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If you’ve ever heard a great voiceover and thought “I could do that”, did you know that you can actually get paid to record your voice? 

So we’re here to help you do just that, with reviews of five of the best websites where you can record your voice for money. As you’ll see, the opportunities for voice over jobs are definitely out there and top talents are making big bucks in this really fun side hustle.

Of course, if you’re looking to do voice-overs for a living, quality is really going to matter. That is, make your voice samples and auditions the best you can, every time. Impressing your clients is the name of the game.

And to do just that, this article will introduce you to some of the best online voice money apps for selling your unique voice. You’ll learn about how to sell your voice on leading platforms, including several that offer voice over jobs for beginners from home. 

And before you know it, you’ll be an actual voice actor – so, let’s jump right in and explore!

Want to find some ways to make money with your phone while you’re waiting to become the next big thing in voice acting? Here are our top picks for the best money-making apps out there:

  • Swagbucks (includes a free $5 welcome bonus) – great for making money by playing games, watching videos and more
  • Ibotta (includes a massive free $20 welcome bonus) – our favorite cashback app to get money back on things you’d be buying anyway, like groceries
  • MyPoints (includes a free $5 welcome bonus) – an app with a huge range of money making opportunities
  • SurveyJunkie – our pick for the highest paying survey app, including options for earning $150 per hour with focus groups

How to get paid to record your voice

If you’re new to the voiceover industry, you need to arm yourself with knowledge and be prepared to work at developing your reputation. 

That is, things may not go as explosively as you would like, at first, but that can change quickly after you have several successful projects under your belt and start to learn just how the industry works. Fortunately, as you’ll see, there are plenty of sites offering voice over jobs for beginners to work from home.

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It’s run by Julie Eickhoff, who’s been working from home doing voiceovers since 2011. In that time, she’s narrated and produced more than 100 audiobooks, among other voice products – and she’s now here to teach you how to do the same thing yourself!

1. Upwork

upwork logo

Upwork is the world’s largest online platform for connecting freelancers of all types with clients who need their services – and this includes if you’re looking to get paid to record your voice.

You can create an Upwork profile free of charge. When doing so, you can also choose to include an introductory video, which is an excellent opportunity to show prospective clients your unique voice attributes.

Like most other freelancing platforms, Upwork has free and paid membership levels. Let’s be honest: while the fee may hurt at first, the paid route can often lead to more work. The same is true here where, for a nominal monthly fee, you’ll receive membership perks not available to free members.

woman getting paid to record her voice in a voice over job for beginners from home

As a new voiceover artist, you’re going to need to build a reputation. Welcome this opportunity and dedicate yourself to only presenting your best work samples on your profile. The voiceover industry is booming, and that means there can be a lot of competition.

You can get paid to record your voice on Upwork by:

  • Pitching projects to clients directly
  • Bidding for jobs that are posted by clients
  • Working with recruiters to get matched with the voiceover opportunities for you

Of course, you can pursue all three of these avenues to develop a consistent pipeline of well-paying voiceover work. Remember that it only takes a single successful project to make your first industry connection. After that, the sky’s the limit!

2. Fiverr

fiverr logo

Fiverr has been around for a long time and remains a top platform for various types of freelancers, including those wanting to get paid to do voice recordings. You can register for free. In addition, setting up your profile is easy and the entire interface is fun to work with.

One very important thing to know about Fiverr is that the platform is not there to cater to the freelancers who work through it. Fiverr serves its clients first. Now, this is not a bad thing as long as you deliver quality work, meet deadlines, and communicate readily with your clients.

examples of ways you can record your voice for money on fiverr

Fiverr offers a lot of voice over jobs for beginners from home. After you set up your profile, you’re going to need to create some “gigs”, which is what Fiverr calls service offerings. Freelancers typically list a base service for a small fee and then offer upsells to increase their earnings.

Voiceover artists do not have to audition for Fiverr as on various other platforms. Instead, orders come directly from clients who are impressed with your profile and the gigs that you create.

Again, take your time setting these up. Research top-selling voiceover artists’ profiles and gigs to see how other voice actors make a lot of money, to speed up your learning curve.

3. logo is a large platform that connects clients and voiceover talent on a global basis. This platform offers many opportunities for voiceover artists, especially if they are fluent in languages aside from English.

That said, this site is not known for high-paying gigs. There are a lot of jobs listed daily but they do not typically pay as much as those on Upwork, or even Fiverr for that matter, so you probably won’t find the richest voice actor in the world on here.

If you are new to the voiceover industry and are looking to get paid to record phrases as a starting point, then can be an excellent venue to develop a reputation, connect with dependable clients, and build your portfolio. And if you happen to be a native English speaker, it could factor in your favor.

4. logo

Unlike Upwork, Fiverr, and, is dedicated solely to voiceover projects. Clients post their requirements, and you’ll have to audition for projects on this leading platform that typically posts more than 5,000 new jobs monthly, so there are plenty of opportunities here to get paid to record your voice.

This means that there are jobs for voiceover artists and vocal recording artists alike. As you may expect, there is heavy competition on the platform, but that is a commonality of all leading platforms.

woman using an online voice money app so she can get paid to record phrases to sell her voice

If you are considering voiceover work as your full-time career, then you’re going to have to get accustomed to this style of competition. That’s why I can’t overstress the importance of making every voice sample the very best you can.

Projecting your voice has a lot to do with confidence. Like singing a song, you have to reach deep and pull out the best that you can muster – and you cannot show fear of doing it!

It’s a great feeling when you go head-to-head with other voiceover professionals or vocal recording artists and come out on top! That builds confidence and leads to better-paying gigs.

How do you get paid on Voices com?

Clients submit payments for work to SurePay, which is the payment protection system used on Once a client approves your work, they will also authorize Voices to release the payment to you, which is when you get paid.

This means that you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’ve done your voiceover work and the client is suddenly unable to pay you, as they aren’t able to submit the request until they’ve added enough funds to their account.

That said, issues can arise, like the occasional time when you have a dodgy client who you know you’ve done the work for but is refusing to approve what you’ve submitted. In those rare cases, you can reach out to for support.

5. Voice 123

Voice 123 logo

Voice 123 is another leading online voice for money app where you can sell your voice recording services. Hundreds of thousands of successful projects have gone through this platform, where people have been able to record their voice for money and turn this into a really lucrative part time online job.

The SmartCast algorithm is used to custom match talent and clients based on the clients’ requests and requirements. Of course, a client is free to accept the suggestions or not. It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a large range of clients on here hiring people to do anything from commercials and cartoons to getting paid to read books aloud.

You can create a profile on Voice 123 for free. There are paid membership options as well, and you’ll find that they carry good benefits over the free membership.

Still, the free version is enough to familiarize you with the site, learn how to sell your voice, get your name out there, and maybe even land that first precious voiceover gig!

Can voice actors work from home?

Plenty of voice actors work from home, especially these days with recording equipment being cheaper than ever. With a good quality microphone and some adjustments to the area in which you plan to record your voice, you can easily turn any room in your home into a recording studio.

The main investment you’ll want to make is, unsurprisingly, your microphone. Here, your laptop mic or the one attached to your headphones won’t have sufficient quality to satisfy most voice over jobs, so it’s definitely worth buying a separate one.

A great tip here is to look for a dynamic mic. This is a type of microphone that picks up a much smaller range of sound, meaning you’re more likely to only record your voice rather than any background sounds at your home.

And the most popular microphone for this is easily the Shure SM7B Dyanmic Microphone. Let’s be honest: it’s not the very cheapest one around. At the same time, it will last you forever and make your voice recordings sound ultra-professional. 

I’d especially argue that it’s a good investment if you plan to do voice-overs for a living – or at least as an ongoing side hustle.

Your choice of room and how you decorate it will also have a big impact on the quality of your finished product. While some people choose to hang things like soundproof absorption sheets on their walls, there are some other soundproofing tips you can try first.

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