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If you think you have to be a tech genius to get paid to test apps, you’re not alone. While it is a common misconception, it’s not true at all.

In fact, testing apps for pay is the new equivalent of completing surveys for cash. The main difference is that instead of answering a series of questions about products, you’re testing out an app to enhance its functionality, usability, and design.

In essence, you’re helping developers create apps that are less buggy, more functional, and more user friendly. At the same time, you’re getting paid for it!

So keep reading to see where you can find some great app testing jobs to make some quick extra money in your spare time today!

How does getting paid to test apps work?

As a user tester, you test the app’s functionality by using the app the way a normal user would, ensuring the user experience is overall positive while also noting any glitches. Once you’ve reported your feedback to the developer, you get rewarded. 

While the job may sound simple, it does require some practice and patience to get it down pat.

Fortunately, there are many easy-to-use apps and websites out there where you can get paid to test apps. Although the vast majority of users on these sites only test apps on a part-time basis, the side hustle still can bring in some good amounts of pocket money. 

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Where can I get paid to test apps?

There are many websites that pay users to test out apps. You can test apps through one site or multiple sites, but you should bear in mind that each one is different. The application process, pay rates, and test opportunities vary by site, so it’s important to research the sites and see which ones suit you the most.

We’ve simplified the research for you by consolidating a list of companies we think you should consider. Each company has its own pros and cons; therefore, it’s essential that you carefully consider every company’s qualities and see which ones are best for you.

1. UserTesting

UserTesting is the best known site out there for testing apps. Since its creation in 2007, the company has helped big-name clients like Samsung, Lowe’s, and Grammarly enhance their apps and websites. Thus, the company is well respected in this space.

How do I pass the UserTesting test?

Follow these tips to pass the UserTesting test:

  1. Check your audio quality before starting. One of the most overlooked qualifications on users’ part is audio quality. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest reasons users fail the UserTesting test is issues with their audio. This may be due to the fact that many people aren’t comfortable using microphones on their laptops and/or aren’t aware if their microphones are properly working.
  2. Practice giving clear, specific feedback. When you’ve determined that your microphone quality is on par with UserTesting’s standards, the next step is to focus on your communication. It’s one thing to complete the tasks of a test successfully; it’s another thing to verbally explain your thought process while performing the tasks.
  3. Make sure your feedback is as detailed as possible. You want to give as much feedback as possible when using the app during the test, so you shouldn’t hesitate to give input, such as:
  • “If that notification icon were a different color, like red, it would grab my attention even more.”
  • “The app’s animations and colors really make it fun to interact with.”
  • “I think the bit of text over here should be a lot shorter and simpler.”

Again, it’s not the way you conduct the tasks that’s really important. It’s the way you communicate your thoughts. After all, the only thing you’re getting paid for is your opinion—nothing else.

With these tips, you’ll have everything you need to pass the test on the first attempt to start testing websites for money.

man working on laptop to get paid to test apps

Does UserTesting really pay?

UserTesting does pay its testers, as you can earn anywhere from $4 to $120 per test. As expected, shorter tests pay less while longer tests with screen and audio recordings and follow-up written questions pay more. Live Conversation tests, which involve joining a scheduled video conference call, pay the most.

Keep in mind that payments are sent via Paypal. Currently, the company doesn’t use any other online payment systems to allow you to get paid to test apps.

Can you make a living off of UserTesting? 

Although UserTesting is an excellent way to make extra cash, it most likely won’t be enough to make a full-time job out of it. Depending on how much time you have to dedicate for screener questions, you can qualify for at least one test a day. Most of UserTesting’s active users earn a few hundred dollars a month.

The screener process can be a little long and tedious, but if you devote some time to it, you’ll always have a test to complete.

Also, the money is considered taxable once you’ve crossed the $600 threshold. You’re responsible for paying your taxes since the company doesn’t provide 1099-MISC forms.

How much can you make on UserTesting a day? 

A person who only conducts tests during their spare time will probably make a daily average of about $10. However, someone with much more time on their hands might, at the very most, make a couple hundred dollars in a day.

Overall, and unsurprisingly, it’s going to depend on how much time you have – but there’s at least an option here to make $10 an hour online with this platform. 

Another factor to consider though is your ratings over time. A person just starting out can expect to earn much less than a three-year veteran who’s maintained a very high rating.

2. Userlytics 

Userlytics, with clients like Microsoft, Google, and L’Oréal, is another smart choice for testers looking to make some extra money. Its quick results, clear and detailed analyses, and flexible pricing options make the company a top choice for thousands of clients around the world.

Is Userlytics legit? 

Userlytics is a legit company. It provides payment proofs online, and reviews posted by Userlytics testers confirm that the company does actually pay.

That being said, one thing to keep in mind is that some testers can wait for months without receiving a test invite. So, although the company does pay, it doesn’t pay a whole lot, especially for those just starting out.

woman using laptop for testing apps online to make money

How much can you make on Userlyitcs a day?

Testers’ income can range from $5 to $90 per test. However, you’re more likely to be making between $10 and $20 for most tests.

Userlytics is a site like UserTesting, in that it pays its experienced testers more than its newbies. In addition, those with more time put in will generally earn more than those who are new to the site.

To give you a clearer picture, a new tester might make a daily income of around $10, while a veteran tester might make a few hundred bucks in one day. But if you get to the point of making $20 for a test, it’s almost as close as you’ll come to making $20 instantly!

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3. TryMyUI

TryMyUI was founded in 2010 and, since then, it’s been serving Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, NBC, and Bose, as well as the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics. Its moderated and unmoderated tests, over the years, have proven that TryMyUI is all about high-quality user tests and customer service excellence.

Is TryMyUI legit?

TryMyUI appears to be legit, with reports online of being actually able to get paid to test apps through this platform. Each test is 20 minutes long, and you get paid $10 for each one. In addition, there’s no limit on the number of tests you can do, so the earning potential is decent.

Yes, you can actually complete as many or as few tests as you want. Realistically, this means that you can expect to complete a few tests per week.

How can I succeed as a tester for TryMyUI?

The company rates you using several criteria:

  • The first is that you need to follow the instructions carefully and make sure you complete the tasks correctly.
  • You also need to express your thoughts clearly and avoid changing your thoughts as you’re navigating the app. You have to express exactly what’s on your mind.
  • It’s imperative that your post-test written summary is clear and detailed. This part, which comes after the test’s video portion, is important because it condenses your test into a few words, making it easier for clients to understand you.

4. IntelliZoom

As the participant community of UserZoom, IntelliZoom Panel helps companies around the world run better apps. With offices in Europe and the United States, the company maintains its reputation as a global leader in improving clients’ digital products.

How much does IntelliZoom pay its testers?

The level of complexity of the study determines payment. Studies that involve thinking out loud with audio and video pay an average of $10. Standard surveys, which don’t require audio and video, pay an average of $2.

(And if you’re interested in doing surveys for money to get paid through PayPal, our article on that has some great options.)

How do I become an IntelliZoom tester?

A company based in Europe and the United States, IntelliZoom requires that those testing apps through its platform be able to speak English, Spanish, or German fluently. They must also be at least 18 years old, be able to follow directions closely and express their thoughts clearly, and be willing to have their faces and voices recorded.

Technical requirements include having the ability to send and receive emails and SMS messages, having a device such as a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android, and having a webcam, microphone, and strong internet connection (at least 3 Mbps).

Once you’ve signed up and passed the practice study portion, you’ll be ready to start getting paid to test apps with them.

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5. Ferception

Ferception has helped companies like Coca Cola, Airbus, and Leroy Merlin understand their clients’ expectations and behaviors. Its qualitative and quantitative studies, which are tailored to its companies’ individual needs, are fast and efficient.

How much does Ferception pay its testers?

You can earn between $10 and $20 per task on Ferception. There’s a $20 payout threshold, which means you need to have at least $20 in your Ferception wallet in order for you to withdraw your payment.

How will I receive my money on Ferception? 

The company processes its monthly payments by PayPal or by Amazon gift card, depending on your preference. If you surpass €100 (roughly $113) in earnings in a month, the company will ask you for an invoice.

How do I become a Ferception tester? 

Their process is extremely simple to start testing apps with Ferception. Right after you’ve registered, which only takes a few minutes, the website’s algorithm will look for a study that matches your profile. As soon as it finds a study, you’ll receive an email asking you to participate.

6. Enroll

Enroll differs from some of the others testing apps in that you can use this platform on either your phone, tablet or desktop. You also don’t need to use a microphone or webcam when doing tests here to record your feedback, making it a potentially better option if you’re looking to get paid to test apps while you’re out and about.

(And if this is your main priority, you may also want to check out ways that you can get paid to text.)

The reason for the slightly different mode of working here is largely because many of the tests are fairly simple and involve things like being shown two logos and picking the one you like best or that looks clearer to you.

While this means that you won’t get paid as much for doing these kinds of tests (up to around $1.50), they can be a great way to earn a few extra dollars if you only have a couple of minutes free. Offers are also open to anyone who has a PayPal account – and given their homepage says that more than 650,000 tests have been done, it seems that they’re legit about this.

7. UserFeel

UserFeel is another popular option for those looking to get paid to test apps. As a site like UserTesting, all you have to do to get started is create a profile and take a sample test.

You’ll eventually (hopefully!) be approved by UserFeel after doing your test, although you may want to check out their FAQs before doing this to make sure you’re really up to speed with what they’re looking for. In any case, once you’ve received that approval, you’ll start to be sent test offers by email. Each test will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete and you’ll earn $10 for each one. 

It’s also worth mentioning that payment is processed every week, making this one of the quickest testing apps for you to get paid.

woman working on laptop finding the best app for tests

8. Testing Time

TestingTime is a great way to earn some money from testing apps, given that they’ll pay you EUR 50 (around USD 54) for doing a test of anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes.

Keep in mind that these often have to be done over Skype, as many of their tests are done with a live moderator who’ll guide you as to where they want you to go during the test, rather than simply sending a checklist like the other sites do. That means that you should make sure that your webcam and microphone are working before signing up.

Although they’re based in Switzerland, TestingTime accepts testers from all over the world. You’ve also got an extra opportunity to get paid to test apps if you speak German, as they have a German version of their platform as well as their main English one.

Like most of the others on this list, payment is made via PayPal and you’ll generally get paid within five to ten days completing the test.

9. StartUpLift

StartUpLift is another testing app where you don’t need a microphone or webcam. Instead, they’re looking for written comments, so it’s a good option if you’re not super comfortable with those apps where you have to speak or be filmed.

It’s also very straightforward in that each test is worth $5, no matter how long they take – although they’re generally super quick. You do have to write something substantive as, to some extent, you’re getting paid to type here, so just putting a response like “Fine” won’t cut it. But you also don’t need to write an essay in order to get paid, making it one of the easier ones out there.

How do I become an app tester? 

If you’re interested in becoming an app tester, you should see if you have the education and/or experience to do the job well. Most testers (67.4%) have a bachelor’s degree, and many have experience as quality assurance analysts and software test engineers. Once you’ve determined you’re a good fit, you can apply to a user testing website.

As you may well know, the application process and tests vary by website. The amount of pay also depends on the website, as well as the amount of time you put in.

Once you’ve filled out the online application (which usually includes a brief practice test), you answer screening questions to match with test opportunities. You then can then start to get paid to test apps by sharing your perspectives and ultimately improving the products. You earn money for all the tests you conduct, which can range from 5-minute tests to live interviews.

woman doing a video call on laptop

Since testing apps requires a good amount of communication, possessing strong communication skills as well as solid judgment and the ability to work alone or with a team gives you an advantage. Having natural curiosity, knowledge about software development, and the capacity to work under a great deal of pressure also helps.

Technical requirements include, of course, having a device (such as a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android) where you can test the apps. You may also need a microphone, depending on the website. In the majority of cases, you’ll need a PayPal account so you can actually get paid to test these apps and receive payments. A high-speed internet connection is a must for every website.

Which is the best app for testing?

Because there are so many top-notch apps and websites that connect clients and testers with app testing opportunities, it’s difficult to determine the best app for testing. Nonetheless, some apps are definitely better known than others, and UserTesting is certainly the most popular among them all.

While some testing apps specialize in serving small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and even startups, UserTesting concentrates on Fortune 500 companies like Lowe’s and Samsung and Inc. 500 companies like Grammarly.

The company also has the advantage of seniority. Founded in 2007, UserTesting is one of the oldest, most established on-demand human insight platforms out there making it a great, legit option for those looking to get paid to test apps.

What is similar to 

There are many testing sites like UserTesting, a number of which we’ve already listed and described. But, perhaps, you want to expand your horizons even more and find additional alternatives to UserTesting. 

If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find five alternatives and competitors you can start using to get paid to test apps now.

  • uTest – Serving clients like Uber, Starbucks, and McDonalds is no laughing matter, but that’s what uTest does best. What differentiates this company from others is the earning potential. There are users who are making a full-time income ($3,000 per month or more) through uTest alone. However, the process to reach this point isn’t easy and it certainly won’t happen quickly. Testers on uTest look for bugs in pieces of software. Although the pay varies by test, testers earn an average of $5 per bug. Its website offers a wealth of courses and forums, so testers can easily find information to help them along the way.
  • Enroll – What sets Enroll apart from other platforms is that it doesn’t require a microphone or webcam. Its tests are simple, making you complete tasks like comparing two web pages or clicking on a certain link. One of the benefits of using Enroll is that you can take the tests from a variety of devices, from mobile phones to tablets. The drawback is that, although the tests are easy to take, the pay is subpar by some people’s standards. Most tests pay between $0.10 and $1.50, so the pay is definitely not enough to make a full-time income.
  • UserBrain – You can conduct tests on UserBrain using your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Your screen and microphone are recorded during tests with the help of UserBrain’s Chrome extension or iOS app. Fortunately, the sample test is quite fast (it can take as little as 10 minutes). Once you’re approved, you’ll begin receiving tests. Although its pay of $5 per test is lower than other sites, so is the length of its tests. You can expect to receive a few tests per month, and its low payout threshold of $10 means you can quickly and easily cash out.
  • TestBirds – This platform is similar to uTest in a number of ways. First of all, testers on TestBirds also look for bugs in software. So far, TestBirds has identified more than 110,000 bugs, which is quite an impressive feat. What’s equally spectacular is the pay. Regular usability tests pay an average of €20 (about $22.65), which means you could potentially earn even more per test. If that wasn’t exciting enough, TestBirds offers free training to turn you into a better tester and, as a result, substantially increase your earning potential.
  • User Interviews – The pay at User Interviews is one for the books too. Its 60-minute tests pay $125. But there’s a catch. The tests are in-person one-on-one interviews—hence, the higher-than-average pay. But maybe there’s consolation in the fact that User Interviews offers a great selection of jobs, including remote one-on-one interviews for $100, which are rare but still great for those looking to make $100 a day. The only catch is that payment comes in the form of an Amazon gift card. Still, User Interviews is hard to beat. With more than 500 studies being launched every month, there are always tests to complete and testers never run out of options.

How do test apps make money? 

Test apps make money through their clients, which are companies looking to improve their online customer experience. While many test apps offer plans with fixed prices, some apps offer custom plans designed to accommodate specific projects and unconventional profiles. 

Clients looking for people to test apps can pay for extra capabilities along with their plans, such as AI transcriptions, card sorting, and highlight reels. 

When a client approves a test conducted by a tester, the tester receives a sum of money that’s supposed to match the length and complexity of the test. Thus, both the company and the tester receive payment from the client.

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