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Have you ever heard a voice on a commercial and thought “I could do that”? What about when someone narrates a documentary or a news story or reads a piece of content aloud? 

Well, you could easily earn money doing the same thing, even if you’re just starting out, with a ton of voice over jobs for beginners from home being available these days.

That is, with at-home technology having improved so much in recent years, freelance voice over jobs with no experience are definitely possible to find, especially with the number of voice acting websites that are out there now.

This article takes an in-depth look at this topic, including just where you can find voice jobs where you work from home and some key points you should know before diving into this field.

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Voice over jobs for beginners from home

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best sites on the internet for finding freelance work that you can do from home, and the voiceover field is no exception. That is, this platform has an impressive array of work with many niches being available. This means that with the sheer range of clients looking for freelancers, beginners are sure to find work here.

The platfrom has a complete description of each position. The details include the amount to be earned and any specific criteria for the applicant, so you can easily get started by simply filtering by the amount of experience needed to find all of the voice over jobs targeted at beginners on Upwork.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another site that’s well known for connecting freelancers with clients. It’s perhaps more well known for one-off tasks rather than the more ongoing work you’ll often find on other sites, but this can be great if you’re just getting started and need to build your portfolio.

This includes that it has plenty of voiceover jobs with no experience needed. How it works is that you as the applicant place an ad for the tasks you’ll do. The client then chooses the best candidate based on the options they find on Fiverr, so make sure your profile has plenty of keywords to help clients find you.

Want to find some ways to make money with your phone while you’re waiting to become the next big thing in voice acting? Here are our top picks for the best money-making apps out there:

  • Swagbucks (includes a free $5 welcome bonus) – great for making money by playing games, watching videos and more
  • Ibotta (includes a massive free $20 welcome bonus) – our favorite cashback app to get money back on things you’d be buying anyway, like groceries
  • MyPoints (includes a free $5 welcome bonus) – an app with a huge range of money making opportunities
  • SurveyJunkie – our pick for the highest paying survey app, including options for earning $150 per hour with focus groups

3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is similar to Upwork in many ways, with hundreds of thousands of jobs being available on the platform at any moment. And, of course, this includes voice jobs where you work from home. 

Here, it’s the opposite to Fiverr, in that it’s the more traditional way of clients posting that they have work to be done. Interested parties can communicate with the candidates and, in many cases, beginners are very welcome.

FlexJobs painstakingly screens each post to ensure there are no problems, so you can be confident that all positions are legit. 

4. Toogit

Toogit is another platform for freelancers to find work, including freelance voice over jobs. While it may not be as well known as some of the others I just mentioned, this also means that there’s less competition here for the positions that are advertised.

equipment to do voice jobs where you work from home

You may actually see some of their advertisements on other job boards too, such as Indeed. That said, candidates seeking work with Toogit can go directly to the company website; you don’t have to wait for a job to appear on another site. 

It’s also worth mentioning that they have a good balance of full and part-time positions, which can be great depending on how many hours you’re looking to work. 

5. Freelancer

This site is incredibly well-known for freelance voice over jobs, including people who are just starting. To begin, you create a profile on the Freelancer platform. Then you have two options to get work. 

The first option is that, once you have your profile, you can start submitting bids for job posts. The other option is when clients specifically ask you if you can do a voice over project for them. Again, the better your profile is, the more likely clients will seek you out.

Want to get paid to write scripts instead of recording them? Take a look at how to become a freelance writer, even if you have no experience, which could also be a great option for you to make some extra money!

6. Skyline Transcription Services

While the name of this company may make it sound like it only offers transcription jobs from home, it actually also has the option of doing voice over work.

Qualifying for a position with Skyline is a bit harder than with some companies, with certain requirements being in place to get access to some of their positions. However, once you are accepted, you will have plenty of opportunities to work.

Positions at Skyline are open to freelancers and include voice over jobs for beginners from home. They’ve even got a few interesting ones, at least at the time of writing this, where you have to find a partner to work with. This means it could be perfect if you have a friend also looking to break into this field!


Known to many people as “the voice marketplace,” is legit. For many, it’s considered the best voice acting website out there for job seekers looking to get paid to record their voice from home. There are different packages available on this site, some of which are free.

woman speaking into a microphone for a freelance voice over job

Yes, that’s right, in some cases you do have to pay a fee to access jobs on this site. However, is adamant that when a fee is required for the site, applicants will earn far more from assignments than they will pay in fees. I’d recommend double checking that though to make sure it’s worth your while.

8. Earworks Media

This company focuses on television production firms as well as advertisers, specifically those in the United States. Because of this, Earworks Media has a variety of project types available.

To work for Earworks Media, you can be a beginner. First, however, you must demonstrate that you can live up to their standards, so some pre-qualification tests may be involved.

9. Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio requires applicants to take a voice test before being considered. On the plus side, once you pass this, you have access to scores of projects. In fact, I’d argue that this is perfect for those looking for a voiceover job with no experience beforehand, as it means you’ll qualify based on your skills, not necessarily on your (lack of) portfolio.

Applicants are able to submit a sample of their voice so that prospective clients can review it, so take the time to perfect your “audition”. After all, you could find yourself doing voiceovers for commercials, cartoons or even getting paid to read books aloud.

10. LinkedIn

In addition to being one of the top social media platforms, LinkedIn is an excellent source for job seekers. There is no fee to join the platform and, in addition to positions in basically any field you can think of, candidates can certainly find voice over jobs here.

Specifically, from looking just now, there are dozens of open advertisements for voice over jobs for beginners from home. Applicants can create their own resume directly on LinkedIn, so take a look at your LinkedIn profile to ensure it’s up to scratch before you start submitting applications.

11. Filmless

woman speaking into a microphone for a voiceover job with no experience needed

This company does not limit itself to voice over work. However, they are in the business of creating professional videos. For this reason, they usually have openings for talented people.

Filmless works with many corporations of all sizes who need voice over specialists for specific tasks. While some will require you to go into a studio, there are options where you can complete these voice jobs by working from home.

12. Snap Recordings

This agency has access to some of the more unusual voice over assignments – but yet also oh-so-usual when you think about how often you hear voice recordings in your day to day life. Some of these include business telephone greetings, voicemail greetings, messages for customers who are on hold, notifications at call centers directing people which numbers to press and so on. 

With this range of work on offer, Snap Recordings specializes in freelance voice over jobs.

(Other customer-related work you might want to consider if you’re looking to work from home includes options where you can get paid to chat, by the way!)

13. Voice 123

When it comes to the best voice acting websites out there, Voice 123 is definitely a contender, especially in terms of the opportunities for beginners it has. If you can prove you have the talent, they can connect you with a slew of high-profile clients. Voice 123 covets great income-earning opportunities.

Voice 123 has a few different levels. One or two are free, and the rest require a small monetary investment. However, you will have access to clients like NBC and Coca-Cola. In addition, the ability to obtain voice jobs work from home is prevalent with this company.

14. Mandy Voices

This company prides itself on its community of more than 2 million voice artists. That means that if your goal is to make a career out of voiceover work, this is the place to go. In addition, a host of talented personnel goes on to do work in movies and theater.

Companies such as Disney use this agency when they are looking for service providers. Working with this agency requires a firm commitment to the industry. At the same time, I’d argue that it’s worth the effort.

Despite the high level of jobs on offer here, it’s also possible to find a voiceover job with no experience with Mandy Voices. However, to get one of those, it is necessary to prove you can handle the projects. 

15. Amazon ACX

For people who are interested in audiobook voice over jobs, Amazon ACX is the vehicle of choice. If you can read audiobooks aloud in such a way that keeps the listener interested, they want you!

man doing a recording for in a legit job

Amazon ACX has recently started a separate subsidiary specifically for beginners. Their projects include audiobooks that get featured on iTunes, Audible, and other Amazon platforms. When you are deemed ready, you will move on to more noteworthy projects for them.

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16. Brilliance Audio

Not only does this agency provide a place for beginning voiceover artists to flourish, but it also guides them every step of the way. Learn the finer points of this industry while getting paid to complete one of their vast array of projects.

Brilliance Audio prefers to keep the earnings information of their talented people a secret. Whether this implies that they’re paid really well (or not?) is up to you to decide – perhaps by giving it a try yourself? In addition, happy service providers gush that this is one of the best voice acting websites when it comes to fostering a healthy work environment for all concerned.

17. Envato Studio

If you’re looking specifically for cartoon voice acting jobs, Envato Studio is where you’ve got to be. They have strict policies regarding the selection of their pool of service providers. However, beginners are welcome and nurtured along the way.

For example, you may want to become a voice actor for kids or are looking to focus on anime voice acting jobs. Either way, Envato is the company to choose with a plethora of projects in these fields being available. 

They work with gaming companies in addition to those that focus on animation. In addition, they proudly advertise voice over jobs for beginners from home. 

18. Funimation

Although most of their projects come from Asia, this company itself is in the United States. Sony Pictures owns Funimation. Therefore, all projects are legitimate.

The focus of the work on tasks from Funimation is in anime where voice dubbing is required so this site should also be your go-to if you’re interested in finding anime voice acting jobs. While there are options for beginners, at the same time, the more experience you gain, the more likely you will acquire a significant role with them. The option to work remotely is usually there as well. 

19. Behind The Voice Actors (BTVA)

This firm has some of the biggest names in the voice over industry. Projects assigned to service providers are in cartoons, movies, video games, anime, and scores of other niches. Some voice actors choose to specialize in a niche, while others prefer a wide variety of them.

woman recording herself for voice over jobs for beginners from home

Candidates who wish to apply for jobs with BTVA must be mindful of audition deadlines. People will find jobs on the individual tasks on the platform’s job boards. It is even possible to become a voice actor for kids, like with some of their cartoon voice acting jobs. 

20. Voice Crafters

The best thing about Voice Crafters is the ability to apply for assignments in a multitude of languages, with candidates who are fluent in one or more of over 80 languages being made available to their clients. This provides a unique opportunity for multilingual job candidates looking for voice over jobs for beginners from home.

To apply, you must submit a high-quality demo reel with Voice Crafters, so be sure this is of a high quality with no static or background noise on the recording. Following this, potential clients listen to your demo tape. If they like it, they will tell you and request a price quote from you. Included with this agency are.

21. Covoco

This voice over work outlet typically places its ads on sites like Based in Phoenix, Arizona, they have an impressive assortment of tasks for those who want them. It is completely remote, so applicants looking for voice jobs to work from home can be from anywhere in the world. 

Covoco stresses, as do all the other agencies, that service providers deliver their projects in a timely manner. Candidates will be offered the chance to create character voices for many of the projects. Good communication skills are imperative.

Covoco is absolutely a connecting haven for voice over work. Their service providers get hooked up with production houses and ultimately iconic clients. Give them a shot!

22. Backstage

This company is actually a job board for voice-over casting calls and auditions. The agency will place an ad for what they need at that time, then job-seekers reply to begin the hiring process.

At times, Backstage ads will ask for people meeting specific criteria. Other times they want a myriad of people to cover a wide range of project types. Given the range of offers, a candidate will be more than able to find work from home opportunities on here.

23. Disney Voice Over Jobs

Are you an aspiring voice-over artist with dreams of becoming a voice actor for kids and working exclusively for Walt Disney’s iconic company? Here is your chance! Walt Disney Studio is synonymous with the kinds of creative projects that call for voice-over work.

man recording himself in front of a computer to become a voice actor for kids

There are many times when Disney will submit a casting call through agencies like those we have already covered in this article. Ambitious candidates could search for ads directly from the Disney empire. 

Of course, given this is Disney, experience may help. But there’s no reason why you can’t try even if you have no experience as you never know what that Disney magic could do for you! 

24. The Voice Realm

It takes perseverance and patience to be accepted into this community of more than 5000 members. However, it is well worth the effort as their job market is extensive. They offer top-tiered earnings that only gets better the more experience you have.

The Voice Realm does welcome newcomers to its platform. The registration process is straightforward and open to people of all talent levels. Candidates must prove they are worthy of working for this company. Be patient as there is a waiting list of applicants hoping to be accepted.

25. Indeed

Indeed is not an artist’s platform, it is a job board. That said, it is likely voice over candidates will find job listings from reputable companies on here. The prospective applicants are able to specify remote work only.

Voice over jobs for beginners from home are definitely able to be found on Indeed. The job postings are typically specific about what the company is looking for. The site is even willing to help applicants with their resumes. It is worth the time to scout out Indeed for work. 

What do I need to do voice over from home?

If you are serious about starting a voice-over career, there are things you will need first. You must have these things ahead of time. You cannot wait until you have a client lined up to acquire them. What happens if one of the items is out of stock?

It is essential to go into this venture prepared. So, what do you need? For each of these items, make sure it is of suitable quality. If this is going to be your dream career, you cannot afford to have inferior equipment. Here is a list of what you will need.

  1. A room that is quiet and can become a great recording environment
  2. A computer
  3. Audio editing software
  4. Microphone – this is one of the most highly rated microphones out there and is a solid investment if you plan to make serious money doing this
  5. Microphone stand
  6. Headphones
  7. An audio interface
  8. A pop shield
  9. A certified coach
  10. Buy or rent scores of audio tapes featuring many people. This will give you some material from which to study.

How do I get started in voice over work?

There are other steps to be taken in order to be ready for this kind of job. You cannot just jump into it blindly. Remember the old scouting motto of always being prepared. 

Even though these are voice over jobs for beginners from home, agencies that hire applicants take it very seriously. You must too, so here are some tips to help you get started in voice over work:

  1. Listen to a recording of your own voice. Be objective in determining whether your voice is good enough to do it.
  2. Consider taking acting lessons. Voice work is not solely reading from a piece of paper. It takes acting skills and training can definitely help. This FREE online voice acting course is a great place to start.
  3. Make an effort to listen to professionals who are already in the business. Candidates can learn a lot this way.
  4. Practice consistently and often. This should be done prior to attempting to break into the field.
  5. Consider obtaining the services of a voice-acting coach. Even if you think your voice is terrific, having someone giving professional guidance can definitely help.
  6. Network. Seek out groups that focus on voice-acting.
  7. Look online for lists of voice-over work platforms. The ones earlier in this article is an excellent place to start.
  8. Record a demo tape. Then have an expert review it. You will probably need to do this more than once to achieve perfection.
  9. Start auditioning. Auditioning will typically be required even if it is done over the Internet. There are not too many voice-acting outlets that will accept you without an audition and the earlier you start doing this, the more you can start to refine your auditioning skills. 

Is it easy to get into voice over work?

It is not necessarily easy to get into voice over work, as clients often like to use existing voice over artists who they know can perform. That said, everyone has to start somewhere and so if you are prepared and persistent, it is possible to break into this exciting yet underrated profession. 

Specifically, voice over work is part of the entertainment genre so it’s always going to be popular. At the same time, it may be one of the last fields people think of, with many more going down the path of doing on screen work. 

man doing a recording for a job he found on some voice acting websites

In any case, the better question might be: how hard are you willing to work to achieve success in this industry? If you expect jobs to fall into your lap, you are seeking the wrong profession. Although I did just say it is not easy, on the other hand, it is not impossible, especially if you keep a close eye on the opportunities appearing each day on all of the voice acting websites on this list.

What qualifications do you need to be a voice actor?

While you don’t necessarily need formal qualifications to be a voice actor, having certain skills is a must. This includes having a strong, clear voice where you enunciate properly as well as the ability to take directions from the client or director. 

Not everybody is born with a perfect voice for this field. Yet with training and practice a person’s voice can develop into one perfect for voice acting work.

You don’t even need to pay a lot of money for this training, with some of the online options being extremely highly rated. I mentioned this free online voice acting workshop earlier, but it’s worth keeping it in mind again as it covers some great points, such as:

  • The skills you’ll need to succeed in this industry
  • How to get work and keep clients coming back to you to ensure repeat business (and so you don’t have to keep pitching to get work)
  • The equipment you’ll need to do this from home – including some things some people may say you need, but you really don’t

Julie, the founder of this course, has been a voice over artist for more than 10 years, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about. And that means that she’s great to learn from!

Sign up for her free voice acting course here.

Do you have to have a unique voice to be a voice actor?

If you happen to have a unique voice, it will definitely be a plus for you. That said, it is not mandatory. As we mentioned earlier, it is more important that you speak properly in whatever languages you specialize in, including that you speak clearly and enunciate.

Of course, some jobs are going to be looking for those with unique voices. Others may have more general requirements, which is why you’ll see some positions targeted at those looking for female voice-over jobs from home or those who can do specific accents, for example.

person setting up microphone

But part of doing voice over work is that it’s acting. So to use the accent example, you don’t necessarily need to have that accent in your normal speaking voice to get those jobs. 

Just make sure you don’t veer into anything that could be considered inappropriate, like anything that may reinforce racial stereotypes. Just ask The Simpsons how that went. 

How hard is it to break into voice acting?

It is not difficult to break into voice acting for one-off jobs, but if you want to become a professional voice actor, that is going to be much more difficult. For example, finding work doing voice overs for commercials or customer service messages is definitely feasible. Working for something like Disney is, however, another level.

For those less higher level jobs, it is not mandatory for you to have a formal college degree or any other sort of qualification. This means that as long as you have the skills, it’s certainly possible to break into this field. 

Of course, training can help. Things like voice lessons from a reputable trainer and acting lessons to learn how to properly utilize your voice can be great for giving you a boost. It will also be helpful to officially learn how to operate the relevant computer software, especially if you plan to work from home. YouTube has a bunch of lessons available for this.

How much do beginner voice actors make?

Beginner voice actors should expect to earn between 20 to 30 cents per recorded word. This means that you can expect to earn around $45 for each minute of voice recording you do. As you get more experience and build your portfolio, your rate can go up accordingly.

The pay scale varies and depends on the particular company doing the hiring. Of course, beginners will not earn as much as seasoned veterans. However, as job earnings for newcomers go, they can make a nice living.

The other good thing about this is, the more projects you successfully complete, the better assignments you shall covet. It is part of the overall learning process of the industry that makes any assignments worthwhile.

Look at it this way. The top stars like Mel Blanc, James Earl Jones, and so many more, were once beginners. Imagine the heights you can reach as a voice-over artist.

Do voice actors make a lot of money?

There are plenty of top-tiered voice actors who do make a lot of money in this profession, with the highest paid voice actors making seven figures a year. For those not at those levels though, this does offer a way to make some pretty good money, although not necessarily at full time salary levels if you’re a beginner.

This means that while your voice acting work might not put you at Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park levels of earnings, you can pay the bills and have income left over to enjoy life a bit. 

It is also completely feasible to concentrate on one sector of voice over artists as a side hustle. For example, focusing on audiobook voice over jobs can be really lucrative, or you may want to look into recording educational lessons. Alternatively, perhaps you could be the voice behind the automated telephone message that companies use. There are a slew of options, all making decent amounts of money.

Can you do voice over work from home?

You can certainly do voice over work from home if you meet the requirements. This includes having the right equipment to capture your voice cleanly, which will also include setting up your room to absorb any other sounds that you don’t want on the final recording. 

Those that have achieved success in this industry truly love their work. They enjoy performing from behind the scenes – and so there’s no reason why you can’t do the same!

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