribing a variety of video and audio files, depending on your client, as well as your skills and typing abilities. Transcribing audio recordings from doctors about patients or lawyers about clients is one of the quickest ways to establish yourself as a professional freelance transcriptionist, even if you do not have any prior experience. Take a look at our list of the best transcription jobs from home, even with no experience, to see how to get started.

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6. Online English teacher

As a freelance tutor or online English teacher, introduce students to the English language when it is not their first native language. Teaching English to foreign students is not only a way for you to give back and use your skills for good, but it is also a way for you to make connections with those who are from various parts of the globe.

Working as a freelance tutor is possible remotely whether you are teaching ESL, or English Second Language, or if you are teaching programming and art history. Whether you are interested in teaching students on an individual basis and on your own schedule or if you are thinking of working for another tutor service provider, such as VIP Kid, Tutor Me,, and Club Z.

As one option, take a look at our top picks for teaching English online to Japanese students.

7. Pinterest manager

Working as a Pinterest manager or another social media manager is one of the most popular career industries for remote work – and definitely counts as an easy freelancing job, especially if you consider yourself a social media whiz! In particular, social media marketing provides a unique opportunity to generate a full-time salary regardless of where you live and prefer to work.

Managing an individual’s Pinterest account along with additional social media pages is a way to immerse yourself in digital marketing and promotion. Specifically, becoming a Pinterest and social media manager provides you with the opportunity to help others promote their business, brand, and idea while learning how to effectively maximize your online reach while simultaneously improving your communication and marketing skills.

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8. Model

If you have always had an affinity for the fashion industry, photography, and modeling, consider working as a freelance model. If you are confident and well-prepared, just about anyone has the ability to create a reputation and persona for themselves as a model, especially in today’s online world.

While breaking into the modeling industry is not always easy, it is possible with enough determination and hard work, even if you do not have experience as a model in a professional setting. Building your own website, portfolio, and professional reputation online goes a long way if you are interested in pursuing a freelance career as a model. You could even look into having an area of specialization, such as modeling and selling feet pics.

9. Voice over artist

If you have a voice that is extremely memorable and/or unique, you may have the opportunity to work as a freelance voiceover artist. Working as a freelance voiceover artist provides plenty of unique and creative endeavors that allow you to have fun and let go as you use your voice to earn a living.

woman recording a voiceover as one of the ways for a beginner to do freelancing

Working as a voiceover artist is not always simple or straightforward. After all, as you’re getting paid to record your voice, it is imperative that your voice is appealing and/or relevant to the project(s) you take on and accept as a voiceover artist, especially when you are establishing yourself for the first time in the industry.

It’s worth mentioning that working as a voiceover artist is much easier once you have built a portfolio and established both an online and local reputation throughout the industry, so work on building up that experience as a beginner for the more expert-level jobs to start rolling in. That said, there are definitely options here when you’re just starting out, whether that’s working on commercials to being able to get paid to read books aloud.

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10. Virtual friend

Another job that is becoming increasingly commonplace includes working as a virtual friend. While it may seem silly or impossible, virtual friends can help individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness. In an increasingly connected world, more people than ever feel alone and without support.

A virtual friend position provides the opportunity to not only lend an open ear and heart but is also a way to feel fulfillment as you build your career as an independent freelancer.

11. Graphic designer/illustrator

If you have a knack for drawing or if you have untapped graphic design skills, working as an illustrator and/or graphic designer is one of the best freelance positions to pursue. Like most companies, brands, and professional individuals today require logos, designs, and entire branding services, landing a gig as a professional graphic designer and/or illustrator has never been easier.

Working as a graphic designer or illustrator is possible by launching your own website and building a portfolio for yourself. It is also possible by joining a variety of online communities dedicated to finding work for freelancers, especially those in creative fields such as design and illustration.

As a graphic designer or illustrator, you can make money drawing and, in turn, help brands and professionals bring their business to life both online and off.

12. Animator

If you enjoy design but wish to take your skills and abilities to the next level, consider working as an animator. Working as a freelance animator operates similarly to working as a freelance illustrator or graphic designer. Building your own portfolio is the fastest and most effective way to establish yourself as an animator or another type of designer, regardless of the field and industry you intend to enter.

woman doing graphic design on a computer

As an animator, it is possible to work with clients independently, or even via an agency, depending on your skills, preferences, as well as the type of schedule you envision for yourself. Working as an animator is one of the best freelance positions for those with advanced animation skills, as animation is one of the most in-demand markets today.

13. Developer/Programmer

If you enjoy working with computers and want to enter the realm of web design, app development, and software programming, consider becoming a freelance developer and programmer.

While you will, clearly, need some training to work in this field, once you have that, this is definitely an easy freelance job for finding work. That is, working as a developer and programmer not only provides you with career opportunities around the world, but also puts you in a unique position to work remotely as a freelancer.

As a freelance developer and programmer, take on clients and projects that appeal to you. Avoid taking on work that is not within your wheelhouse, as developers and programmers have such high demand. Whether you prefer to take on small app development projects or if you enjoy working in large teams with other programmers and developers, programming and developing arguably provides the most freedom and flexibility for freelancers and remote workers.

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What is the easiest freelance job?

Finding easy freelance jobs for students or even individuals seeking full-time positions highly depends on your own skills as well as the industry or market you are most comfortable working in. While one freelance job may be extremely easy for one person, it may be challenging and nearly impossible for another.

However, there are a few easy freelance jobs that are suitable for just about anyone, even those who are just getting started with freelancing for the first time.

  • Transcriptionist: Working as a transcriptionist rarely requires a degree or, in some cases, experience as a transcriber. As a transcriptionist, the main qualifications needed in order to work as an independent freelancer is the ability to type faster than the average individual.
  • Voiceover Artist: If you have a knack for using your voice for recordings and creative projects, landing gigs as a voiceover artist is one of the easiest freelance jobs to begin.
  • Virtual Friend: As a virtual friend, provide comfort and support for those in need. If you are an empathetic communicator, working as a virtual friend may be the best path for you.
  • Virtual Assistant: If you are able to easily navigate a computer and understand how to browse the web with ease, consider working as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are ideal freelance jobs for beginners as they do not typically require extensive skills, degrees, or qualifications.
man working on laptop

Which freelance job is best for beginners?

When you are starting out as a freelancer for the first time, seeking out easy freelance jobs for students and/or beginners is highly recommended. Jumping into working full-time in a complex or highly saturated market can present a myriad of unnecessary challenges.

Knowing your freelance job options as a beginner will help to ensure you get started off on the right track.

  • Transcriptionist: Along with being one of the easiest freelance jobs, working as a transcriptionist is often best for beginners just dipping their toes into the freelance lifestyle for the first time. Transcription work is often low-pressure and does not require excessive hours, providing work/life balance.
  • Virtual Assistant: Working as a virtual assistant is a great way to become familiar with what it is like to work as a freelancer. Communicating with customers and providing guidance to online users is one of the best ways to dive into the culture of freelancing and virtual work today. Check out these virtual assistant websites for some options of where you can find work in this field.
  • Teacher or Tutor: If you already have a teaching degree or if you have experience in tutoring and teaching, consider a career as a freelance teacher or tutor. Whether you prefer to tutor locally or if you wish to tutor students using an online platform, there are plenty of opportunities for tutoring as a freelancer, even for beginners with little to no experience.

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Can a beginner do freelancing?

Working as a freelancer full-time or even part-time requires plenty of hard work, commitment, and dedication to your craft. Although freelancing requires more than just stating that you need work and awaiting customers, it is possible for a beginner to work at becoming a successful freelancer.

If you are a beginner seeking easy freelance jobs on Fiverr or other online platforms, you have plenty of opportunities to help get you started. From transcription work to data entry, design, writing, and programming, the options are virtually endless when it comes to working as an independent freelancer.

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Where to find freelance jobs as a beginner

Finding the right freelance job for your skills can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with working independently or if you are unsure of where to begin. Knowing where you can begin searching for freelance jobs for beginners will help you to save time while maximizing your reach once you have entered the freelance market.

  • Using traditional job-hunting websites: Use traditional job-hunting websites such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter to begin seeking freelance positions, both part and full-time. Traditional job-hunting communities provide the opportunity to search for positions based on location, remote work, salary, as well as any other keywords or relevant skills that you are interested in pursuing. Even certain odd jobs apps can help out here.
  • Online career-oriented communities: Use career-oriented communities such as LinkedIn to build your professional reputation and online persona. Connect and network with prospective employers who help to spread the word about your skills and abilities among millions of other professionals.
  • Join local groups online: Use networks such as Facebook to join local groups that promote job offers and local listings. Seek out popular pages that promote remote work listings and job openings. Immerse yourself within various freelance groups to familiarize yourself with the process of working from home as well as the opportunities you have available to you.
  • Local listings: While it is not as common to find remote work using local resources or local listings in a newspaper, it is becoming more prevalent today. Check your local newspaper for potential remote work listings and easy freelance jobs that are appealing and acceptable to you.
  • Network: Network with prospective partners and other professional freelancers who are in the same line of work as you. Attend conferences and networking events designed for both freelancers and entrepreneurs alike. Mingle and network to make connections while also solidifying your position and professional persona as a freelancer. Use networking opportunities to generate potential leads and new clients, helping you to further pursue a full-time career as a freelancer.
woman working on laptop

How to get hired for a freelance job as a beginner

Once you have made the decision to pursue the path of a remote worker and freelancer, there are a few steps to keep in mind and to take to maximize your potential.

Regardless of whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a writer, a designer, or even as a social media manager, there are a few tips to remember to prevent missing out on potential opportunities for your career and future.

1. Brainstorm Your Ideal Path

Before you head down the path of remote work and freelancing, consider your options based on your skills, abilities, and professional experience. Ask yourself the following questions before you begin searching for your ideal freelance job:

  • What type of remote work am I interested in?
  • What are my skills and abilities? How can they be put to use as a freelancer?
  • Am I cut out for the life of a freelancer, or do I require more structure and routine?
  • Where will I be working? Will I stay where I am now, or work while traveling and on the road?
  • Am I searching for a freelance position that is part or full-time?
  • How will I build my portfolio and attract prospective clients?

2. Build a Portfolio and Online Presence

Having an online presence is essential for most freelancers today. Launch an official website, build your portfolio, and create social network profiles on professional networks such as LinkedIn. Having an online presence is one of the best ways to maximize your online reach and visibility.

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3. Network and Connect

Attend networking conferences to mingle and connect with prospective employers, clients, and even customers. Immerse yourself in the freelance community to learn how to better navigate potential jobs and opportunities that present themselves.

4. Seek Out Freelance Positions Online

Use online sites such as ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, and even Indeed to begin searching for remote positions that are right for you.

Is freelancing easy?

For some, freelancing is extremely easy and comes naturally, especially if you have the ability to sell yourself. For most, though, the amount of self-discipline that is necessary in order to succeed as a freelancer can be quite daunting.

Determining whether or not freelancing is easy is often subjective, and greatly depends on the skills, abilities, and preferred working style(s) of the individual. If you enjoy working on your own, making your own schedule, and you have a great sense of self-discipline, it may be possible for you to work full-time remotely as a freelancer.

Although freelancing is not always easy when you are just starting out or before you have a portfolio and professional reputation, it becomes easier over time once you know how to navigate the industry you work in and represent.

Working to become a freelancer is not only a way to explore a variety of career paths and job opportunities, but it is also a way for you to take more control over the schedule and routine in your life. With the right freelancing job and position, set your own schedule and work from anywhere in the world doing a job you love, day in and day out.

Final thoughts on easy freelance jobs

There are plenty of online freelance jobs out there, but finding easy freelance jobs from home can take a bit of extra work. But once you sift through those where you need specific qualifications, you’ll quickly see that the range of freelance jobs for beginners available means that you can start to hone in on those areas that actually interest you.

After all, isn’t that the dream: working wherever and whenever you want in a field that you’re passionate about? And while some “normal” roles may also offer that, a lot of people report that their freelancing jobs as ticking those boxes even more so.

Sure, freelancing isn’t always easy. The lack of stability and benefits can be a concern for some. But for others, that’s exactly the flexibility they’re striving for, so do some research and see if there’s something that works for you.

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