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When you’re a beginner and looking for remote working opportunities, it may seem impossible to find a transcription job from home where no experience is needed. After all, what transcription company would hire you when you (think you) have no idea what you’re doing?

However, that isn’t at all the case. In fact, no matter your circumstances, you’ll easily be able to find the best transcription job for you from this list of companies that hire higher complete newcomers to the industry.

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With different types of work and employees all over the world, we’ve assembled this list of companies based on our analysis that they offer the best online transcription jobs for beginners, no matter what job you’re looking for or where you are.

You’ll also see just how to level up so that even though you may have no experience now, you’ll quickly be able to excel (read: make more money!) in this kind of work.

How do I begin to transcribe?

The first thing you need to do to begin to transcribe is to make sure you have the necessary equipment. You probably have some of this already, but it’s good to check that you have this in order given that many companies are off the transcription jobs won’t hire you unless you have this equipment already.

This includes:

1. A foot pedal. This allows you to fast forward, rewind, play and pause with your feet while you’re listening to audio. Not only do many companies require you to have this, but it will actually make it much faster for you to complete a recording (and thus earn money faster).

You don’t need to spend a fortune on this. This one is by far the best deal on Amazon based on its ratings and the fact it’s the best price point by a mile.

2. Headphones. Not every recording is crystal clear, so having good headphones will make it much easier for you to do your job. It’s also important that they’re comfortable as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them on.

I prefer Bluetooth headphones so the cables don’t get in the way while I’m concentrating, with these ones being an incredibly good deal.

3. A computer with an internet connection. You probably have this already given your reading this article, but it’s worth mentioning that you won’t be able to work in a transcription job from home unless you’re able to receive your work and send it back.

How can I learn transcription easily?

Working in a transcription job will generally require you to have a few pre-existing skills, including attention to detail and being a relatively fast typist. However, like any job, it’s more than possible to get training so that you can learn transcription easily.

While there are paid courses specifically dedicated to make sure that you become the best transcriptionist possible, it’s fine to also start with a free course to make sure it’s for you.

Check out this completely FREE seven-day course on how you can get started making great money by working as a transcriptionist from home.

Can you really make money transcribing?

You can definitely make money transcribing, especially given how much transcriptionists are in demand. While you won’t become a millionaire, building up your skills and experience can easily allow you to earn a steady income.

Just how much you can earn per job will vary depending on the company that hires you, how much experience you have and how specialized the transcribing work is.

For example, you can actually earn more doing legal transcription jobs from home compared to just doing this in a more general role. It does take some training, especially to know the format these documents have to follow (which are often quite strict based on things like court requirements) and legal jargon you’ll encounter.

To help you with this, Janet Shaughnessy has made thousands of dollars working transcription jobs from home. She’s now also created a FREE course on becoming a legal transcriptionist. She’ll show you exactly why you could very well do this as a way to make even more money in this field. 

woman working in her best transcription job from home even with no experience

Is medical transcription a dying field?

Medical transcription is arguably a dying field. With speech recognition software improving and the use of electronic medical records leading to less medical transcripts having to be produced by hand, the data shows that medical transcription is no longer as popular as it once was.

Despite this, you may see quite a few entry level medical transcription jobs out there, but you may want to think twice before applying for these. Like when you do legal transcription jobs from home, medical transcription does require specialized knowledge to understand what you’re writing down about people’s health conditions.

And given that you’ll be transcribing instructions and diagnoses from doctors, getting it right is of the utmost importance. At the same time, as mentioned, there’s less work in this field anyway as technology starts to take over.

It’s for this reason that we generally recommend staying away from medical transcription and focus more on fields where there’s still a lot of demand for this kind of work.

For more information, check out this article: Why You Shouldn’t Become a Medical Transcriptionist (and What to Do Instead)

Best transcription jobs from home (no experience needed!)

When you’re just starting out with working online in this way, you may have to limit yourself to transcription jobs from home where no experience is needed. But that definitely doesn’t mean that there’ll be a shortage of jobs – in fact, plenty of these companies are happy to take people with no experience.

Just keep in mind they may pay slightly less then they would do if you did have some experience already. That’s probably not surprising though… and you could always use this experience to level up to a higher paying transcription job in future.

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1. Rev

Rev is our pick for the company that offers the best transcription jobs from home, even with no experience. This is because not only do they offer positions for complete beginners, but they also provide training for free so that you can improve your transcription skills.

This includes things like online tutorials, practice tasks and the ability to get comments on your work once you’ve done a job. You’ll also have access to Rev’s forum, where other transcriptionists can answer any questions you have and share tips and tricks to earn more money.

They also pay pretty well, with reports saying that their average earnings are around $245. There are two tests before being added to their books to assess both your grammar and transcription skills, with the latter mainly being both your speed and accuracy in typing.

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2. Appenscribe

Appenscribe is perfect for anyone who speaks more than the one language, as they offer global transcription jobs online. This means you’re not limited to companies that offer transcription jobs in English, which could result in more work for you if you have the skills to go with this.

You’ll need to pass two transcription tests to be put on their books and they pay around half a cent per word. This means that you’ll earn $5 for every 1,000 words you transcribe.

3. Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf is one of the best options for those looking for a transcription job from home with no experience, as they have no requirement that you have to have transcribed before.

computer and headphones on desk

You will have to take a short test but, once that’s done, you’ll have access to the full range of Crowdsurf captioning jobs that they make available.

In terms of your earnings, Crowdsurf pays pretty well at between $0.03 and $0.20 per audio minute. You can also get extra bonuses from them if you hit certain targets.

4. Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications offers online transcription jobs for beginners, although not exclusively. This means that you may find yourself being beaten by a transcriptionist that does have experience. That said, this won’t always be the case so it’s still worth applying anyway.

Your pay will range from $0.40 to $1.75 per audio minute and if you consistently submit good work, your earnings will also go up accordingly.

5. Kendall Creek Communications

Kendall Creek Communications is actually part of the same company as Birch Creek Communications, but it focuses exclusively on legal transcription jobs from home. This means that the pay is a bit higher, given the more specialized nature of the work, at anywhere between $0.75 to $1.75 per page.

And legal transcription work doesn’t always mean that you’re transcribing files for lawyers. Kendall Creek makes it clear that you may also find yourself doing transcription work for government departments, including those working on social security, veterans affairs and immigration. You can also work on House and Senate hearings, meaning if you’re interested in politics, this work could be just what you’re looking for.

To get started with making money as a legal transcriptionist, take a look at this completely FREE course.

While prior experience is valuable in this kind of work, it’s not strictly required by the company, so you should still try applying. It’s also worth mentioning that while they may say they prefer transcription experience, meaning experience directly in the specific field rather than working in transcription jobs that are remote more generally, this is often so specific that they’re forced to widen their pool of potential applicants – which is where you come in.

Also keep in mind that, for government work offered by Kendall Creek, you will need security clearance, which includes a background check. This isn’t necessary though if you’re just working on general legal work.

6. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription hires transcriptionists with all sorts of backgrounds, including those looking for transcription jobs from home where no experience is necessary.

You do have to live in the US or Canada to qualify, unless you speak a second language. In those cases, you may be considered for caption or translation work. 

man on computer finding the best transcription jobs for beginners

To get started, you’ll have to complete the Daily Transcription skills assessment. Once you pass, rates start at around $0.80 per audio minute and while they don’t guarantee a certain amount of work per week, they do say that their best transcriptionists make up to $950 per week.

The fact there’s no minimum guarantee of work also means, in turn, that you can work as much or as little as you want, with no minimum on your side either. This is perfect for, say, stay at home parents who are looking to earn some extra cash on the side. 

To find out more, take a look at this article on balancing parenting (particularly homeschooling) and working from home as a transcriptionist.

7. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is one of the most well-known companies that offer transcription jobs from home with no experience necessary. This is partly because they have a lot of work available, making it pretty easy for you to earn money from them. They also offer transcription work in both English and Spanish, meaning you may be able to earn even more if you speak both languages.

There is an assessment exam involved before being approved to work for them, although you’re able to take it as many times as you like. 

It’s worth mentioning that there have been some questions raised along the lines of “Is TranscribeMe legit?” However, at the same time, in a discussion of the best transcription jobs, Reddit users say that TranscribeMe could win that crown with the possibility to earn $22 per hour.

This won’t be the average earnings for everyone but it’s at least nice to know that it’s a possibility!

8. Speechpad

Speechpad transcription jobs are available from home, even if you have no experience, with transcriptionists paid anywhere from $0.25 to $2.50 per audio minute. Even better, if you speak a second language proficiently, you can actually earn between $2 and $5 per audio minute as a translator, which is crazy good for this kind of work.

You will have to take two tests: one to show your basic transcription skills and the other to make sure that your grammar knowledge is good enough. After signing the confidentiality agreement, you’ll be good to go.

9. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is one of the companies where you’re most likely to see work available. While they do only hire people based in the US, you have the option of doing transcription work in English and Spanish.

laptop and headphones on desk

Because they’re well known as one of the companies offering the best transcription jobs in the business, the assessment exam for GMR Transcription is reportedly quite tough. Nevertheless, you can definitely pass as a beginner, especially if you’re already a fairly fast typist.

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10. GoTranscript

What makes GoTranscript the source of some of the best transcription jobs from home even with no experience is that their online transcription jobs for beginners are actually available worldwide. This means that you won’t be restricted just because you’re not necessarily located in the US.

You’ll be paid up to $.60 per video minute, with the average GoTranscript earnings being around $150 per month.

Like the others, you’ll have to do a test before having access to their work. Just know that this test will involve you transcribing audio from a non-native English speaker, so it’s best if you’re good at handling strong accents.

11. Scribie

Scribie is great for getting some quick transcription jobs, with every file you work on being six minutes or less in length. This means if you’re just getting started in working online transcription jobs from home, Scribie could work well for letting you see if you enjoy the work.

They’re also very clear that no experience is required. In fact, the only requirement is that you have a verified PayPal account. Once you tick that box, you’re good to go.

One thing to note is that the pay isn’t quite as good as some other companies, with the range being between $5 to $20 per audio hour. But if you’re just using this as a chance to dip your toes in the transcription pool, then this shouldn’t be a major issue.

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12. Casting Words

Casting Words is great for anyone looking for global transcription jobs online, as they recruit anyone based in any country as long as you’re allowed to get paid via PayPal there. The one exception is certain US states, where regulations may make it too difficult for you to work for them as an independent contractor. 

(If you’re not sure if this applies to you, it’s best to just check directly with them.)

man on computer figuring out what is the best transcription company to work for

Casting Words pays between $0.085 and just over $1 per audio minute. One good part of Casting Words is that they’re very upfront on what influences where your pay falls on that scale. Specifically, your exact earnings will depend on the category of job you select, your level in the system and what grade the work is given. The grade refers to the fact that your work is reviewed after it’s submitted, with better quality work receiving a bonus.

You’ll also receive badges the more high-quality work you do. The more badges you earn, the more different types of jobs will be made available to you, including the higher earnings that go with these. You can, however, lose badges if your work starts to slip in quality.

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13. Accutran Global

Accutran Global offers some of the best transcription jobs that are remote in the business for beginners, although it’s only open to those who live in the US and Canada.

While you don’t have to have any prior experience, you will have to do a test before applying that proves that you can type at least 70 words per minute. Once you’re in and you start to prove your skills as a transcriptionist, you’ll then be able to access even more work with even higher earnings.

The general pay is around $0.40 per audio minute for longer projects, with the rate dropping slightly for files that are not as long. You’ll also be able to get bonuses if the work is particularly technical or if it involves understanding strong accents.

14. Tigerfish

Tigerfish is great for beginners, as they confirm that their transcription jobs from home are no experience necessary.

You will, however, have to complete three tests in order to qualify. These files will be around five minutes in length and it’s expected that they’ll take you 20 minutes to do. Tigerfish will ask you how long each one took and while there’s not a set amount of time that will immediately disqualify you, it’s worth highlighting that being a fast typist is a very valuable skill for transcriptionists given that you’re usually paid per audio minute or per word.

You do have to live in the US to work for them and their pay starts at around half a cent per word.

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15.  Transcription Outsourcing 

Transcription Outsourcing is a US-based company that offers a range of transcription services, including law enforcement transcription, legal transcription, academic transcription, financial and business transcription, medical transcription, and general transcription services to clients across the United States.  

They’re always on the lookout for skilled transcriptionists. In order to become a part of their team, you’ll be required to pass several tests such as grammar, spelling and a single person narrative audio file, as well as a multiple person interview.

After you’re accepted, you’ll have direct access via email and phone with your manager, with a starting pay of 85 cents per minute or $51 per hour of audio, and they pay twice per month.

How can I learn transcription at home?

The best way to learn transcription at home is to work on the speed and accuracy of your typing. These skills are incredibly useful as a transcriptionist, especially given you’re usually paid per audio minute or by the word.

man on computer working out how he can learn transcription at home

This is because this kind of work largely involves getting paid to type. That said, it also helps if you’re good at transcribing audio or video where the sound isn’t entirely clear, including if strong accents are involved. There are videos on YouTube that can help you work on this though.

Finally, taking advantage of online training is definitely a great step when you’re considering applying for online transcription jobs for beginners. This is why we recommend taking a look at this completely free seven part transcription course.

How do I become a freelance transcriptionist?

To become a freelance transcriptionist, you’ll have to start by signing up for sites offering freelance positions. Most companies offering transcription jobs actually hire people as independent contractors so if you’re looking to specifically work as a freelancer, keep an eye out for those specific sites that offer that.

This could include sites like or Upwork which are specifically dedicated to offering transcription jobs from home but do often have positions involving this kind of work.

From there, it’s up to you to find clients – which absolutely isn’t as hard as you may think! To see just how to do this (and start earning money as quickly as possible), take a look at this article: How to Move Past Your Fear of Finding Transcription Clients.

What transcription company pays the best?

GMR Transcription is one of the transcription companies that pays the best, with their earnings ranging anywhere between $.70 to $1.25 per audio minute. Daily Transcription’s pay is also quite generous, at around $.80 per audio minute. 

That said, it’s hard to say definitively which transcription company pays the best given that there are so many variables that go into determining your rate. The complexity of the work, its length, whether you need knowledge of a second language or other technical knowledge and the quality of your work will all go into determining just how much you paid.

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What is the best transcription company to work for?

Most of the transcription companies are actually very similar in terms of what they offer, making it difficult to point out just which is the best transcription company to work for. The best one for you would generally be the one that offers you the most work, which is why it’s actually worth signing up for more than one to make sure there’s always work available.

Of course, you want to make sure that you’re paid fairly for your work. This is, however, another reason why you should sign up for more than one transcription company: so that you can see which one is more inclined to pay you more as well as offering the most work.

How do I find the best transcription jobs from home with no experience?

All of the options on this list are great examples of where you can find the best transcription jobs from home with no experience. From there, it’s simply a case of applying for these companies to get access to transcription jobs that are.

Not every company will always have transcription work available, meaning the best transcription job for you will probably vary depending on which company has the most work at a given time.

It will also depend on what you prefer doing, which you’ll only be able to figure out once you’ve worked in this field for a while. For example, do you prefer subtitle transcription jobs or the more specific legal transcription jobs from home? Once you work that out, you can target your job applications accordingly.

It’s for this reason that we recommend signing up for several companies to make it as easy as possible for you to find this work. While many of them, as mentioned, offer transcription jobs from home with no experience needed, it’s also a fact that these won’t be as readily available as if you did have experience. This is why it’s worth having your profile with as many companies as possible so as to broaden your chances of getting this work. 

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Can you make a living transcribing?

While you can make a living transcribing, it’s worth keeping in mind that you won’t get rich from this stay at home job. That said, if you put in the work to complete as many tasks as you can, you can definitely earn good money from this.

What makes transcribing particularly good though is the flexibility it offers. In most cases, you’ll have to complete your work within a set time, but that deadline is often at least a day if not longer away. This means that you’re more than able to accept a task and then work on it when you’re able to, whether that’s later that night when the household is sleeping or even during the day when you have some free time.

Does transcribing pay well?

Transcribing pays fairly well, with many companies reporting that their top earning transcriptionists earn anywhere up to $1,500 per month. While that amount won’t make you rich, it’s great for supplementing your household budget.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can earn this amount while working part time. This means that you could work in a transcription job from home as a side hustle or even as your main source of income for a few hours each day if, say, you’re looking for jobs where you work alone.

How can I make good money as a transcriptionist?

The best way to make good money as a transcriptionist is to make sure you’re completing your work quickly and accurately. Most companies will grade your work after you submit it and many of them will give bonuses or let you move up levels if your work is of sufficient quality.

Speed is also important given how you’ll be paid in your transcription job. That is, with most transcriptionists being paid based on either audio minutes or per word, this logically means that the faster you work, the quicker you’ll be able to earn money from each task.

Training also helps when it’s available, especially to help you pick up the best strategies for completing your work as quickly and accurately as possible. To get started, check out this free seven-day course on how to successfully work as a transcriptionist.

How much do beginner transcriptionists make?

As a beginner transcriptionist, expect to earn around $5.00 an hour. This is because you probably won’t be as fast as someone with more experience, combined with the fact that companies generally won’t pay as well at the start if you’re a beginner.

It is, of course, possible for you to earn more than that if you already have some skills that are particularly valuable in a transcription job. In particular, if you’re already a fast typist and have attention to detail, meaning you’re good at concentrating when listening to audio files, you could very well find yourself any more than this.

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Are transcriptionists in demand?

Transcriptionists are very much in demand, especially with everyone having a phone in their pocket these days that can record every thought that someone has or meeting that’s held. It’s from there that you’ll be called upon to convert these recordings into transcripts.

To some extent, new technology has taken some of this work away. This is particularly the case for medical transcription where, as explained in this article, technology has reduced the need for specialized transcriptionists in this field.

This absolutely isn’t the case though in other areas, which is largely why there are still so many companies offering the chance for you to be hired for a transcription job from home, even with no experience. 

For example, take subtitle transcription jobs. While these are done by a machine as a starting point, the subtitles are then always reviewed and corrected based on the work of transcriptionists.

Are transcribing jobs worth it?

For anyone looking for a flexible work at home job that you can do basically whenever you want, transcribing jobs are definitely worth it. This is particularly the case given that you can quite easily earn over $1,000 a month for only a few hours of work per day.

It also helps that the work isn’t particularly difficult. While you do have to concentrate quite hard while you are working, this is simply to listen to what’s being said rather than having to analyze any of the content. This means that once you get the hang of understanding what’s being said, including any accents, most work should be pretty straightforward to complete.

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Is transcribing hard?

Transcribing isn’t particularly hard, although it does help if you have the skills to do this well. This includes an ability to type quickly and accurately, as well as being able to understand audio that won’t always be clear.

Like most jobs, training can help, with even some simple online text typing exercises being very helpful to improve your skills in this area. You should also make sure that your grammar skills are up to scratch, with a lot of the assessment process is for different transcription companies to see you on this.

It may not be particularly fun to work on these skills but given that you can often get paid bonuses for submitting high-quality work, it’s definitely worth it for you to work on improving these.

How long does it take to transcribe one hour of audio?

As a general rule, it takes most people four times as long to transcribe a file as the length of the file. This means that it would take around four hours to transcribe one hour of audio.

Of course, it can take much longer than this, especially if the audio file isn’t very clear and so you have to listen to it a few times to understand fully what’s being said.

However, you can use the “four times as long” rule as a rough guide when figuring out how long something will take – and, accordingly, how much you’ll be paid for working for that amount of time.

Do you need a certificate to be a transcriptionist?

Very specialized transcriptionists will need a certificate, with the exact one they’ll need varying depending on the area of transcription they are working in. For beginner transcriptionists, however, companies offering jobs for them generally don’t require any sort of formal training.

The best strategy here if you’re just starting out is the first try working as a transcriptionist to see if you like it. If you do, and you can see a clear path for advancement where you can earn more money, only then is it possibly worthwhile to consider getting a certificate or some other form of qualification.

How do you pass a transcription test?

Transcription tests generally involve assessing your ability to type quickly and accurately, as well as your grammar skills. This means that to pass a transcription test, you need to make sure that your skills in these areas are up to scratch.

You can easily find sites online where you can do practice tests to work on getting your scores up in these different areas.

Some companies do make it a bit harder than others by making sure you’re tested using audio files that are either unclear or that involve people speaking with strong accents. Not every company that does this makes it clear on this site though, so before doing a transcription test, it’s worth practicing for this as well. 

That way, you’ll be confident in your abilities when going into the test.

Final thoughts on finding the best transcription job from home, even with no experience

Working as a transcriptionist is a great option for anyone looking for a work from home job. It’s got all the flexibility you need in that kind of work and the pay is also pretty good. The fact that you can level up your pay is actually not always guaranteed in remote positions, so this added bonus is a good motivator to do well at this work.

That said, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You will have to work on your skills and, at the start, don’t expect to earn a fortune while you’re still getting up to speed. This isn’t meant to deter you from getting a transcription job from home, however, as the same statement could certainly be said for a lot of other jobs in other fields.

And those positions definitely don’t always have the flexibility that this one offers, as well as the chance to work on a range of different subjects. From company meeting minutes to discussions at the highest level of government, you can work your way up here to areas of work that may require more specialization, but that also ultimately involve more pay.

And given that’s the end game here, this shows that applying for a transcription job from home, even if you have no experience, may be a very good idea for you.

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