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Online shopping for basically anything you can think of has been on the rise since Amazon came into the market with such a bang. But simply because many shoppers have moved to being behind their computers or on their phones doesn’t mean they’re not looking for a bargain. And that’s where online dollar stores come in.

After all, as convenient as it may be to shop online, there are a few drawbacks, namely the sometimes inflated prices and shipping costs. What we all want is the balance of a super convenient service combined with the same prices we get by going to discount stores in-person.

Fortunately, with some of the best online dollar stores out there now having an online presence, you can now get the best of both worlds.

(And the fact that there are now online dollar stores with free shipping is just icing on the cake!)

So take a look at this online dollar stores list for some of the best options to get some great deals on almost anything you could possibly need.

Are there online dollar stores?

Yes, there are now many online dollar stores that offer a broad range of products, similar to what you would find in-person. They also offer delivery at a fraction of the cost of major retailers like Walmart, Target and Publix. 

Some of these are big names in the dollar store industry already. That is, you may know them for having grabbed all sorts of discounted things from a brick and mortar store. Well, now many of them have a website so you can do the same from the comfort of your own home!

Best online dollar stores

My picks for the best online dollar stores are based on them having the low prices we’ve come to know and love without cutting down on available products. 

A lot of the online dollar stores on this list are already big names in the industry, although there are a few that are exclusively online and that you may not have heard of before.

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1. Dollar Tree

As one of the most well-known dollar stores in the American market, Dollar Tree has become a trusted name in low-priced products of surprising quality. Not only do they offer food items and toiletries, but they have a large selection of home goods, decor, and just-for-fun items.

One downside to ordering with Dollar Tree is that even their “smaller quantities” items do have a minimum purchase amount. 

When checking out, they have two delivery options: UPS Ground and UPS Expedited. Expedited prices may be upwards of two times as expensive.

What stores are similar to Dollar Tree?

There are dozens of stores similar to Dollar Tree with brick-and-mortar locations and online shopping. In terms of product availability, price, and reputation, however, the stores most similar to Dollar Tree include Family Dollar and Dollar General.

Those stores are also excellent options if you’re looking for an online dollar store – and speaking of which, look at what’s next on our list!

2. Family Dollar

Family Dollar has more options in clothing and food than some of the other ones, as well as more expensive items like electronics.

Just like its parent company, Family Dollar requires minimum purchases. Shipping costs are similar to Dollar Tree, though you can get items shipped to your local store for free.

3. Dollar General

Dollar General is similar to Family Dollar in the variety and quality of items they sell. With a ton of options in food, clothing, and cleaning supplies, they are a great option for online essentials as well as for home decor, toys, and office supplies.

Not only can you order one of any item, but their shipping is easily half the price of their competitors with a standard ground price of $4.99. In addition to their already low shipping, with orders of $25 or more, shipping is free!

couple shopping at sites on the online dollar stores list while at a cafe

Are Family Dollar and Dollar General owned by the same company?

Family Dollar and Dollar General are both owned by their parent company, Dollar Tree. Announced in 2014, the mergers were completed in 2015.

You’ll notice that the product range at all these stores is often pretty similar and this is largely why. That said, there are some price differences, not to mention the fact that Dollar General’s shipping policy seems to be much better than the other two, so it is worth shopping around between the three (or some of the others on this list).

4. Dollar Store

The first on this list to be exclusively online, Dollar Store has a new option unavailable in other dollar stores: CBD. While much of their other stock is similar to Family Dollar and Dollar General, they also offer free shipping on orders of $25 and up.

Dollar Store does not force minimum purchase amounts and seems to charge the standard USPS ground rate. Aside from their already low prices, even better deals can be found in their clearance section.

Can you order from the Dollar Store online?

Yes, you can order from the Dollar Store online – in fact, it’s the only way to order from this store. However, limitations apply to Hawaii and Alaska who are not eligible for free shipping.

By the way… you shouldn’t do any online shopping without this browser extension.

All you have to do is add Honey to your browser and then, when you’re shopping online, it will automatically find and apply coupon codes. It’s completely free, saves you a ton of time by not having to find these codes yourself and all you have to do is shop online as you usually would!

You can grab Honey for free here.

5. Hollar (Five Below)

Five Below acquired the Hollar online dollar store in 2020, but all that it means is greater product availability. Five Below may have fewer options in terms of food and other essential items, but they do reign supreme on crazy low prices for toys, home decor, and cosmetic items.

Proudly advertised at the top of the website is their shipping policy, which has a flat rate of $7.95 no matter the size of the order. If you’re into ordering bulk, this may be a great option for you. They do not offer expedited shipping but say most orders should arrive within seven days of the purchase.

What is similar to Five Below?

One of the most similar stores to Five Below is DHgate which offers products in home decor, toys, crafts, and technology for half the retail value. Another similar store is 5 Dollar Fashions, offering women’s clothing and accessories for prices starting at $5.

You can access DHgate here while 5 Dollar Fashions is at this link, if you want to check them out.

6. Dollar Fanatic

Online only and with more bundles, more deals, and more shipping options, Dollar Fanatic is a great online dollar store to save on small items or buy wholesale. The wholesale option allows bulk purchases of a specific item or of a variety of items that have been discontinued or that can be resold.

woman on her laptop holding a bank card

Most individual items on the website are $1.00, but at the top of the website, Dollar Fanatic offers 2 for $1.00 deals and 11 for $10 sales. 

Dollar Fanatic isn’t a great place to buy essentials, but it is good for wholesale, especially for toys and trinkets to be resold.

7. Dollar King

Dollar King feels like a brick-and-mortar dollar store with its huge variety of products and surprising offerings. Among its assets are food storage containers (perfect if you’re looking for cheap storage ideas for small spaces), beading and craft supplies, pet toys and pet food, and a wider variety of cosmetics and food.

The items are rarely as cheap as a dollar but most are $1.99. The tantalizing offer of free shipping for 15 items or more makes this a great online dollar store to buy almost anything, making this a great alternative to places like Dollar General.

8. Dollar Plus Store

Dollar Plus Store’s easy-to-navigate website offers over 20 categories of items mostly between 50 cents and 3 dollars. With cheap office supplies, children’s craft items, and a few decor selections, their options are more limited, but their cleaning selection is robust.

There is a minimum order amount of $15, but orders over $35 qualify for free shipping.

9. Dollar Days

While Dollar Days requires bulk orders, they have one of the better selections of items out of all of the best online dollar stores, ranging from winter coats and hoodies to blankets, shoes, electronics, backpacks, and essentials like cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Especially if you’re a small business owner looking to customize and re-sell high-quality items like USB charging capable laptop bags, Dollar Days is a great place to buy bulk.

10. Oriental Trading Company

A great place to buy bulk party items, trinkets, party supplies, and toys, at Oriental Trading you can also buy individual top-quality items for cheap. In categories like crafts, wedding, and teaching supplies, the deals are not all dollar store prices, but many are still too good to pass up.

The website also advertises promos, sales, and shipping deals. Without promos, shipping prices are dependent on the order price and are available in standard, three-day, two-day, or next-day shipping.

11. H&J Closeouts

Mostly for wholesale purchases, H&J has thirty different categories, including Dollar Store (which is a literal $1 online store in terms of how everything is priced) and One Dollar Deals. In these categories are bulk purchases of items that are one dollar or less per unit, including items like eyeshadow, ball caps, and crafting supplies.

Another great place for small business owners, customizable items as well as tool kits can supply the whole store. The “On Sale” category, free shipping and returns all drive prices even lower for the deal-seeking entrepreneur.

woman lying on carpet using her laptop and holding a bank card

12. Dollar Item

For individual or bulk purchases, Dollar Item has a uniquely robust selection of essentials in cosmetics, toiletries, pharmacy, and cleaning supplies that don’t force purchases of hundreds of items per box. Some surprising bonuses at this online dollar store include lots of bird feed, electronics, and bags.

Discounts start at around 35% off retail value, and free shipping is automatically applied. For orders below around $50, a low order fee of $15 is applied at checkout.

13. Miss A

An online dollar store for cosmetics, nearly every item sold on the Miss A website is between $1 and $2. Makeup, lotion, and skincare items are the majority of the products sold on Miss A, which are great if you’re looking to be fashionable on a budget, but some home items and party supplies are also available.

Items can be bought individually or in small packages in some cases. Free shipping is applied on orders of $35 or more. Otherwise, standard shipping is for the low price of $3.95 and expedited shipping for $9.95.

14. Rosegal

Discounted plus-sized women’s clothing and accessories are available for online dollar store prices at Rosegal. Some of their more expensive items can be upwards of $30, but they do have daily deals, sales, and low-priced accessories to make these affordable items even cheaper.

On orders of $99 and above, free standard shipping is automatically applied, but free expedited shipping is available for the same purchase amount.

15. Dollar-Store

The online Dollar-Store has the feeling of a family-owned brick-and-mortar discount store – just that it’s on the internet. It has a lot of categories with a few select items in each category. Some of the more unique categories include incense, shipping supplies, and electronics.

This store has a $10 minimum order with standard UPS ground and priority shipping options.

woman shopping at the best online dollar stores on her laptop

16. The Black Dollar Store

The prices at The Black Dollar Store aren’t dollar store low, but they’re high-quality products slashed to a lower price in categories like sneakers, clothing, accessories, bags, jewelry, books, electronics, and beauty.

As a Black-owned business, their focus is on providing quality items at a lower price for Black communities, but anyone could find something worthwhile in this selection. Free shipping is applied on orders over $75.

17. Wish

While Wish isn’t exactly an online dollar store, it is a great place to get unique items at a lower price than you’d find in-store. Unfortunately, it’s picked up somewhat of a reputation for unreliable and novelty products, but this has really overshadowed its huge selection of high-quality, discounted items from trustworthy sellers.

Surprisingly enough, Wish isn’t a bad place to purchase essential items. Snack products, drinks, toiletries, and cleaning supplies are all available for individual or bulk purchase. Shipping prices may vary per seller.

18. JC Sales

As a wholesaler, JC Sales doesn’t offer individual items for sale, but it does offer brand name products for relatively cheap package prices, including Airwick, Luvs, Coca Cola, Dove, and Tide. Essential items like food and cleaning products are also available.

More than many of the other wholesale store options, JC Sales has a good variety of non-perishable food and drink items. Many of their offerings are international foods, and some are names everyone knows and loves like Hunt’s and Pillsbury. Overall, this makes them a great option if you’re looking for cheap food ideas.

19. Cherrie

Another one of the best online dollar stores for cosmetics and beauty products, Cherrie has those true dollar store prices on cute clothing accessories, jewelry, underwear, and makeup. For even lower unit prices, you can order bundles and browse sales items.

It’s one of the online dollar stores with free shipping, although only on orders of over $30. Orders of less than $30 ship for $3.95 standard or for $7.95 for express shipping.

couple shopping online on their phone

20. UBC

Accessories and cosmetics designed by women are the main offerings at UBC. Under their “Everything for $1” section, you can find headbands, lip glosses, keychains, eyeliner, hair bands, and more.

Throughout the rest of the site, prices start at $1.00 but stay low. You can even buy wholesale! Shipping is free on orders over $40, but standard and express shipping are also available for $3.99 and $7.99 respectively.

21. Kole Imports & Closeouts

Kole’s thousands of unique offerings can be ordered in bulk. With prices as low as a few cents per unit, bulk prices are nothing to sniff at either. Some of their most robust and unique sections include lighting, Games, Home Decor, Health Care, and Toys.

Teachers, store owners, parents, crafters, and people of all kinds can find something here. This isn’t a great place for grocery essentials, but cleaning supplies and tools are great bulk items to order from this online dollar store.

22. Dollar Item Direct

Geared more toward businesses but still welcoming towards individuals looking to buy in bulk of low-priced items, Dollar Item Direct has an astonishing 65 categories of dollar-store priced items in categories like outdoor recreation, novelties, home decor, food, and holiday.

Their essentials are somewhat lacking, but their cleaning and school and office supplies categories are full to the brim with unique products.

23. International Wholesale

This online wholesale Goliath has a lot of the trinkets, tools, and decor available in other online dollar stores on this list, but their selection of grocery items and essentials is much more intact than many of its competitors.

While the offerings at International Wholesale may be more beneficial to small business owners, individuals can find bulk offerings of snacks, cleaning supplies, and toiletries, making this a strong contender for essential items.

woman using her laptop holding a bank card

24. Amazon

Amazon has quite a few daily deals and low-priced sellers, but finding them can be an ordeal. Simply by searching Amazon for “dollar store items”, you can find candy, food, office supplies, kitchenware, clothing, and more.

Toggle the settings to make sure you’re getting what you want. You can refine your search to say “dollar store items wholesale” for bulk in snacks and clothing, or “dollar store items candy” for bulk items of your favorite snacks.

Which online dollar store has no minimum purchase?

Some of the best online dollar stores that don’t require a minimum purchase include Dollar General, Five Below, Dollar Store, Dollar King, Miss A, Rosegal, Cherrie, and UBC. While shipping may be inflated, there are no fees for buying individual items.

Where can you find $1 items online with free shipping?

Many online dollar stores, especially those that sell only in bulk, offer free shipping with minimum purchase amounts. A better option for some may be ordering $1 items online from Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Family Dollar to have free shipping to their local store.

From this list, the best online dollar stores with free shipping after a certain purchase amount are:

  • Dollar Store
  • Dollar King
  • Dollar Plus Store
  • H&J Closeouts
  • Dollar Item
  • Miss A
  • Rosegal
  • The Black Dollar Store
  • Cherrie
  • UBC

What happened to the Hollar website?

In January 2020, Five Below acquired Hollar for a select few of its assets, including its online platform. Many of the products sold at Hollar were integrated into Five Below’s product base, and Five Below absorbed Hollar’s e-commerce and order fulfillment operations.

While neither company disclosed the details of the sale price, Hollar did announce that they would be “winding down” after nearly five years in business and raising an impressive $75 million in investment funding.

While sources are vague about what exactly happened, some say that the “economics” of the website weren’t working out, and Hollar executives were actively looking for a buyer.

Final thoughts on this online dollar stores list

At the end of the day, there’s not going to be a huge difference between the best online dollar stores out there. They all offer incredibly cheap products that you can buy on your laptop or phone that will be sent to you in a matter of days – with some online dollar stores even having no minimum to qualify for free shipping.

Almost all of them also let you qualify for discounts using the Honey browser extension or even straight up cash back using Ibotta.

As such, it will almost come down to a matter of personal preference. One site may have a particular type of thing you like or another could offer free shipping to a store near you. Whichever one you prefer though, you really can’t go wrong with this online dollar store list as they’re all going to save you a ton of money with a huge range of stuff.

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