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Whether it’s for an upcoming kid’s birthday party or the financial tsunami of Christmas, finding gifts under $10 for kids (that they’ll also love!) can seem like an impossible task sometimes.

However, we’ve done the hunting for you and have managed to find that there are actually plenty of cheap gifts for kids out there! And not only are these perfect for kids of any age, but they also have the massive bonus of being great for your budget too.

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Quick note: The gift ideas on this list were all less than $10 at the time of writing this article. That said, prices can change over time, although they’ll likely still stay close to this amount, meaning you should definitely be able to get a fun present while also helping you to save money!

Christmas gifts under $10 for kids

1. Paint by stickers book

Paint by Sticker Kids: Unicorns & Magic

My daughter was overjoyed to receive this activity book. The cover is sparkly, but doesn’t shed sparkles. The pages are intricate, and great for building fine motor skills and number sense. Each page takes over an hour to do, and the result is genuinely impressive. I love this as a no mess activity book that takes real time and has a final product that is pretty stunning.

I recommend this for long flights or road trips. A great alternative to video games!” – Family of Five

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2. Watercolor paint set

Watercolor paint set – 36 colors

This watercolor paint set comes with 36 different colors as well as a paint brush, making it a perfect starter kit for any little artist in your life.

This is my go-to pallet for watercolor painting! I have used this at least once a week since I bought it and I absolutely love it! This watercolor paint pallet is perfect for all levels to use. It includes a variety of pigmented colors. It is a lot quicker for me to pull this out versus squeezing individual tubes of paint into my own pallet.” – Joanna

FYI: You may also want to buy some paint brushes to go with this – this set is less than $5 at the time of writing this with over 4,500 five-star reviews.

3. Water drawing mat

Water Drawing Mat

Not only a toy but also a communication link between you and your child. Doodle mat can inspire your kid’s creativity and imagination, allowing them to learn ABCs, shapes. It also can exercise hand-eye coordination and color perception ability, and develop painting and creative skills!”

4. Play-Doh

Play-Doh Modeling Compound – 10 pack case of colors

“I loved it when I was little (still do!), my son loved it, now it’s my 3 year old grandson’s favorite! The texture, the colors and even the smell brings back great memories.

I purchased these specifically because they were the small cans. My grandson never had Play-doh before, I had no clue if he would even like it, so I figured we’d start small. (What was I thinking?!) He LOVED it.

For a toddler I prefer these smaller 2 oz. cans. They’re the perfect size for little hands with just the perfect amount of Play-doh.” – Diane

5. Colored pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils (36 pack)

“I purchased these colored pencils to do some coloring only to be informed by a 6 year old little girl that adults can’t color. When she saw my box of colored pencils it gave her a fit of the giggles and made her point at them then at me.

Well suffice it to say she now has a box of colored pencils and […] by the pictures I’ve watched her color in envy, the pencils work great.” – Amazon Customer

6. Coloring pages

Crayola Baby Shark Wonder Pages

If you, like me, have a little Baby Shark obsessed child on your hands, this is the perfect, inexpensive gift for them. My son is 18 months and absolutely loves Baby Shark, and he was thrilled to receive this.

If you’re not familiar with the Color Wonder set from Crayola, it only colors on special paper. This means you can let your child color without worrying about your furniture, walls, or their skin/clothes. Obviously, remove the caps before giving to a younger child and supervision is key with anything.

The pictures are adorable and it’s a great addition to your Baby Shark collection.” – Michelle

7. Kinetic sand

Kinetic Sand: The Original Moldable Sensory Play Sand

My kids (5 and 2) absolutely love this stuff. My wife and I found ourselves playing with it too. It’s like sand Play-Doh and easier to pick up! If it falls on your carpet pick it up or it easily vacuums up.

It’s our girls’ go to now! Would recommend to anyone.” – Rick

8. Lego

LEGO Minecraft: The Taiga Adventure

“I bought this for our next door neighbor’s birthday from our daughter. They love playing Minecraft.

This is one of the smaller sets, but it has the most popular character, a villain, and two popular animals, which gives this set a good amount of playability. You can also make a section of block pop off from the pretend TNT.

So even though this is in a small box, it packs a lot. I recommend for any Minecraft fan.” – Brandi

Is your child not a Minecraft fan? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other LEGO gifts under $10 for kids. Take a look at this great LEGO propeller plane, for example.

9. Coloring pad

Jumbo Coloring Pad – Horses, Hearts, Flowers, and More

“When I gave a Melissa & Doug Princess & Fairy jumbo coloring book as a gift, the little girl who received it was thrilled. Based on her “bestest” rating, I’ve given others in the series as gifts, including this book, and all have been well-received.

I agree with the “bestest” rating for a number of reasons. The 14″ x 11″ size of the pages is child-friendly and allows for some detail in the pictures without making the different sections of the image hard to color. 

In addition, the quality of the paper is excellent and I like that there is a drawing on only one side of the page. […] Having 50 pages gives a child, or children if they’re sharing a book, plenty of choices.” – MC

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10. Science board book

Baby Loves Coding board book

I love this whole series and as a woman working within health care technology really enjoy reading this to my 20 month daughter. The stories are written in a way that is both educational but also interesting and easy to tell to a child. Bonus that they are also board books – so you really could start from any age :)” – Amazon Customer

By the way… if you can stretch your budget a bit further, consider checking out the Baby Loves Science box set, which includes this book and three others.

11. Learn-to-count train set

YesToys Toy Cars Wooden Train Set

“Good quality, as advertised. Pleased with the quality for the price!” – Mel

“I love them. They were a little smaller than I expected, but I am very pleased with them.” – Barbara

12. Stackable cups

The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

If I could pick ONE and ONLY ONE toy to entertain a baby for the entire first year and beyond, THIS IS IT. Hands down, no question.

These cups are frickin’ amazing and versatile. Light enough for young babies to handle, sturdy enough for older babies and toddlers to beat on, no sharp corners, compact and easy to travel with, and they make a really satisfying clattering noise when you knock them down, unlike those soft blocks.” – Jess

13. No-spill bubble wand

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Tumbler (includes bubble solution and bubble wand)

“I know that, like many parents of toddlers, I find myself saying “yeah right” to a lot of claims that various products make about its abilities. […] So when I saw Fubbles saying they made a leak-proof cup of bubbles I shrugged and put my six bucks down for two tumblers, one for each of my toddlers.

I filled each one as indicated and handed them over to adorable eager faces. Two hours later? Not an ounce of bubble solution was slopped on the floor! Both kiddos (2 and 4) were having a BLAST and could easily dip and blow a million bubbles on their own. HALLELUJAH! No more lightheaded mommy! My kids can blow as many bubbles as they want before they pass out. IT. IS. GLORIOUS.” – Natasha

14. Soft book

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Let’s Count Clip-On Book

“My little girl has loved this book since she was two months old and now at three months she can finally hold it on her own and play! Since she’s been fascinated with putting her hands in her mouth I wanted something cute and safe for her to enjoy. This is the only toy she had at two months that was light enough for her to kind of handle on her own. 

The crinkle pages made her want to hold and play with it, which jump started her being able to grasp things really well with her hands. She’d sit and flip the pages back and forth and just smile at the noises.

She loves the little leaf on one of the pages and tries to gnaw on it. Each page has some kind of neat texture to it for a baby to feel. Everything about this little book is just perfect for a young baby who is learning to grasp and or teething.” – Lynz

15. Wooden threading toy

Wooden Lacing Apple

“I got this for my son who recently turned 2 as an Easter gift. He LOVES it! Out of his Easter gifts this is by far his favorite. It’s been over a week and this toy is still standing. Very durable, the string and worm are very secured. This toy will definitely hold up. 

The worm is the perfect size for little hands and will keep your child entertained for quite a while. I haven’t had any issues in regards to strangulation or choking hazard. This toy is well built and the string is a perfect length for play. A steal for $10. ” – Amazon Customer

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16. Jenga

Jenga Classic Game

For the cost of this game, you really can’t beat the amount of fun and suspense that it delivers. This is probably one of the best “board games” there are around; if you have little kids this would definitely teach hand eye coordination. Definitely durable given the amount of times the tiles have came crashing down going every which way. 

All in all; it’s a great game for a great price that you can’t beat. Definitely a must buy to keep in your home for a rainy day or for a family game night.” – Nicholas

17. Uno

UNO card game

This is probably the best ORIGINAL set I would buy for myself and even friends and family. The tin that holds the cards and instruction manual in is very durable and nice. It does take a little more space than the original cardboard box packaging but it is very well worth it. It’s not too heavy either but keeps the cards nice and protected if you were to drop the pack or spill something onto it.

I also counted all the cards that it came with it I had the exact amount of cards for each color and special as claimed. Besides that, it’s UNO! Who doesn’t like UNO?!” – Timothy

18. Connect4

Connect4 game

“This is the same classic game that I played when I was a kid, and now I can play it with my children! At first my children struggled with predicting where a player might go next, but after playing with it for a while, they’ve really started to get the knack for it. It has helped them to develop critical thinking skills.

We got the game at Christmas, and it’s now eight months later and they still pull it out to play all the time. I think this one will be a keeper.” – Amazon Customer

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19. Books you loved as a child

Where the Wild Things Are

“What is there to say? This is identical to the beloved book of my childhood. So happy to pass it on to my boys. I always identified personally with the little hero of this book because I was often sent to my room without any supper. So this little boy and I “hung out” quite a bit when I was younger. Good times.

I have always been a huge fan of Maurice Sendak. […] Classic that should be in everyone’s library.” – Amazon Customer

Other classic book options that would be great gifts under $10 for kids:

20. Puzzle book

Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids

Wonderful activity book! My little one enjoys working through this book without having the serious feeling of “school” activities.

It has the right amount of challenges as well as entertainment aspect to engage school children to complete the entire booklet without burden the parents for help. I wish there are more books like these in the market available.” – Amazon Customer

21. National Geographic book

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

“My 5 year old son is totally infatuated with space [and this book] is wonderfully vibrant, with amazing imagery. The write ups are easy enough for him to understand and articulate back to us after he reads them. The book contains a wealth of knowledge about aspects of the solar system I didn’t know existed, so it becomes a tool for us to learn together. We use the book as a starting point to search YouTube for videos.

It is one of his favorite night time reading books, and he even runs around the house with it showing new and amazing things to anyone who will listen. It is a joy to watch him grow in his knowledge and appreciation for space exploration. If I could give this book 10 stars I would.” – Amazon Customer

Got a child who’s not so into space? Check out these other National Geographic book gifts under $10 for kids on some other great topics:

22. Joke book

Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids

“My nieces and nephew are pretty good readers (6 & 7) and they LOVE to show that off. They are also little stinkers who enjoy good pranks and jokes and love to laugh and make others laugh!

These jokes are silly funny – perfect for their age. And some I’ve never heard, and find myself hysterically laughing at them! This is perfect for them because they can pass it around and practice reading and their joke delivery, while occupying their time and making each other (and their favorite aunt) giggle. WINS all around.” – Amazon Customer

23. Fishing set

Munchkins Fishin’ Bath Toy

“This is our second “Fishin’” toy and it’s perfect. We keep one in our beach bag for our pool trips and one in the tub. This toy specifically is extremely durable and doesn’t have any places that will get moldy like in a lot of other bath toys.

No only do I approve of it as far as durability and cleanliness but my kiddos (1-1/2 and 3) love it! They love the clicking reel and catching the toys and throwing them back to catch again!” – WashedUpWild

24. Submarine

Pull & Go Submarine Monkey

“We gifted this to our 1.5 year old. He loved it! From the moment he opened his gift he pulled the cord over and over again to watch the propellor spin. He still gravitates towards this toy throughout the day. He will go to the bathroom to find it and play with it.” – Amazon Customer

25. Mermaid doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Surprise Mermaid Dolls

Hidden GEM of a toy! Most requested bath toy in our home. The presentation is just perfect, and the mermaid’s perfectly whimsical! The shell is their “home” in between bath times. Perfect size for little hands. My kiddos have a blast!

This price point is a steal! They are quality and nice detail. Make your little ones day, order one or hey two or three!” – Charming

26. Bath basketball

The First Years Disney Baby Shoot and Store Bath Toy

This is the perfect toy for a child that has grown out of baby bath toys but not quite ready for a bath with no fun. I bought this for my nephew for Christmas. He loves anything to do with Mickey so that alone was perfect. This is so much fun for him. […] He loves to play plastic bowling and throw a little basketball so this was completely perfect.

It showed up 2 days before its scheduled time, even during the busy Christmas season. It was the perfect size, not too small where it or the balls could be a choking hazard but not too big where if you had to store it away, it does not take up tons of room.

I think this is a great toy for the parent to join in while giving the child a bath and can be a great bonding experience with your little ones.” – Emily

27. A cooking/baking set

Kids Cooking and Baking Set (15 pieces)

“This set is very realistic looking. I’m happy to have found this particular set because it fits younger children very well. This set is great for pretend play and teaching young children how to use actual kitchen tools early and safely.” – Amazon Customer

28. DIY jewelry set

Make It Real – Neo-Brite Chains and Charms

“I got this as a gift for an 8 year old girl. She was very excited about it. I was surprised how nice it was for the price. It is so cute and trendy. My daughter asked for one too for her birthday. I will definitely buy at least one more.

It’s so cute, so high quality, and a great price. I’m very impressed and happy.” – Halie

29. Binoculars

Rayhee Rubber Toy Binoculars

“I wasn’t too sure if my daughter would understand the concept! Well, my three years old is in love with her binoculars.

We used them for bird watching and it was a lot of fun to see her engage with nature. She shared what she was seeing and what she wanted to see. Pretty cool to witness her engage and increase her imagination/vocabulary.” – Amazon Customer

30. Nerf gun

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

“We are a home of 30 or more nerf guns. Small to large. Inexpensive to high end. This gun shoots a long distance for its size. It also doesn’t jam near as much as some tend to do. It’s a manageable size so it can be stored in a drawer or bin easily and it isn’t heavy. It also shoots fairly rapidly. My son goes to it a lot – which in a pile of 30 or so says a lot.” – Shana

31. Plush toy

Bedtime Originals Twinkle Toes Pink Elephant Plush

“I purchased two of these as gifts, and honestly they’re so much cuter than I expected!! They’re soft and not at all tiny, have some nice heft to them – not flimsy. Came individually in sealed plastic bags.

I washed them with unscented detergent; no problems at all, just as perfect when they came out of the wash! HIGHLY recommend these!!!” – Amazon Customer

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