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Whether it’s for an upcoming kid’s birthday party or the financial tsunami of Christmas, finding gifts under $10 for kids (that they’ll also love!) can seem like an impossible task sometimes.

However, we’ve done the hunting for you and have managed to find that there are actually plenty of cheap gifts for kids out there! And not only are these perfect for kids of any age, but they also have the massive bonus of being great for your budget too.

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Quick note: The gift ideas on this list were all less than $10 at the time of writing this article. That said, prices can change over time, although they’ll likely still stay close to this amount, meaning you should definitely be able to get a fun present while also helping you to save money!

Christmas gifts for kids under $10

1. Paint by stickers book

This Paint by Sticker Kids: Unicorns & Magic book is the perfect no mess activity book. The pages are not only beautiful (starting with the sparkly cover – that, importantly, doesn’t shed sparkles!) but they’re great for building fine motor skills and number sense.

Each page takes over an hour to do, and the result is genuinely impressive. If you give this to a child about to go on a long trip, their parents will never stop thanking you.

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2. Watercolor paint set

This Watercolor Paint Set with 36 colors (and a paint brush!) is a perfect starter kit for any little artist in your life.

The watercolor paint pallet is perfect for all levels to use, and includes a variety of pigmented colors. It’s also a lot quicker for to pull out versus squeezing individual tubes of paint – which is great when you have a little impatient painter on your hands.

FYI: You may also want to buy some paint brushes to go with this – this set is less than $5 at the time of writing this with over 4,500 five-star reviews.

3. Water drawing mat

This Water Drawing Mat can inspire your kid’s creativity and imagination, allowing them to learn ABCs, shapes and more. Not only does it develop their painting and creative skills though, as it also can exercise hand-eye coordination and color perception ability.

That is: it’s great for learning and playing – the perfect combination!

4. Play-Doh

This Play-Doh set (with a 10 pack case of colors) is still exactly as good as you remember it being when you were a child.

Be aware that each container is relatively small, but that makes it great for little ones who’ve never tried Play-Doh before, so you can see if they like it. It’s also better for smaller children as they’re the perfect size for little hands with just the perfect amount of Play-Doh.

5. Colored pencils

This pack of Crayola Colored Pencils (36 pack) has every color a kid could need. The simplest gifts are often the best and the fact that this gift for kids is under $10 makes it an absolute steal.

They’re good quality with a great color range and will keep your child busy for days, if not longer.

6. Coloring pages

If coloring pencils aren’t really your thing, another great option for something to draw in is these Crayola Baby Shark Wonder Pages. If you have a little Baby Shark obsessed child on your hands, this is the perfect gift under $10 for your kid.

If you’re not familiar with the Color Wonder set from Crayola, it only colors on special paper. This means you can let your child color without worrying about your furniture, walls, or their skin or clothes.

7. Kinetic sand

This Kinetic Sand is described as the “original moldable sensory play sand and after just a few moments of playing with it, you’ll soon see why.

It’s basically like sand Play-Doh and easier to pick up! Which means, for parents, if it falls on your carpet, simply pick it up or easily vacuum it up.

8. Lego

For any Minecraft-addicted child in your life, LEGO Minecraft: The Taiga Adventure is the perfect cheap gift under $10 for your kid.

While you can buy bigger sets if you want, this one has the most popular character, a villain, and two popular animals, which gives this set a good amount of playability. You can also make a section of block pop off from the pretend TNT.

So even though this pack is on the smaller side, it definitely packs a lot.

Is your child not a Minecraft fan? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other LEGO gifts under $10 for kids. Take a look at this great LEGO propeller plane, for example.

9. Coloring pad

If you’re looking for something to go with the coloring pencils from before, this Jumbo Coloring Pad (with “Horses, Hearts, Flowers, and More“) does just the trick.

In fact, there’s an entire series, allowing you to pick and choose depending on who the gift is for. And with each individual book having 50 pages, they’ll be working through this book for a long time, allowing you to really get bang for your buck with this gift for under $10.

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10. Science board book

Whether you work with computers yourself or just really want to get your child off to a flying start, this Baby Loves Coding board book is a great choice.

The stories are written in a way that is both educational but also interesting and easy to tell to a child. And the bonus is that they are board books – so you really could start from any age.

By the way… if you can stretch your budget a bit further, consider checking out the Baby Loves Science box set, which includes this book and three others.

11. Learn-to-count train set

If you’re looking for a different way to teach your child to count, here’s the perfect gift under$10 for kids.

This YesToys Toy Cars Wooden Train Set will give them hours of fun while also helping them to learn their numbers – likely without them even realizing it.

12. Stackable cups

I could tell you just how great The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys are (especially as a gift for kids that’s under $10), but I think this review does a much better job:

If I could pick ONE and ONLY ONE toy to entertain a baby for the entire first year and beyond, THIS IS IT. Hands down, no question.

These cups are frickin’ amazing and versatile. Light enough for young babies to handle, sturdy enough for older babies and toddlers to beat on, no sharp corners, compact and easy to travel with, and they make a really satisfying clattering noise when you knock them down, unlike those soft blocks.” – Jess

13. No-spill bubble wand

This Fubbles No-Spill Tumbler (including the bubble solution and bubble wand) is the perfect gift under $10 for kids and parents alike. After all, the kiddos can blow bubbles to their hearts’ content – and we all know how bubble-mad younger kids can be – and parents can breathe a sigh of relief that there won’t be any mess to deal with afterwards.

That’s right, the reviews confirm that this is actually as no-spill and leak-proof as it says in the name. Which means, at this price, it’s a great deal for everyone!

14. Soft book

The classic book has been turned into a great gift for babies: The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Let’s Count Clip-On Book. It’s both very cute, safe for them to enjoy and light enough that they can handle it on their own.

The pages make a crinkly noise to catch your baby’s attention and each page has some kind of neat texture to it for a baby to feel. Basically, everything about this little book is just perfect for a young baby who is learning to grasp and or teething.

15. Wooden threading toy

If you want a gift under $10 for kids that’s both entertaining and great for teaching hand-eye coordination, this Wooden Lacing Apple is for you. It’s the perfect size for little hands and will keep your child entertained for ages.

You can also rest assured in knowing that this toy is very durable, with the string and worm being very secured (read: no choking hazard). This toy will definitely hold up. 

16. Jenga

You know, modern toys are all well and good but sometimes you just need a classic. So this Jenga Classic Game is going to be just as fun as you remember it being – and as a gift under $10 for kids, you can’t go wrong.

It’s definitely durable so is sure to last – which is important here given the amount of times the tiles are going to come crashing down going every which way. But more importantly, it’s gifts like this which are how memories are made for the next rainy day or family game night.

17. Uno

And speaking of classic games, who can go past having the UNO card game in their home? Given how long this game has been popular for, this is one gift for kids under $10 that’s guaranteed to be a hit.

The tin that holds the cards and instruction manual in is very durable and keeps the cards nice and protected if you were to drop the pack or spill something onto it. This means that this gift will last well after the holiday season – if not the one after that and the one after that!

18. Connect4

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have had some heated Connect4 games as a kid (should out to my younger sister for hurling it across the room once and then us both denying it when my parents came in to see what the sound was!). So let your child engage in similar battles with this Connect4 game.

Speaking from first hand experience, this is one game that is pulled out again and again and again. As a kids’ gift for under $10, it definitely has staying power.

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19. Books you loved as a child

From classic games to classic books and no book meets that criteria more than Where the Wild Things Are.

Maurice Sendak’s world remains just as you remember it so adding this treasure to your child’s bookshelf is definitely a good move.

Other classic book options that would be great gifts under $10 for kids:

20. Puzzle book

These Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids come together in a great activity book that kids will be thrilled to work through without feeling like they’re actively studying.

It has the right amount of challenges without being impossible to do, not to mention the entertainment aspect to engage children. As a gift under $10 for kids who like to think, it’s a great deal.

21. National Geographic book

If you’ve got a child on your hands who’s totally infatuated with space, the incredible imagery in the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space will amaze them. The information is easy enough for them to understand, while containing a wealth of knowledge about aspects of the solar system even you probably didn’t know existed.

Got a child who’s not so into space? Check out these other National Geographic book gifts under $10 for kids on some other great topics:

22. Joke book

What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love a good joke? That’s why these Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids will – pun fully intended – knock their socks off.

The jokes are just silly enough to be perfect for the six to eight year old range. As a gift for kids that’s under $10 and will also keep them literally laughing out loud, this one’s a winner.

23. Fishing set

Bath time isn’t always the best time in every household so having some great toys on hand can really improve everyone’s day. And that’s where the Munchkins Fishin’ Bath Toy comes in.

Younger kids will love having the chance to “go fishing” again and again, which they’ll certainly be able to do here with this very durable, long lasting bath toy.

24. Submarine

Another option for a great bath toy to give your kid as a gift under $10 is this Pull & Go Submarine Monkey. Aimed at younger children, they’ll be able to pull the cord and get the propeller spinning as the monkey charges around the bath, helping to make bath time more fun for them and you!

25. Mermaid Barbie doll

This Barbie Dreamtopia Surprise Mermaid Dolls is beyond cute. The shell you can see in the picture above is her “home” between bath times, which is a beautiful touch, and the mermaid itself is gorgeous.

If you’re looking for something for any mermaid-obsessed kids in your home, whether it’s little girl gifts under $10 or for little boys, this is a must for bath time.

26. Mickey’s bath basketball

The First Years Disney Baby Shoot and Store Bath Toy is the perfect toy for a child that has grown out of baby bath toys but not quite ready for a bath with no fun.

It’s the perfect size – not too small where it or the balls could be a choking hazard but not too big either, meaning that if you had to store it away, it wouldn’t take up tons of space.

This is a great toy for the parent to join in while giving the child a bath and can be a great bonding experience with your little ones.

27. A cooking/baking set

This Kids Cooking and Baking Set (with 15 pieces) is incredibly realistic and will be a great gift under $10 for kids interested in “helping” in the kitchen.

The set is great for pretend play and teaching young children how to use actual kitchen tools early and safely. Not to mention, of course, that it’s a ton of fun!

28. DIY jewelry set

This Make It Real – Neo-Brite Chains and Charms set is super cute and the perfect gift under $10 for kids who want to wear their creativity.

Not only do they get all the fun of making their pieces themselves, but they get to then show off their creations – perfect for your little fashionista-in-training!

29. Binoculars

If your child loves animals, these Rayhee Rubber Toy Binoculars could be the perfect gift for helping them to engage more with nature.

It’s such a simple present that any kid would love to have to explore more of the world.

30. Nerf gun

Nerf guns aren’t always budget-friendly, but when it comes to gifts under $10 for boys or girls, this Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is definitely a better option for your wallet.

And that doesn’t mean that it’s any less fun than larger versions. In fact, there are a number of reviews saying that this shoots a long distance for its size, it doesn’t jam nearly as much as some tend to do, it’s not too heavy, and it’s a manageable size so it can be stored in a drawer easily. All great things for less than 10 bucks!

31. Plush toy

If you’re looking for a more classic gift under $10 for kids, this Bedtime Originals Twinkle Toes Pink Elephant Plush should be on your list. It’s beyond cute, great quality and will definitely be a bedtime favorite for any little animal fan in your life.

More kids’ gifts under $10

  1. Old Maid card game
  2. The Baby-Sitters Club books (especially great for any millennials trying to get the kids in their lives to realize how great this series was for us!)
  3. Goosebumps books (same reason as above!)
  4. Multi-colored hair chalk set
  5. Scratch art doodle pad
  6. Disney princess nail polish and lip gloss set
  7. Wooden animal magnets
  8. Set of 24 rings for kids
  9. Reusable water coloring pad
  10. Paint your own stone turtle shell
  11. Scribble pets
  12. 32 set of animal erasers
  13. Tetris wooden jigsaw puzzle
  14. Baby high top sneakers
  15. Unicorn bath bomb (with surprise necklace inside!)
  16. Colorful wooden stamps
  17. Mini toy truck set
  18. Butterfly needlepoint set
  19. 3D wooden puzzle
  20. Dora the Explorer watch
  21. Washable window markers
  22. Bath crayons
  23. Harmonica
  24. Unicorn purse
  25. Kids’ aviator sunglasses (that actually protect their eyes)
  26. Toddler gardening tool set
  27. Magnetic alphabet letters
  28. Squishy Moshi toys
  29. Slinky
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