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Do you like plants? Do you have a green thumb? Well, did you know that you can sell your plants on Etsy? It’s true! 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to sell plants on Etsy, what types of plants are popular on the site, and some tips for success. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, read on to learn more about selling plants on Etsy!

shelf with options on it for selling different plants on etsy

Is it profitable to sell plants on Etsy?

With a built-in market of over 39 million buyers, Etsy is a great place to sell plants. In fact, plants are one of the most popular items on the site. As long as you are selling plants that comply with Etsy’s regulations, it’s a great way to make some extra money or even a full-time income.

Plants are living organisms, so they require care and attention in a way that is unique to other products. So, selling plants is best for those with a green thumb and some experience in plant care.

There’s a large range of prices that plants are sold for. Clippings of a plant sell for as little as $5, while a large potted plant can go for $100 or more.

Pro tip: If you have a high-quality listing with great photos and descriptions paired with excellent customer service, you can make a good profit margin by selling plants on Etsy.

How to sell plants on Etsy

Are you ready to start earning money by selling plants on Etsy? Here is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire process so that you can start selling plants like a pro:

1. Choose your plants

The first step is to decide which plants you want to sell. You can sell anything from succulents to orchids, and cacti to leafy greens. Whatever type of plant you choose, make sure that you have experience caring for it so that you can provide potential buyers with helpful tips and advice.

FYI: If you’re not sure which plants are best to sell, take a look at what’s popular on Etsy. Search for “plants” and see what comes up. You can also check out the “Best Selling” section to get an idea of what’s the best thing to sell on Etsy.

2. Decide how to source your plants

Now that you know what plants you want to sell, it’s time to source them. You can grow the plants yourself, buy them from a nursery, or get them from another source. If you’re growing the plants yourself, make sure that you start early so that they will be ready to sell when buyers are looking for them.

It’s most profitable to sell plants that you’ve grown yourself, and the easiest way to do this is by using clippings. Clippings are simply cuttings from a plant that can be used to propagate new plants. They’re easy to care for and grow, and they’re relatively inexpensive to source.

If you’re buying your plants from a nursery or another source, make sure that you research the prices so that you can price your plants competitively.

fiddle leaf fig on a wooden pot one of the best selling plants on etsy

3. Gather materials for taking care of your plants

Since plants are living breathing organisms, you’ll need to take care of them properly in order to sell them. This includes things like pots, soil, fertilizer, and other plant care supplies.

There are some supplies that are universal for plant growers, such as shelving, containers, rakes, and shovels. But different plants may require specific materials, such as certain types of soil or specific fertilizer blends. Do research to make sure you’re using the best materials for your plants.

You can find most of the supplies you need at a local nursery or garden center or online through sites like Amazon.

4. Gather materials for shipping plants

Another material consideration is how you’re going to ship your plants. You’ll need packing materials that will protect the plants during shipping and ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

The most important thing is to use a box that is the right size for your plant. You don’t want the plant to be too loose in the box, as this can cause damage. But you also don’t want the plant to be too snug, as this can restrict its growth.

FYI: Given that you’ll be selling plants, you’ll likely need shipping boxes that are taller than they are wide. It’s also better to buy in bulk to save money so these shipping boxes are perfect for this.

You’ll also need packing materials like packing peanuts or crumpled paper to fill in any empty space and prevent the plant from moving around too much (check the latest price of this packing paper – it’s sustainable so will perfectly suit your target audience). And finally, you’ll need a few odds and ends, including plastic bags, ties, rubber bands, paper towels, and shipping tape.

4. Create a great brand

If you want to be successful in selling plants on Etsy, you need to create a great brand. This includes things like creating a catchy name for your shop, designing a logo, and coming up with a color scheme.

Pro tip: The easiest way to design a logo is definitely with Canva. It’s a free platform with a huge range of design ideas, meaning you don’t need to be creative to come up with something that looks amazing while being super professional – perfect for your Etsy store!

Your brand should reflect the type of plants you’re selling and the style of your shop. For example, if you’re selling succulents, you might want to go for a more modern look. But if you’re selling orchids, you might want something that’s more classic and elegant.

Think about what makes your shop unique and use that to guide your branding decisions. Choose brand colors, fonts, logos, and a catchphrase to reflect what makes your shop special.

5. Set up an Etsy account

Now that you have your inventory, materials, and brand ready, it’s time to set up your Etsy account. If you don’t already have one, head over to and create an account.

You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and your shop, such as your name, location, and the type of plants you’ll be selling. You’ll also need to create a shop name and banner.

Finally, you’ll need to fill out the information about the shop policies, such as your return policy, payment methods, and shipping rates. Be sure to take the time to read through Etsy’s policies so that you’re in compliance with their rules.

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6. Do keyword research

Before you can start listing your plants, you need to do some keyword research. This will help you find the right keywords to use in your listings so that people can easily find your shop when they’re searching for plants on Etsy.

To start, think about the types of plants you’re selling and what someone might search for if they were looking for those plants. For example, if you’re selling succulents, someone might search for “succulents”, “cacti”, or “desert plants.” Write down these terms in a document or spreadsheet so you can access them later on.

One way to research keywords is to search on Etsy and see what terms come up in the autocomplete function. Start by typing in “succulents” and then look at the suggestions that come up. Another way to research keywords is to use paid tools such as Marmalead or Etsy Rank, which will provide you with data about the search volume and competition for certain keywords.

selling a healthy plant on etsy

6. Take fantastic photos of your plants

The next step is to take some great photos of your plants. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and on Etsy, it’s worth a thousand sales.

The best way to take photos of your plants is to use a DSLR camera. This will give you the highest-quality photos possible. If you don’t have a DSLR camera, you can also use a smartphone camera on the highest resolution setting.

You can take your plant pictures in front of a white or neutral-colored background to make the plants really pop. If you’re selling multiple plants of the same species, be sure to take pictures of each plant so that potential buyers can see the individual variations.

By the way: You’ll notice that a lot of people selling plants on Etsy will remove the background from the photos of their plants or replace it with something like a set color. You can do the same thing with Canva simply by signing up for their Pro account.

 You can grab a free 14-day Canva trial here to try it out!

7. Price your plants

Now that you’ve prepared everything for sale, you have a good idea of what your expenses are, so it’s time to start setting prices for your plants.

Pricing can be tricky, but a good rule of thumb is to price your plants at least double (or more) than what it costs you to produce them. This way, you’ll make a profit even after accounting for Etsy fees and shipping costs.

Another good way to determine your pricing is by seeing what competitors are selling their plants for. Look at similar shops and see what they’re charging for plants of the same type and size. This will help to make sure you don’t over or undercharge for your items and can stay competitive in the market.

7. Start making plant listings in your Etsy shop

Now that you’ve prepared all of the elements of your listing, it’s time to put them together and upload your plants on Etsy! Be sure to use keyword-rich titles and descriptions, as well as plant-specific tags, to ensure that your listings are easy to find.

You’ll also need to set a price, add your photos, and any shipping details. Hit “publish” once your listing is complete, and your plants will be live in your Etsy shop. Congratulations, you’re officially selling plants on Etsy!

a person selling plants on etsy holding a beautiful harlequin pothos

8. Be ready to fulfill orders

Although most of the hard work is done, there’s one more thing you need to do to make sure your plants get to their new homes safely: fulfill orders.

Keep an eye on your notifications to see when an order comes in. Then, package up the plant and ship it off to the buyer. Enter the tracking number into Etsy’s marketplace and mark the order as “shipped” once you’ve sent it off.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for customer questions and concerns. Be sure to respond promptly and courteously to any questions or problems that arise. This will ensure that you have happy customers and receive 5-star ratings.

9. Market your Etsy shop

Although Etsy is a great platform for bringing plant-loving customers to you, there are still some things you can do to give your shop an extra boost.

One way to market your Etsy shop is by using social media. Share your listings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let your friends and followers know that you’re selling plants. You can also use social media to run ads targeting plant lovers in your area.

Another great way to market your shop is by participating in local events, such as selling in farmers’ markets or plant swaps.

Make sure that your branding is consistent across all of your marketing materials, from your Etsy banner to your business cards. This will help buyers easily recognize your brand and remember your shop when they’re looking for plants.

another great selling plants on etsy is fern

Can anyone sell plants on Etsy?

Yes. Anyone over the age of 18 can sell almost all kinds of plants on Etsy, from succulents and cacti to houseplants and tropicals. Etsy doesn’t require any specific licenses or permits to sell plants, but you will need to comply with any applicable laws in your area.

There’s a specific category of plants that can’t be sold on Etsy. You can’t sell hazardous plant materials, herbal drugs, endangered species, or unidentified species, according to Etsy house rules.

You can take a look into the USDA database to get an idea of what plants can be shipped to different states. There are different regulations for each state that help to prevent the spread of invasive species as well as diseases.

If you plan on sending plants to Australia, BICON provides a helpful search engine that lets you know which plants are allowed. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency will provide you with guidelines when it comes to shipping to Canada. And if you’re shipping your plants to the E.U., The European Commission will have the most up-to-date information on what you can and cannot ship.

Do your research before listing any plants to make sure that you are able to ship them to your buyers legally and safely.

Do you need a license to sell plants on Etsy?

When selling plants domestically, you won’t need a license from the USDA or any other governing agency. However, if you’re planning on shipping your plants internationally from the United States, you’ll need to obtain a Phytosanitary certificate from the National Plant Protection Agency.

The National Plant Protection Agency is responsible for safeguarding U.S agriculture from the introduction of plant pests and diseases. They will verify that your plants are free from pests and diseases before issuing you a Phytosanitary certificate.

What plants can you sell on Etsy?

You can sell any plant on Etsy that complies with the Etsy house rules, including succulents, cacti, houseplants, and tropical plants. You can’t sell hazardous plant materials, herbal drugs, endangered species, or unidentified species. Do your research to make sure that the plants you want to sell are allowed on Etsy.

There are many different forms you may choose to sell your plants in. You can sell a potted plant, a cutting, or even just the seeds.

If you’re selling potted plants, make sure that they’re well-watered and healthy before shipping them to your buyers. If you’re sending cuttings, make sure that they’re properly labeled with the plant’s name and care instructions. And if you’re selling seeds, be sure to include information on how to care for the plants.

What are the best-selling plants on Etsy?

The best-selling plants on Etsy are usually plants that are easy to take care of, such as succulents, cacti, and houseplants. These plants are popular because they don’t require a lot of care and can be shipped easily. They are also reasonably priced, which makes them a great choice for buyers who are new to plant ownership.

Here are a few of the most popular plants that are sold on Etsy:

1. Snake plants

A snake plant, also known as Sansevieria trifasciata, is a succulent that is native to Africa. It is a popular houseplant because it is easy to care for and doesn’t require a lot of sunlight. 

Snake plants are known for their ability to remove toxins from the air, making them a great choice for homes with pets or smokers.

one of the best selling plants on etsy is snake plant

2. Jade plants

Jade plants are a type of succulent that is native to Africa and Asia. They are popular houseplants because they are easy to care for and can tolerate low-light conditions. Jade plants need well-draining soil and should be watered only when the soil is dry.

3. Pothos plants

Pothos plants, also known as Epipremnum aureum, are a type of vining plant that can hang and trail along walls, providing a beautiful and unique way to decorate your home. 

These plants are easy to care for and come in many different varieties.

pothos on a table that is a highest selling plant on etsy

4. Orchids

Orchids are a type of flowering plant that come in many different colors and varieties. They are popular plants because they are beautiful and easy to care for. 

Orchids need well-draining soil and should be watered only when the soil is dry.

5. Monstera plants

Monstera plants, also known as Swiss cheese plants, are a type of tropical plant that is native to Central America. They have big broad leaves that create a tropical atmosphere in any home.

monsterra on a white pot is a best selling plants on etsy

6. Fuschia plants

Fuschia plants are a type of flowering plant that is native to Central and South America. They come in many different colors and varieties. Fuschias are known for their beautiful blooms and trailing vines.

7. Wisteria plants

Wisteria plants are a type of flowering plant that is native to China. They have long, cascading vines and beautiful blooms. Wisteria plants need full sun and well-draining soil.

8. Variegated varieties of plants

Plants with variegated leaves are plants that have two or more colors in their leaves. These plants are popular because they are beautiful and unique. Many different types of plants can be variegated, including succulents, cacti, houseplants, and tropical plants.

They sell for a high price on Etsy, especially in certain varieties. Some of the most popular variegated plants that are sold on Etsy include:

  • Variegated Snake Plants
  • Variegated jade plants
  • Variegated pothos plants
  • Variegated monstera plants
variegated plants are popular selling plants on etsy

What plant sells for the most money on Etsy?

Some of the most expensive plants for sale on Etsy include the Monstera adansonii variegata, Philodendron joepii, Monstera obliqua ‘Peru’, Monstera deliciosa albo variegata, and Philodendron billietiae variegata. One plant, or even one clipping, can cost several hundreds of dollars.

In general, variegated plants sell for top dollar on the Etsy platform. This is because variegated plants are often less common than their green counterparts and can be more difficult to care for. As a result, they’re considered more valuable by plant collectors.

FYI: If you want to sell expensive plants on Etsy, focus on finding variegated specimens that are rare or hard to find. They take a little more work to care for, but they’re worth the effort when it comes to selling them.

Where is the best place to sell plants online?

The best places to sell your plants online include Etsy, eBay, Reddit, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. These online platforms have a large audience of plant enthusiasts who are looking for new and interesting specimens to add to their collections that can’t be found in traditional nurseries.

Another option is to sell your plants directly through your own website or blog. This option gives you more control over the price and allows you to build a direct relationship with your buyers.

You could set up a shop on any web platform, but Shopify is a good option for selling plants online because it’s easy to use and has built-in tools for processing payments and shipping.

You’ll have to bring your own audience to your website or blog, but if you can do that, you may make more profit selling plants this way than any other.

Social media is also a viable option for selling plants online. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have active plant communities that you can tap into.

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Can I make money selling seeds on Etsy?

Yes, you can make money selling seeds on Etsy, and it may be even easier than selling plants since you won’t have to worry as much about packaging or shipping. You can either sell the seeds on their own or include them as a bonus with another plant purchase.

To be successful selling seeds on Etsy, it’s important to offer a wide variety of rare and unusual varieties that collectors can’t find at their local nurseries. Heirloom and open-pollinated varieties are always in high demand, as are native plant seeds.

Make sure that your seeds are properly labeled with the plant’s name and care instructions. It’s also a good idea to include information on when the seeds were harvested and how they should be stored.

Steer clear of any banned seeds on Etsy’s platform to make sure that your listings don’t get removed.

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