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Stay at home jobs that pay well are ideal for anyone looking to make some money, while also maintaining some flexibility in their work.

And there are plenty of options for anyone wanting to work in this way. Whether you want a stay at home job that’s online or are looking for more in-person ways to make a living from home, we’ve got you covered.

There’s also no issue if you have no experience or if you’re limited to jobs for beginners at the moment. As you’ll see, the sheer range of stay at home jobs means there’s something for everyone, especially for moms and dads wondering how to work from home with kids.

What are the best stay at home jobs online?

1. Customer service agent

There are a number of companies that offer positions as remote customer service agents, including some stay at home jobs from Amazon that fall into this category.

How it works is that you’re essentially in a call center, just not in the same room as the other customer service representatives. Your work will involve taking calls from customers with questions about something they’ve bought, as well as sometimes from potential customers where your role is to finalize the sale.

One of the best parts about this stay at home job is the flexibility. That is, a lot of these companies like their call centers to be manned 24 hours a day. This means that if you can’t work during normal office hours, this actually works to your benefit as you can simply take one of the late night or early morning shifts.

Another great point for this one is that it is also one of the work at home jobs that provide equipment.

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2. Blogger

Working as a blogger definitely fits the criteria of stay at home jobs that pay well. In fact, there are bloggers who earn literally tens of thousands of dollars every month purely from working on a part-time basis.

The best part of this is that you can work as much or as little as you want, because you’re working only for yourself. It also gives you the chance to write about (and ideally make money from) a subject you’re really passionate about.

Thinking about starting a blog to make extra money?

Great choice! After all, it’s one of the cheapest online businesses to start at under $3 per month – less than a cup of coffee! In fact, that’s the price you’ll get if you launch your site with Bluehost, which is easily my top pick for the best website host for beginners to use.

Not only will you get a free domain name, but you definitely don’t need any tech experience to get started.

To find out more, check out my simple step-by-step guide on how to start a blog as I show you the exact steps I took to start on the path to earning thousands of dollars every month – on the side of my full-time job!

3. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants, or VAs, are people who help with both the administrative and technical aspects of running a business. This can include more traditional responsibilities, like answering and filing emails, but can also include things like managing social media profiles and editing and posting content on a business website.

In fact, to get a full idea of the range of services you can provide, take a look at this list of over 275 virtual assistant services you can choose to offer.

Working at the VA is a perfect stay at home job for anyone who considers themselves pretty organized. And with an average hourly rate starting at around $25 per hour, you can definitely be paid well doing this.

4. Self-published author

If you love to write, you can easily turn this into a stay at home job, even with no experience. After all, there’s a reason why being able to write well is one of the best high income skills available.

Specifically, self publishing your own e-books can be a really lucrative way to make money from home. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is easily one of the best ways to do this, as it gives your books access to Amazon’s millions of customers.

Once you’ve written your masterpiece, they’ll have your book published in less than five minutes and you get to keep up to 70% of the sales price. And don’t worry, you also hold on to ownership of the book.

Click here to find out more about self publishing your own book through Kindle Direct Publishing.

5. Proofreader

If you’ve got an eye for detail, working as a proofreader is definitely the kind of job you can do at home.

It involves reviewing and finding errors in a whole range of documents, such as books, articles, company policies and even things like CVs.

You can also make serious money doing this. Just ask Caitlin Pyle, who makes $70,000++ per year as a proofreader.

It can be a bit daunting to know where to start, but luckily Caitlin’s created a free workshop to show you how to be able to start working as a proofreader. She covers:

  • Why proofreading could be the perfect fit for you to make money
  • How she used proofreading to get lifestyle freedom
  • Her strategies for attracting your ideal clients

Click here to sign up for Caitlin’s FREE workshop.

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6. Transcriptionist

Working as a transcriptionist involves creating transcripts or captions based on audio and video recordings. The main benefit here is that it’s extremely flexible – you can work whenever you want, as long as you meet your clients’ deadlines.

laptop, phone and other items on desk

You’re paid per audio minute, so this is a particularly good stay at home job if you’re a fast typist. That said, it’s definitely not a requirement.

(It’s also the perfect position if you’re looking for a job where you work alone.)

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7. Digital product expert

If you’ve spent any time on Etsy, you know just how many digital products there are for sale on there.

In my opinion, the best of the best are printables. There’s an unbelievable amount of different types that you can sell, from debt trackers to budget planners to dozens that have nothing to do with managing your money, but all of which have the goal of helping you to get your life in order. 

What makes this so amazing to have as a stay at home job is that these printables are very easy to make and, with barely any ongoing work, you can make literally thousands of dollars from selling them.

Someone who’s had an incredible amount of success doing this is Tracie Fobes. She makes thousand dollars every month from selling printables online and she’s now created a course, Product Perfection, to show you exactly how you can do the same. She’ll show you:

  • Exactly how to use free tools like Canva to design eye-catching, polished printables
  • The design tips and tricks that actually work to get people to pay for your products
  • How to get people to actually see (and buy!) what you’re selling

Plus to really help you maximize your earnings on these printables, this course currently comes with FREE bonus access to her other course, Easy Printables.

Click here to find out more about Tracie’s Product Perfection course.

8. Tutor

Online tutoring is definitely one of the more verified stay at home jobs, simply because there’s so much demand for this.

Whatever your area of expertise, there’s almost guaranteed to be someone who will pay to learn about it from you. And you don’t even have to limit yourself to subjects that are taught in school or college. In fact, there are people teaching online classes on all sorts of topics, such as how to knit, how to play saxophone or even simply how to speak Portuguese.

woman working a stay at home job online

You can even do this in person as a stay at home job if you’re happy to have potential students come to your house. Otherwise, take a look at the many online platforms that allow you to tutor, as the best one is going to depend on who your target audience is.

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9. English teacher

While tutoring in almost any subject is a good stay at home job, another strong option in this field is to work as an online English teacher.

Websites like VIPKid offer you the chance to teach English to students in China, allowing you to earn up to $25 per hour. The best part is that VIPKid prepares all the teaching materials for you, so all you really have to do is show up and teach.

There are some prerequisites, like that you do have to have a bachelor’s degree at least. But if you’re looking for a job that’s flexible for moms and dads and you meet the requirements, this one is perfect as you can teach as much or as little as you want.

Click here to start the application process with VIPKid.

10. Flipper

Working as a flipper involves you buying items and reselling them at a higher price. As a stay at home job, it’s going to be particularly suited to you if you’re the kind of person who likes wandering around thrift stores and flea markets in their spare time.

It’s true that the act of finding the things you sell doesn’t always involve staying at home. But with this kind of work, you end up doing most of the work online, whether it’s researching which items are selling for, organizing your listings or finalizing your sales.

And there’s serious money to be made here. For example, Rob and Melissa Stephenson made $130,000 in their first year flipping.

They’ve now created a FREE webinar to show you how you can do the same. In this workshop, they cover:

  • How to know whether flipping is the perfect side hustle for you
  • How to use flipping to get lifestyle freedom
  • Their secret strategies to maximize your flipping profits

Click here to sign up for this webinar to start your own flipping business.

11. Freelance writer

Many major websites don’t produce their own content in house. Instead, they often hire freelance writers to write articles on essentially any topic you can think of.

This means that if you consider yourself a good writer, this could be a great stay at home job for you. It’s also fine if you have no experience in the subjects you’re asked to write about, as long as you do your research and turn in your piece at the end.

woman doing one of the highest paying stay at home jobs as a beginner

You can find opportunities for this kind of work on sites like Fiverr and However, you can also check sites like Listicle, which pay you $100 to produce a 10 point listicle-style article on basically any topic you want. Click here to find out more.

12. Website tester

Many major companies hire website testers to review their sites before their release to the wider public. This includes companies like Microsoft, yahoo!, Airbnb and Twitter.

The goal here is to see how you, as a normal, everyday user, navigates their site to check that it’s being used the way it was intended.

This is simple, interesting work and the pay is pretty good too. To find out more, including which companies are hiring for this kind of work, take a look at our article: 13 Sites Where You Can Test Websites for Money

13. Virtual personal trainer

When you think of stay at home jobs that are online, training people probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Despite this, there’s a massive market for virtual personal trainers, especially for people like parents or people who work long hours who don’t find themselves able to get to the gym. 

It’s going to help if you have some sort of experience in this field, whether it’s a formal personal training certification or at least something else that proves to people you know what you’re doing (and aren’t going to injure them).

And what makes this stay at home job great is that you can set your own schedule. It’ll take a little bit of time to build up your client base, but once word spreads, you’ll be able to fit your clients in based around your availability.

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14. Virtual stylist

Similar to a virtual personal trainer, virtual stylists are in ever-growing demand these days.

They generally take two different paths. Some virtual stylists work with clients on an ongoing basis, helping them to improve their overall fashion sense and, in some cases, almost shift into being a life coach in some ways.

Other virtual stylists work with clients on a one-off basis, such as if they have a major event coming up.

woman doing a verified stay at home job with no experience

Either way, a sense of style is clearly going to be important here. But just as important is having an ability to read people, both to get a sense of what they’re comfortable with as well as to make sure that their own style is coming through in what you’re recommending.

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15. Virtual life coach

And to continue the trend of stay at home jobs where you help people one on one, it’s becoming much more popular these days to hire virtual life coaches.

The exact aspect of people’s lives that you coach is going to depend a lot on your area of expertise as well as what your clients are looking for. For example, you may choose to coach people in meeting their career objectives, improving their overall self-confidence or just helping them generally to reach whatever goals they have.

You can work from home successfully in this job without any formal qualifications, although it’s also true that this work won’t suit everybody. In particular, you’re definitely going to need to have a way with people to succeed at this, including a healthy dose of empathy but also an ability to get real with someone when they need to hear it.

16. Online travel agent

Similar to the customer service representative mentioned earlier, some travel companies hire virtual travel agents to help people with their bookings from home.

Depending on your exact role, your work is going to involve either helping people to finalize itineraries and make bookings or to assist them with issues with their existing bookings – or even a combination of both!

To see what’s available in this field of work, take a look at FlexJobs which currently has a number of virtual travel agent positions advertised.

17. Social media manager

A social media manager is similar to a virtual assistant in many ways, although their work focuses exclusively on boosting the profiles of the clients on various social media platforms.

As more businesses recognize the importance of having a strong social media presence, more and more of them are turning to social media managers to help them work this out.

woman working a flexible stay at home job for moms

The key for you to get clients is to show these businesses just how much value you can add to the bottom line. That is, if you can prove that the boost of traffic you’ll bring will result in an increase in sales, they’ll be lining up around the block to hire you.

It’s also the perfect stay at home job for teens who are looking to make money. While major companies may be hesitant to hire you, local businesses may enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of the social media experience that comes with being your age.

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18. Influencer

Becoming an influencer has become a crazy popular stay at home job for moms in the last few years with the rise of Instagram. But that definitely doesn’t mean that it’s a completely saturated market.

In fact, if you think you have a selling point that can help you to build a big enough audience, becoming an influencer to make money on social media could be a great stay at home job for you.

As you probably know if you’ve spent any time on platforms like Facebook or Instagram over the last few years, influencers generally tend to focus on niches such as fitness, lifestyle, beauty – or a combination of them. 

So if you find yourself able to get paid to advertise by companies in one of these areas, then great!

At the same time, there’s no reason why you couldn’t carve out a new niche for yourself, especially on newer platforms where you can make money, like Snapchat.

19. Website designer

If you have some coding skills, designing websites for people is definitely one of the stay at home jobs that pay well.

Your work can either include making templates for people to install on their own sites, or can involve designing customized websites for people. The latter definitely pays better, but creating templates is much more passive. This means that once you’ve created the design, you don’t have to do a whole lot of work going forward to keep selling it.

It’s up to you which one you prefer and may largely depend on your experience in this area. But safe to say, there’s definitely money to be made here.

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20. Graphic designer

Graphic designers are in extremely high demand online, making this a great stay at home job for anyone with experience in this field.

You could find yourself designing something more simple, like a logo, or more complicated things like designs for companies websites, advertisements or company reports that are seen by a much wider range of people.

man doing a legitimate stay at home job online

For more simple jobs when you’re just starting out, you can advertise your services on Fiverr and But once you built your portfolio up a bit, consider raising your rates on those sites and also having a look at FlexJobs, which may have better paying jobs for you.

21. Virtual friend

Working as someone’s virtual friend essentially just involves chatting with someone who may not have anyone else to talk to at the moment, so is fine to pay for some social interaction.

Don’t worry, it’s completely platonic and you don’t have to share any personal details about your life if you don’t want to. You can also choose to work with people who simply want to talk or you could focus more on chatting about a particular topic that interests the other person, almost like a life coach or even a tutor.

To find out more, take a look at our article: How to Get Paid To Be a Virtual Friend Online

What are other stay at home jobs that pay well?

When considering what kind of jobs you can do at home, you don’t have to only stick to stay at home jobs that are online.

In fact, as we’ll see below, it’s more than possible to make a living from home with work that’s not based on the internet.

22. Pet sitter

If you’re an animal lover, pet sitting is going to be the ideal stay at home job for you. With some people liking to make sure that their pets are looked after during the day while they’re at work, you could easily make some money by pet sitting during normal office hours.

However, you could also do this by watching pets while their owners are traveling, meaning it becomes a longer-term arrangement – with even higher pay.

A good place to start for this is to create a profile on And if you manage to turn this into a regular arrangement, meaning you’re able to be paid to look after the same pets on an ongoing basis, this might be some of the easiest money you’ve ever made.

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23. At-home daycare manager

One great way that you can work from home with kids is to tie in the fact you have to look after your own kids with a money making opportunity, through running an at-home daycare.

child playing with bubbles

By having the parents of a few other kids pay you to watch them during the day, you’re basically looking after other people’s children in exactly the same way as you look after your own.

This is definitely tiring work, so make sure you know what you’re signing up for, especially depending on their ages which will impact how closely you have to watch them. But if you’re looking for jobs that are flexible for moms and dads, running an at-home daycare while looking after your own kids could easily be one of the best ones.

24. Hairdresser

Working as an at-home hairdresser benefits everyone: you get to make money and your clients get to have their hair looked after in the comfort of their own home, rather than heading all the way to a salon.

You don’t even have to be a professionally trained hairdresser for this, especially if you’re good at styling hair. In that case, you could easily get a range of clients who come to you when, say, they have a major event for which they need to look good.

At the same time, if you are a professionally trained hairdresser, this is an excellent way for you to earn some extra money. While you won’t have the profile of a major salon backing you up and helping you to get clients, you get to keep all the money you make. This means that it could, in fact, end up being more lucrative for you compared to a standard in-salon hairdressing job.

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25. Makeup artist

With the rise of Instagram and people being able to show off their makeup skills online, there’s definitely a growing trend of people getting their makeup done by people they find on social media, rather than going to make up artists in stores or salons.

This means that if you’re interested in working as a makeup artist as a stay at home job, embracing one of these image-based social media platforms is going to be critical. Instagram is the obvious choice, but Snapchat or even TikTok can help you to get people’s attention.

This is another stay at home job where no experience is necessary, at least in a professional setting. You could even try to corner the market by, say, targeting potential brides or students before proms to start to get your name out there with satisfied clients.

26. Photographer

If you want to find work as a beginner photographer, your social media profile is going to have to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

That is, the more people can see your amazing work on there, the more likely they are to hire you to capture their memories.

woman working as a photographer as a stay at home job no experience

It’s going to be difficult at first to be hired for things like weddings, where people often prefer higher range photographers who have proved they can produce professional-level images. 

But there are one million other ways that you can work as a photographer when you’re a beginner, including things like pregnancy shoots, photos of children or pets or even working as a photographer at slightly less formal events, like milestone birthday parties.

To get started, you could even ask a friend – preferably someone with a big following on social media – to do a free photo shoot. You’ll get to show off your incredible photo skills and they’ll spread the word about how good you are – a clear win-win!

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27. Laundry service

There’s no getting around it: doing the laundry is a pain. Especially if you have kids, you’ll know very well that the laundry basket is like a never ending pit of dirty clothes.

This is why, for people who are already busy, paying for a laundry service can be a lifesaver. You could offer to collect people’s laundry or have them drop it to you and, from there, it’s up to you the extent of services you want to offer.

For example, you could limit yourself to washing and folding. Or you could even take it a step further and offer ironing services too – for a higher fee, of course. 

Offering your services on things like local Facebook groups or even by dropping flyers in people’s letter boxes is a good way to spread the word about this.

How can I work from home successfully?

While each stay at home job is different, there are a few things you can do to work from home successfully:

Try to have a schedule

The best part of stay at home jobs is their flexibility, but having a fixed time every day where you focus only on your work can really help to maximize your efficiency. This also lets everyone else in your house know not to disturb you during that time as it’s work o’clock.

Have a designated working area

This won’t be possible in every home but, if possible, set aside a set area that’s dedicated to your stay at home job. 

Working from somewhere like the kitchen bench can make it hard to get the job done properly. On the other hand, having your own workstation helps tell your mind that when you sit there, it’s time to switch off everything else and focus on the task at hand.

Get dressed

It may sound basic, but simply because you have a stay at home job doesn’t mean you need to work in pajamas. 

In fact, it’s actually been shown that putting on your day clothes can help to reset your mind and put you in working mode, as it tells your brain that the working day has really begun now.

Don’t limit yourself to just one stay at home job (if you’re able to)

This won’t be possible for everyone depending on your non-working commitments, as well as how much time your stay at home jobs take. But if you’re doing something like freelancing, there’s no reason why you can’t juggle a couple of different jobs at once. 

This helps to diversify your income streams, meaning that if work drops off a bit in one of them, you’ll still have enough money coming in from other sources to cover your expenses.

woman typing on table

How can I make a living from home?

It’s more than possible to make a living from home, especially as more well paid jobs shift to remote settings given recent circumstances. This means that, by pursuing opportunities with verified stay at home jobs, you’ll be more than able to earn enough money to make a living.

In particular, if you have experience in a field where you can work remotely, there’s no reason why your stay at home job should pay less compared to when you worked in, say, a more traditional office setting.

At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make good money from the stay at home jobs that have no experience. 

Something like blogging, for example, has seen people earn six- or even seven-figures a year from their websites, despite having no prior tech experience. And I’m sure we all agree that this is definitely considered earning a living.

How can I make $50,000 from home?

There are plenty of stay at home jobs where you can make $50,000 from home. The key here is finding a job that’s in high enough demand and, in some cases, requires some skill or technique that justifies you charging a rate that adds up to $50,000 per year.

And this isn’t even that hard to do. That is, $50,000 is close to the average annual salary in the US and is equal to earning just under $1,000 per week. And as mentioned earlier, many of the jobs in this article have average hourly rates of $25, with a lot of them allowing you to earn even more than that.

But even if you stick with that rate, working full-time with those kinds of earnings will see you easily hit the $50,000 mark.

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What are the highest paying stay at home jobs?

The highest paying stay at home jobs are those where you can scale up the work enough when you get to the point where your business is earning significant amounts of money on its own.

Some examples from this article include:

  • Blogging. By building up your traffic enough after you’ve launched your blog, you’ll get a large enough and steady enough stream of visitors to continually make more money.
  • Influencer. It’s a very small percentage of influencers who make serious money but for the ones who do, they definitely fit the criteria of being highly paid. While it may take some time for you to get to the same point, there’s no reason why you can’t try.
  • Digital product expert. Given that many of these products sell for only a few dollars each, you may not consider it as being one of the highest paying stay at home jobs. But with people like Tracie Fobes making $7,000+ per month from her printables store, this can easily become one of the highest paying stay at home jobs on this list.

→ To see how easily you can do the same, check out Tracie’s course, Product Perfection

How can I make $20 an hour from home?

It’s quite straightforward to make $20 an hour from home, with many jobs offering this as a starting rate. The trick here is to either advertise your services on websites like Fiverr, where you can set your own hourly rate as $20 or more, or stick to jobs where you know that people generally don’t charge less than that.

Some examples where this is possible include:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Tutor
  • English teacher
  • Website tester
  • Virtually supporting people, like as an online personal trainer, stylist or life coach

Can I work from home with no experience?

You can definitely work from home with no experience. In fact, there are plenty of people who have turned their stay at home jobs into highly successful businesses, despite having no experience in the relevant field.

For example, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner started blogging about her money management in her spare time away from her job. Despite having no experience with computers, she was able to quit her job after 18 months of blogging and, today, I was over $100,000 a month. From the website.

If you want to do the same, she has a great course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing where she explains how she earns more than $50,000 per month in basically passive income due to affiliate marketing on her site.

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woman typing on laptop

How can I make money from home with no experience?

Finding stay at home jobs with no experience isn’t that difficult, although you may find yourself earning less than you expected at first. The trick here is to not focus on jobs that require qualifications. Instead, keep an eye out for opportunities where you can learn as you go.

You may wish to start by advertising your services in your chosen stay at home job on sites like Fiverr and Once you build up a portfolio of work and, ideally, some client testimonials, you’ll then be able to use these to apply for higher-paying jobs in the same field.

You also shouldn’t underestimate the value of enthusiasm and commitment. Plenty of people can do a stay at home job, but not everyone can submit work that’s high-quality and on time. You may be surprised how many people are willing to overlook a lack of experience as long as the person they’re hiring is enthusiastic.

And make sure you meet all your deadlines. Many stay at home jobs involve you working whenever you want, as long as you submit things when the client asks you to do so. If you’re late, it’s going to be almost impossible to get work with that person again.

What are good jobs for beginners?

The best jobs for beginners are going to be those where people are fine for you to learn on the job. These may be similar to the list of stay at home jobs where no experience is required, meaning that clients and employers don’t care if you don’t have a professional background in this field. They do care, however, that you have a commitment to learn how to do the work.

Some particularly good jobs for beginners include:

  • Customer service agent
  • Proofreader
  • Transcriptionist
  • Website tester
  • Online travel agent

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How can I work from home for beginners?

To work from home as a beginner, it’s important to emphasize your commitment to learning, your professionalism and, importantly, your ability to meet a deadline. For any potential clients, these attributes are critical for whoever they hire.

And while learning on the job is important, don’t disregard doing your own training as well. It’s why in this article we mentioned a number of free training opportunities, such as: 

Doing training like these not only helps you to see whether you think you’ll be suited to the work, but it also helps to give you tips on how to do the work better. And for anyone hiring beginners, watching you improve over time (ideally quickly!) is going to definitely put you in your employer’s good books.

person doing training on laptop

What is the best job for stay at home moms and dads?

The best stay at home jobs for moms and dads are going to be those where your work schedule can be as flexible as needed. This is usually going to involve those jobs where you have a deadline to submit work rather than set, scheduled hours where you have to be online.

Which jobs are flexible for moms and dads?

There are plenty of stay at home jobs that are flexible for moms and dads to do around their parenting obligations. This means it’s simply a matter of knowing what to expect in a particular job to determine if it’s feasible for you.

This could include jobs like:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Self publishing author
  • Proofreader
  • Transcriptionist
  • Digital product expert
  • Freelance writer

How can I work from home with kids?

Working from home with kids is tough, especially when they’re not old enough to understand the times we need to work. Some tips to help you with this include:

  • Try to put a schedule in place. This isn’t going to work for everyone and it won’t always work every day, but at least having an approximate schedule on which to base your day can help everyone do what they need to do, both work- and non-work-related.
  • Set reasonable expectations for yourself. You may not be able to get a full eight hours of work in like in the pre-kid days and that’s fine, as long as you don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, set at least one goal to meet for the day. Anything in addition to that is just icing on the cake.
  • Aim to wake up an hour before the kids. Many parents report that early mornings are their most productive time, when the little ones aren’t awake yet to distract you.
  • Set boundaries. If your kids are old enough to understand this, making them realize that they can’t distract you during working time is key. For example, is the door closed? It’s mom’s office hour – come back later.
  • Feel free to ask for help. Some people find that working from home with kids is impossible without an extra set of hands. So if you can, consider getting a babysitter for a few hours each day to watch the kids while you tackle your workload.

How do I find work from home opportunities?

There are certain websites with dedicated sections to stay at home jobs, meaning that your search for work from home opportunities should, at least initially, be focused on those sites. However, some major companies also have a massive amount of positions where you work from home, particularly in customer service roles but certainly not exclusively.

For more general job search sites with jobs where you can work from home, FlexJobs is a great place to start, for example, as is ClickWorker.

And for specific companies that hire people in these kinds of roles, there are a ton of stay at home jobs with Amazon in all sorts of areas of work. Apple also hires a lot of remote customer service and tech-support agents, if you’re a Mac fan. 

Finding work in specific companies simply becomes a question of tracking these jobs down, although as you’ll see, some companies definitely have more work from home opportunities and others.

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Final thoughts on stay at home jobs

Finding stay at home jobs that pay well has been a priority for a lot of people for a long time, especially those looking for flexibility in their work or who simply don’t want to work in a more traditional office setting.

And if there’s one good thing that’s come out of the recent situation, it’s that normal companies are recognizing the benefits of allowing their employees to actually have stay at home jobs.

This period has also resulted in a lot of employers putting in the infrastructure and policies to allow people to work remotely, meaning that every day there are more and more opportunities to get legitimate stay at home jobs.

Of course, as mentioned, you don’t have to work for a traditional employer to have a stay at home job. Instead, you can create your own work as an entrepreneur-in-training, such as with your brand new website or fledgling printables business.

Whichever you prefer, it’s definitely true that stay at home jobs can offer a better working experience for a lot of people. And there’s the added bonus that, with time, it can also offer a much better salary than your previous office job may have offered.

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