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Did you know that there are ways to make money for a good cause? And a great example of that is getting paid to donate plasma!

Believe it or not, there are plasma donation centers across the US – as well as internationally – that will pay you for this. So if you’re wondering “where can I do plasma donation near me?” we’ve got you covered.

I’ve gathered a comprehensive list of the highest paying plasma donation centers in the United States and abroad so you can find the best place to donate plasma near you. I’ll also take you through what’s involved, how much you get for donating plasma and how you can get started!

doctor at the highest paying plasma donation center near me

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What is plasma?

Plasma is the part of the blood that holds together the red and white blood cells as well as platelets. As such, it’s the liquid component of blood, consisting of about 55% of it. It tends to be a clear yellow color, although this can vary from donor to donor.

This makes donating plasma extremely important as it’s used for, among other things, patients with burn and shock injuries, liver disease or for helping with clotting.

What’s the difference between donating blood and donating plasma?

When you donate blood, your blood is drawn and then either given to recipients in its complete form or separated out, including into plasma. When you donate plasma, the blood is drawn, a machine separates out the plasma and the rest of the blood is given back to you.

As you get a lot back, this is why people can give plasma more frequently than donating blood.

Who can donate plasma?

Much like when you donate blood, you’ll be taken through a review of your current health status when you go to donate plasma. Some standard requirements you’ll need to meet in order to go ahead with this include:

  • Be aged between 18 and 75 years old
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds (50kg)
  • Have had no tattoos or piercings in the last four months (although some plasma donation centers increase this by up to 12 months)
  • Be negative for HIV/AIDS nor have done anything in the last four months that puts you at risk of contracting HIV (again, some centers will have a 12-month limit on this)
  • Not have had viral hepatitis or close contact with someone who’s had it in the previous 12-month period

As indicated, these can vary slightly from center to center, so check with the one you plan to go to for their exact eligibility requirements.

What do I need to bring to donate plasma?

You’ll need to show photo ID, proof of residency and proof of your social security number. Various documents count as proof of residency, but common examples include a copy of your lease or a letter from a government department or bank from the previous 60 days.

If you’re not sure, check with the plasma donation center before going to make sure you have everything you need.

You should also keep in mind that, in order to check all your documentation as well as your eligibility to donate your first session will take longer than subsequent ones. As such, make sure you plan enough time for everything.

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Highest paying plasma donation centers

If you’re asking “what’s the highest plasma donation center near me?”, you’ll almost certainly have a few options available, depending on where you are.

I’ve gathered the list of the highest paying ones below, many of which are available all over the US and outside. This means that it will likely come down to where you live for finding the one that will give you the most money.

1. CSL Plasma

CSL Plasma one of the highest paying plasma donation center

CSL Plasma currently has over 270 different donation centers spread around the world, with a location in 41 different states in US alone. They provide one of the most comprehensive levels of plasma donation available on the market and also have some of the highest paying plasma donation centers around.

In particular, their generally high donation payment rates and promotions make them an obvious choice for many people looking to get paid to donate plasma.

How much does CSL Plasma pay the first time?

Most CSL Plasma donation centers will pay you between $50 to $100 for your first donation, although this will reduce after the first month. That said, you’ll regularly see offers that will pay you a bonus if you donate more regularly, to encourage you to keep it up.

The exact rates you’ll get at different centers will vary though, so it’s best to check with the CSL Plasma donation center near you. 

What affects CSL Plasma’s first donation rate? Why can you find some centers that pay $20 instantly per first visit and those that pay closer to $100? Simple financial reasons dictate these varying costs. Simply put, a more successful center has more money to give their many clients.

man signing contract to after having found where to get paid to do plasma donation near me

For instance, a center in a bigger city that gets dozens of clients every hour has the financial support to pay higher rates. And they often must pay more for a first donation because the cost of living in bigger cities is so much higher than that in rural areas.

Other factors that affect this price include things like the various promotions centers offer. Some centers may provide an extra $10 for you to make for your first donation of the month to keep you coming to the facility. Some might even provide even more money. It all depends on the center and its management needs.

How much does CSL Plasma pay you for donating?

CSL Plasma pays up to around $50 per donation, although this will vary depending on the center. They also often have promotions offering up to $100 per donation, allowing you to make several hundred dollars every month if you donate often enough.

What are these promotions, and how do they affect you? Each CSL Plasma donation center can set up money-making deals that help draw in more potential customers and clients. This extra cash can add up over time and provide you with a surprisingly steady supply of money.

For instance, CSL Plasma states that new donors can make up to $1,000 in their first month through higher initial payments and various promotions. Generally, these deals are focused on providing a steady supply of plasma or referring other people to the center.

But whatever the reason, the fact its rates are high is clear, meaning you can probably see how CSL Plasma may be the highest paying donation center near you.

In addition, each referral can make you $20 or more, depending on the center and their needs. And some centers will provide $80-100 extra for people who donate eight times per month. The availability of these promotions often varies and changes throughout the year, though.

Pro tip: To see exactly how much you get for donating plasma at CSL, find the Facebook page of your nearest CSL Plasma center. On there, you’ll see their CSL Plasma pay chart for 2022 to know just how much you’ll get paid at that specific center.

How much does CSL Plasma pay per donation?

At CSL Plasma, you’ll get $20 for your first donation of the week and usually $45 for your second donation. These amounts may change based on your weight, however. In addition, your first five donations may earn you up to $50 per donation.

This promotion is set up to create a sense of customer loyalty with each new client. Typically, your first five donations must take place within 21-45 days.

After this period, your first donation is always $20 (subject to any additional promotions in place), and your second will be based on your weight. This is because more plasma is taken out of heavier people, which requires more time to finish.

You can see below for what these rates are.

CSL Plasma Payment Chart for 2023:

110 lb. to 149 lb. (50 kg to 67 kg)$40 to $50
150 lb. to 174 lb. (68 kg to 78 kg)$45 to $55
175 lb. to 400 lb. (79 kg to 181 kg)$50 to $60

Does CSL Plasma pay cash?

Like most plasma centers, CSL Plasma provides their clients with a reloadable card that they can use to pay for goods or from which they can draw cash. However, they also have a rewards program that helps to improve the money you make, depending on your membership levels.

A CSL Plasma debit card works like a standard bank card and is usable anywhere Mastercard is accepted. You’ll have a PIN that protects your finances. And like a bank card, you can only use up to the amount listed on the card. There is no credit program from CSL Plasma.

In addition, their iGive Rewards program automatically gives you loyalty points for each of your donations. These points add up and can earn you gift cards, merchandise, and even cash. The highest-earning CSL Plasma donors typically use this reward system to boost their financial compensation levels.

2. BioLife Plasma Services

screenshot of the website of BioLife Plasma, one of the highest paying plasma donation centers

BioLife Plasma Services has multiple locations in 35 different states and is one of the world’s highest paying plasma donation centers. 

This company lets you donate plasma for money and often centers in college towns, where such services are popular with the constantly under-funded student population.

How much does BioLife pay for plasma?

BioLife Plasma typically pays about $20 for your first visit and between $30-50 for your second. They also have promotions and other payments that you can use to increase your potential income. Most people get between $200-280 per month, depending on their donation schedule.

BioLife defines a donation week as being between Monday through Thursday. So, it would help if you got your second donation before Thursday to increase your chances of making that $200 (at least) that month.

Like CSL Plasma, your BioLife plasma payout will be made on a debit card that you can use at various stores or from which you can draw money.

Who pays more out of BioLife and CSL Plasma?

At their base level, BioLife (up to $280 per month) just slightly edges CSL Plasma (up to $270 per month). However, CSL Plasma does end up winning out in the promotion department, as first-time donors can make up to $1,000 their first month and potentially $700 per month after.

BioLife Plasma does offer a one-time coupon for first-time clients that help them make up to $900 per month. This coupon is similar to CSL Plasma’s $1,000 First Month promotion. And like CSL Plasma, BioLife will pay for a successful referral for a new client. However, they pay $100 per referral.

Ultimately, both BioLife and CSL Plasma pay a similar amount but can give you more money based on your promotions and referrals. So, make sure that you understand each of these options before you begin. Doing so should help to make it easier for you to choose the highest paying plasma donation centers near you.

3. BPL Plasma

screenshot of the website of BPL Plasma, one of the highest paying plasma donation centers

BPL Plasma is a relative newcomer to the plasma donation scene. They are present in just nine states across the country but can pay a surprisingly high amount to donors compared to the size of the company. However, their promotions are still limited because of their relatively small operation.

How much does BPL Plasma pay per donation?

BPL Plasma states visitors can make up to $300 per month between their donation costs, monthly promotions, and referral fees. They typically pay between $20 to $60 per donation, depending on factors like your weight and any referrals on your account.

So, if you only get $20 per donation and donate twice a week in a month, you would make around $160 per month. They do, however, also have promotions like the others mentioned previously, which is why I also consider BPL Plasma one of the highest paying plasma donation centers.

These promotions are similar to what the other centers offer. BPL Plasma also provides a $15 bonus for each successful referral, which is one of the lower rates.

In any case, their higher potential for base donation makes them a good option for people who plan to donate plasma for money but who don’t want to keep track of various promotions or deals. And their smaller nature means it is often easier to get into one of their facilities for a visit.

4. Biotest Plasma

screenshot of the website of Biotest Plasma, another highest paying plasma donation center

Biotest Plasma is another one of the best places where you can donate plasma for money. I’d also consider it one of the highest paying plasma donation centers for their overall base pay. 

They have a handful of different donation options throughout the nation and pair up well against other donation center options.

How much does Biotest Plasma pay?

Biotest Plasma typically pays between $30-$45 per donation, based on a strict 10-donation monthly schedule. Donors can make $50 for their first five donations, after which the initial 10-day plan is used. While promotions are more limited than at other plasma donation centers, they are available.

That is, Biotest Plasma has a unique payment schedule that allows you to donate up to 10 times per month. Each of these donations makes a set amount of money.

For example, your first and third donations make $30 each. Your second, fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth make $35 each. The sixth donation is set at $40, while the ninth and tenth earn you $45 each.

medical personnel at the highest paying plasma center near me discussing how much do you get for donating plasma the first time with a patient

Like the other high paying plasma centers around the nation, Biotest Plasma runs promotions from time to time. For instance, their website often has $10 to $20 bonus coupons that donors can scan and use one time each.

(It’s a good idea to check their site from time to time though, as sometimes there are coupons of an even higher value.)

Biotest also runs promotions online, including on their social media profiles, letting users make as much as $60 per visit. While the availability of these promotions will change throughout the year (and on a per-center basis), it’s possible to use them multiple times in a month.

On average, though, you can make $365 per month using the basic donating schedule provided by Biotest Plasma. The full potential for promotions is more limited, though it may be possible to make up to $600-$700 during some months, mainly if you are a consistent and persistent visitor.

5. American Red Cross

screenshot of the website of American Red Cross, one of the highest paying plasma donation centers

This is one of the best plasma donation centers in the country when it comes to name recognition. The American Red Cross hosts blood drives at various locations, and corporations are even able to organize donation drives at their locations.

If you have an AB-positive or AB-negative blood type, you can donate plasma for them. This is because these blood types can be used for emergency transfusions for anyone, regardless of their blood type.

The American Red Cross doesn’t comment on how much they pay for plasma donations and may compensate with gift cards or other incentives. So make sure to reach out to them beforehand to know how much you can make.

6. Vitalant

screenshot of the website of Vitalant, another one of the highest paying plasma donation centers

Vitalant operates 120 centers in 30 states and collects plasma from about 600,000 donors yearly.

How much does Vitalant pay for plasma?

Vitalant doesn’t pay for plasma donations like other plasma donation centers. Instead, they have a rewards program, so each time you donate you’ll get points that can be redeemed in the company’s prize store. These prizes range from gift cards to electronics.

They will also enter you in various sweepstakes where you can win even more prizes.

7. Grifols

screenshot of the website of Grifols, one of the highest paying plasma donation centers

Grifols is a plasma donation center that operates in the United States through various locations in most states. They pair with other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Box Out Hunger.

They also participate in the Plasma Possibilities Program, which allows donors to give a portion of their compensation to local charities, schools, and community groups of their choice.

How much does Grifols pay for plasma?

Grifols pays plasma donors with a prepaid debit card and the amount depends on the local donation center. Many regular donors report receiving an average of $50 to $200 per donation, with those donating the maximum amount earning up to $400 per month.

As such, this could definitely be a good option if you need money today for free.

In addition, given that there are over 400 Grifols plasma centers across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, it means that it’s likely going to be easy to find a Grifols near you, no matter which country you live in.

Pro tip: To see exactly how much Grifols pays for plasma at any given time, go to the Grifols Facebook page. On there, you’ll see their Grifols Plasma pay chart for 2022 and the specific month you’re checking for.

8. Octapharma

screenshot of the website of Octopharma, one of the highest paying plasma donation centers

Octapharma plasma centers are located in 35 states in the U.S. and provides plasma to 118 countries worldwide.

One nice feature about Octapharma is that you can track your donations and earnings in their app, making it easy to keep track of your payments.

How much does Octapharma pay for plasma?

Octapharma pays $50 for each of your first five plasma donations. They also often run special promotions and bonuses throughout the year where you can earn even more money for donating plasma at an Octapharma plasma donation center near you.

So once you’ve taken full advantage of the Octapharma plasma first time donor pay bonus, keep an eye on their site to see when other bonuses are happening. Following their social media pages can help too, including to find any updated versions of the Octapharma plasma pay chart as they’re released to know exactly how much you’ll earn.

Pro tip: To see exactly how much you get for donating plasma at Octapharma, go to the Octapharma Facebook page. On there, you’ll see their Octapharma Plasma pay chart for 2022 and the specific month you’re checking for.


screenshot of the website of KEDPLASMA, another one of the highest paying plasma donation centers

KEDPLASMA has been open for 18 years and now has over 25 centers in the United States. Notably, the KEDPLASMA new donor pay bonus is renowned for being pretty good if it’s your first time.

How much does Kedplasma pay?

Kedplasma offers between $30 and $50 for each plasma donation. If it’s your first time donating, you’ll quality for an additional bonus and, for even more value, you can earn money when you refer a friend to donate as well.

They also have a rewards program called KEDREWARDS.

You can sign up at the plasma donation center near you during your first visit and will receive points for each plasma draw. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, prizes, or an express pass that expedites the process of donating.

10. GCAM Plasma

GCAM, also known as Green Cross America, is based in South Korea. However, the organization has 13 locations throughout the US in California, Indiana, Idaho, Texas, and Washington.

While there aren’t any specific details about their payouts, commenters online indicate that you’ll earn between $20 to $30 per donation. They also have a rewards program where you can win gift cards and prizes each time you make a donation.

11. Immunotek

screenshot of the website of Immunotek

If you’re on the east side of the United States or reside in Colorado, you can take advantage of this high paying plasma donation center, with Immunotek having a history of 150 years in the industry.

How much does Immunotek pay for plasma?

You can expect to make as much as $50 per donation at Immunotek. The pay will vary though depending on how much plasma they are able to extract at your appointment. You may get paid in cash, by check, or with a prepaid card.

12. Interstate Blood Bank

screenshot of the website of Interstate Blood Bank

Interstate Blood Bank isn’t just, despite the name, one of the places that pay for blood donation. It’s also an established plasma collection center that has been in business since 1949. There are 12 donation locations in the Midwest.

This means that if you reside in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, or Missouri, this could be a convenient (and high paying) plasma donation center for you to visit.

How much does Interstate Blood Bank pay for plasma?

Interstate Blood Bank pays up to $50 for each donation. They claim that the entire process will take approximately 30 minutes (after your first donation which will take longer to allow for medical and ID checks) so, based on this, you’ll be compensated quickly and efficiently.

13. ADMA Bio Center

screenshot of the website of ADMA Bio Center

If you live within 50 miles of Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, or Louisiana, you’re eligible to donate to the ADMA Bio Center. These facilities are FDA-approved and strictly adhere to all plasma collection procedures.

How much does Adma pay for plasma?

ADMA pays out $50 to $75 per donation in the form of a cash card and you can earn even more through their referral program. You can also take advantage of their loyalty program which offers additional perks for regular donors or promotional bonuses for first-time donators.

14. B Positive Plasma

screenshot of the website of  B Positive Plasma

B Positive Plasma donation facilities are located in Florida, Texas, and California. If you’re a new donor at one of their centers, you’ll be able to earn as much as $700 in your first month.

They also run other various promotional bonuses throughout the year, so be sure to check their website for more information.

Regular donors are paid between $20 to $30 for each visit and can come as often as twice a week.

15. Parachute

screenshot of the website of Parachute

This offer is exclusively for those in the Texas area. You’ll get paid about $40 an hour for each Plasma donation and can earn as much as $4000 with the company over the course of the year.

One convenient feature about Parachute is that they automatically send your earnings to your own Parachute debit card, which you can use immediately anywhere that Visa cards are accepted.

There are higher payouts for your first few visits as well as incentives offered through the apps, such as in-app games and referral bonuses. You’ll also make $10 for each person who signs up through you, so make sure to share this program with your friends.

16. Scantibodies

screenshot of the website of Scantibodies

If you’re in California, you can take advantage of new donor bonuses at the Scantibodies plasma donation center. 

New donors can earn as much as $495 in their first month and $400 afterward so if you’re on the west coast, this could definitely be one of the highest paying plasma donation centers near you. They also have a referral program that ranges from a $10 to $80 bonus for each successful referral.

17. Proesis Bio

screenshot of the website of Proesis Bio

For those who live in Dallas, Texas, Proesis Bio is a great option for plasma donations looking to make money and do good at the same time. In particular, donating your blood or plasma here allows the center to undertake research and better care for infants.

They offer payments for donations as well as “retail relationships”, which implies that you may be offered discounts or promotions at partnering businesses.

You can directly contact the center to inquire about their current compensation rates as they do change from time to time.

If you’re not located in Dallas, the company plans to go nationwide in the coming year. So a center may be opening near you soon!

18. TrueHealth Plasma

screenshot of the website of True Health Plasma

New Jersey residents can take advantage of TrueHealth Plasma’s offer to pay $250 for the first 5 donations, paid out with a prepaid Visa debit card.

This center is walk-in friendly, making it easy to swing by the center when you’re free to donate. Just make sure to check the hours of the two locations online to make sure they’re open.

19. Physicians Plasma Alliance

screenshot of the website of Physicians Plasma Alliance

This plasma donation center uses donations to study plasma and search for cures for diseases, so you know your plasma is being used for a lofty cause at Physicians Plasma Alliance. It’s one of the few places that pay for plasma in Johnson City, Tennessee as well as in Berkley, California.

You can expect an on-site health screening when you arrive, including a blood draw to make sure that your cell count is within a normal range. This is one of the plasma centers that pay the most and you can earn up to $500 with each visit.

20. New York Blood Center

screenshot of the website of New York Blood Center

The New York Blood Center has been in operation for over 50 years. While its name may make it sound like one of the places that pay for blood only, it also uses its plasma donations to help cancer patients, burn victims, and those with hemophilia.

You can earn up to $500 for your first month of donations and there are additional bonuses for returning donors. The center is located in New York City but also has 20 satellite locations in the state, Long Island, and New Jersey.

While that monthly rate sounds pretty good, it’s worth noting that they don’t usually publish their exact per donation rates, so you’ll need to contact the nearest plasma donation near you to ask about their current offers.

21. Canada Plasma Resources

screenshot of the website of Canada Plasma Resources

Live in Canada? Canada Plasma Resources have locations that are great for plasma donation near you. It services the regions of Moncton, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Saskatoon. It’s an FDA-certified company that has a strong reputation.

You’ll earn $30 on your first visit and can earn $65 each week with two donations per week.

22. Carter BloodCare

screenshot of the website of Carter BloodCare

Carter BloodCare is located in various hospitals spanning Central and North Texas regions. While they primarily accept blood donations, many centers also accept plasma as well.

The compensation for each donation isn’t listed, but they have a dedicated donor rewards program where you can earn points that are redeemable for various prizes.

23. Saturn Bio-Medical

screenshot of the website of Saturn-Bio Medical

Saturn Bio-Medical is one of the higher-paying plasma donation centers and their facilities are located across the United States, making plasma selling near you easy with this company.

Your first donation gets you $100, your second donation gets you $150, and your third donation gets you $100. All additional donations are $50, but just these three initial payments make it one of the best places for offering a generous first time plasma donor bonus…and second and third time donor bonus too!

And even better: When you donate 7 times in a single month. you’ll be awarded a $20 bonus upon your 7th visit!

To really boost your earnings, it’s also worth noting that, currently, males with AB blood will be paid a $10 bonus on top of the regular donation amount.

24. Nuvance Health

screenshot of the website of Nuvance Health

One of the best places to donate plasma in Connecticut is Nuvance Health. There are three locations throughout the state so there’s sure to be one nearby.

They don’t list their compensation rates, so you’ll need to contact their centers to see what the current offers are. Also, if this applies to you, note that they’re currently seeking plasma donations from those who have recovered from COVID-19 to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

25. Prometic Plasma Resources

screenshot of the website of Prometic Plasma Resources

If you live in Winnipeg, you’re in luck, because Prometic Plasma Resources is one of the best places to donate plasma in Canada. You’ll need to go in for a 2.5 hour physical exam on your first visit, and each following visit will be 1 to 1.25 hours long.

You can make as much as $400 a month donating to Prometic Plasma Resources. There’s also a referral program that pays $50 when your referral donates at the Prometic center twice.

They have many different donor programs including the normal source plasma program, Rh immune globulin program, hepatitis B program, whole blood donation program, and influenza immune program.

26. Hemarus Plasma

screenshot of the website of Hemarus Plasma

Hemarus Plasma specializes in the collection of plasma, which is done under the supervision of a team of professionals. They’re located in the state of Florida and have three different centers throughout the state. 

You can make up to $800 dollars a month with this organization with regular donations.

They also regularly offer student and military discounts as well as other promotions when plasma is in high demand, so check their website or Facebook page to see what’s on offer at the moment.

27. Blood and Plasma Research, Inc.

screenshot of the website of Blood and Plasma Research Inc

Plasma collection company Blood and Plasma Research, Inc. collects plasma throughout the United States in their various donation centers. They specifically collect plasma for newborn babies and look for rare blood and plasma.

They offer competitive compensation for plasma donations and have a great reputation as a plasma collection organization. Their rates aren’t listed, so you’ll have to contact them directly.

They’re seeking donors that have a rare antibody, a coagulation factor deficiency, or Rh-negative blood. So give them a call if you’re eligible! You may be able to help save a life while putting a good chunk of change in your pocket.

28. Southern Blood Services

screenshot of the website of Southern Blood Services

If you live in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Nashville, you can donate your plasma at the Southern Blood Services centers. They are looking for donors with red cell antibodies, rabies antibodies, and hepatitis B antibodies. If you qualify, you’ll be able to donate twice a week.

The company states that each donation provides enough plasma to save the lives of 18 newborns. The compensation is not listed on their site, so you’ll have to contact them directly to see what their current rates are.

29. We Are Blood

screenshot of the website of We Are Blood

This blood and plasma donation center is located in central Texas and has been in operation since 1951.

They pride themselves on quick appointments and allow you to complete screening materials before you even enter their center. Contact the organization to inquire about compensation for each visit.

30. ABO Plasma

screenshot of the website of ABO Plasma

ABO Plasma is a chain of plasma donation centers with locations across the United States. They have a very user-friendly website that allows you to find the center nearest to you.

Their locations span New Jersey, Texas, California, Utah, and Maryland.

They clearly state that they pay you for your time on their website, but they don’t share the exact amount. You can expect to be there for about two hours on your first visit and one hour for each subsequent donation.

31. Europlasma

screenshot of the website of Europlasma

If you’re located in Europe, you can donate at Europlasma facilities. They have centers located in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The process takes about 90 minutes on your first visit and 60 minutes for each subsequent donation.

You’ll be paid 30 euros for your first donation and can donate up to twice per week.

32. Freedom Plasma

screenshot of the website of Freedom Plasma

The Freedom Plasma centers are located in Alabama, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Kansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Michigan.

They focus on providing a clean and comfortable experience and offer comfy beds, televisions, and free Wifi to make your visit as smooth as possible.

How much does Freedom Plasma pay?

Freedom Plasma pays $50 per donation. However, if you donate a second time in a one-week period, you’ll get $70 for the second donation. Rates can vary though, including during promotions, and veterans and first responders can receive higher payouts as well as incentives and bonuses.

They will provide you with a prepaid Visa debit card after your donation with your payment loaded on it.

33. Haema Blutspendezentrum

screenshot of the website of Haema Blutspendezentrum

This German plasma donation center has dozens of locations in cities such as Dresden, Leipzig, and Berlin. They are always looking for new donors and have a very user-friendly website that makes it easy to sign up.

The first step is to fill out an online form with some basic information about yourself. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment at the center nearest to you.

They don’t list their compensation rates on their website, but you can expect to be there for about 90 minutes on your first visit and 1 hour for every following plasma donation.

34. LFB Plasma Donation Centers

screenshot of the website of LFB Plasma Donation Centers

If you’re located in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Florida, you can make a good amount of money donating plasma at the LFB Plasma Donation Center.

Donors who complete their first ten successful donations get $100 for each appointment. Donors who have never given plasma before or returning donors who haven’t given plasma in the previous six months are eligible for this pay rate. 

You can still get paid to donate plasma if you’re not new to the center. Contact them for your specific rate.

How much do I get for donating plasma near me?

You can expect to make between $270 to $1,000 per month at plasma donation centers. The factors that decide these rates include things like the specific center, their base pay, promotions, the availability of referral bonuses and the location of each facility. 

If we go by the standard base payments just for donations without promotions or referrals, the total payouts range between $270 to $365 on average. That’s a difference of around $90, which may be significant. Notably, this means that there’s almost $1,200 between the top yearly rates of the lowest and highest options.

cash on a marble desk

However, referrals can add anywhere between $15-$100 per referral to an individual’s monthly pay. So, usually, centers limit you to just a handful of referrals every month to ensure that they don’t pay too much money. And keep in mind that each referral must successfully earn a client and get approved by the center.

In addition, when looking to maximize how much you get paid to donate plasma, keep an eye out for plasma donation promotions. That is, some places where you can do plasma donation near you for money may have promotions for seniors or college students that add a varying level of extra cash.

Many centers also have loyalty programs that you can use to earn points to convert to currency or other types of prizes.

All of these factors must be carefully weighed when choosing a center where you can donate plasma for money near you. In some cases, these companies don’t list promotions on their general website but will discuss them with you in person when you visit one of their centers. You may also find details on this if your local center has its own social media profiles, not just those of the company as a whole.

This means that the varying levels of pay may require you to continually research each option and find the highest paying plasma donation center near you that makes sense for your needs. Don’t forget that you’re going to be giving up at least two hours of your day with each donation and deserve to be compensated.


How much do you get for donating plasma the first time?

Many plasma donation centers offer first-time clients earnings of between $50 to $60 for their first five donations. With these promotions, the highest-paying centers may give up to $1,000 for a user’s first month, though typically max out at around $700 per month afterward.

When combined with how much you can get from donating plasma on subsequent occasions, when you no longer qualify for the first time plasma donor bonus, it’s fair to say that you can make at least $270 but could even earn up to $500 or so per month, based on how many promotions you utilize and what referrals that you can find.

When looking for plasma centers near you, it’s important to make sure that any promotions are applicable to your situation to avoid disappointment when you turn up for your donation session.

Which plasma centers pay the most?

Biotest Plasma pays the most (up to $365 per month). Other centers are below this range, but none are lower than $270. However, the potential earning capacity at CSL Plasma is much higher due to their promotions, with the other centers coming somewhere between these two.

Specifically, CSL Plasma has the highest number of potential promotions, helping visitors make up to $700 per month. However, you’ll only reach this amount if you take advantage of each of these promotions and if you come to the center twice every week for donations.

As a result, your pay may vary heavily and will impact whether or not it’s the highest paying plasma donation center near you.

two people at a clinic discussing how much does BioLife pay for plasma

Meanwhile, BioLife Plasma has one of the best referral payments of all centers. If you successfully get someone to attend a center after a referral, you can make $100. With its $280 base donation pay, you could potentially make close to $700 per month if you provide one successful referral each week.

Alternatively, BPL Plasma provides a base of $300 for monthly donations, which is higher than both BioLife and CSL Plasma. However, their $15 referral is one of the lowest among the four, and they don’t have the same scope for promotions common to the other centers on our list.

Biotest Plasma is the most likely to pay you the highest and most consistent money when weighing these different factors. With several promotions and referral bonuses, this value could be higher, as long as you are active and regularly engage with the center.

woman holding cash

However, if you’re willing to take advantage of CSL Plasma’s many promotional opportunities and maximize your referrals ($20 each), you will make more than at Biotest Plasma. It all depends on how much work you want to put into your donation experience and what steps you want to take when finding the highest paying plasma donation centers near you.

Of course, these are just four of the companies where you can donate plasma for money. They also happen to be the companies that tend to have the most centers around the US.

That said, some of the smaller plasma donation centers that may only have locations in a few states can pay very well. Depending on where you live, it’s likely that one of these ends up being the highest paying plasma donation center near you.

For that reason, make sure you take a look at all of the centers listed in this article to find a few that may be near you so you can do your research accordingly.

How to find plasma donation centers that pay near you

When you’re trying to find where you can donate plasma for money near you, it is important to consider things like the cost of living in your area and your overall bills. You must also take into account the promotions offered by other centers and try to find some that make sense for your health needs.

This means that it’s essential to follow a few simple research steps that help to make this process easier. You may also want to talk to your doctor before you donate plasma for money to check for any potential complications.

So when looking for the highest paying plasma donation centers near you, do the following 

  1. Search the websites of the plasma centers listed above. That way, you’ll be able to see if any are available near you. Then, all you need to do is enter your zip code or sync location identification for the website. This step automatically finds a center near you where you can donate plasma for money.
  2. Search your local phone book or use Google. Simply type “plasma donation facility near me” in your home city to find a list of available options that make sense for your needs.
  3. Check each center’s payment schedules. Once you find a few plasma facilities near you, it’s crucial to research their website to discover their payment schedules. Most have a similar procedure: you get a smaller payment (often $20) on your first donation and a higher amount (between $35-$50, depending on the facility) to entice you to return.
  4. Contact each center to ask about promotions, including referral bonuses and first-time extras. Then, schedule an appointment with a center that suits your needs. Expect a short physical before each visit to make sure you are prepared for the demands of plasma donation.

If you run into any issues with your plasma donation (such as passing out or having too much protein in your blood), talk to your doctor to learn more about what can be done. Some centers may defer you if you run into these issues, which means that you may not be able to visit them again until the problem is resolved properly.


How often can you donate plasma?

The FDA provides that you can donate plasma up to twice a week, on the condition that there are at least two days between each donation. This is because plasma only takes up to 48 hours to regenerate, compared to blood which can take up to two months.

Because of this, there is often more opportunity to make money from donating plasma given that you can do it far more frequently.

receptionist at the highest paying plasma donation center near me

How long does donating plasma take?

Your first time donating plasma at a particular center can take up to 2.5 hours. This is because they will need to give you a medical check to ensure you’re healthy enough to donate, as well as completing other paperwork. After that, each plasma donation session should only take up to around 90 minutes.

Is it safe to donate plasma? 

Donating plasma is very safe, especially when done at a certified center. This is because they will check your health at the start of each session and will continue to monitor you while you donate. You will also receive advice on potential side effects to be aware of after donating.

For instance, some people may experience dizziness, fatigue or bruising at the puncture site. These are rare and will usually subside in time, but it’s good to be aware of these.

You are also always welcome to contact a plasma donation center after you donate if you have any health concerns, as they will be able to advise you accordingly.

What disqualifies you from donating plasma?

Some reasons for disqualifying you from donating plasma include if you have HIV/AIDS or hepatitis, if you’ve recently had a tattoo or piercing, if you have high blood pressure or if you have had a transplant. You must also be within a certain age and weight range to donate.

The exact list of exclusions can vary from center to center. For example, some will disqualify you if you’ve had a tattoo in the last 12 months while, for others, it will only be in the last four months.

If you think you may meet any potential disqualification criteria, it’s best to give your nearest plasma donation center a call to discuss it with them directly.

nurse discussing with someone doing paid plasma donation near me how much does CSL Plasma pay

How old do you have to be to donate plasma?

You must be at least 18 years old to donate plasma. Generally, you can only donate plasma up to 75 years of age.

Does blood type matter for plasma?

People of any blood type can donate plasma, but those with type AB blood are particularly encouraged to consider plasma donation. This is because they have “universal plasma”, which means that it can be given to anyone of any blood type.

This is helpful, as it saves time in an emergency given that no time needs to be spend on confirming whether or not a patient’s blood type is compatible with a certain plasma donation.

Find out more here.

What medications disqualify you from donating plasma?

Medication that will disqualify you from donating plasma include, among others, accutane, blood thinners, hepatitis treatment, propecia, and isotretinoin. In addition, if you are taking antibiotics, you must wait 24 hours after the final dose before donating.

A more complete list can be found here but it’s important that, when you go to donate plasma, you disclose any medications you are taking. The health professional meeting with you will be able to determine then whether or not this excludes you from donating.

Why do they check your elbows when donating plasma?

Your elbows are checked when donating plasma as this is where the veins for extraction are located. You’ll be checked to find the best vein for this, as well as to ensure there are no bruises or rashes on a potential extraction site. These may indicate you cannot donate until they are healed.

yellow stethoscope

How do you donate plasma after having COVID-19?

Most people can donate plasma 14 days after having fully recovered from COVID-19. In fact, some plasma donation centers encourage this as COVID-19 plasma can be extremely helpful for ongoing clinical trials and for helping patients recover from the virus.

While it’s less common now, some of the highest paying plasma donation centers for a while were those paying extra for COVID-19 plasma, to encourage more donations. You may still be able to find this plasma donation centers near you offering this, so feel free to do some research or give them a call to find out.

Why you shouldn’t donate plasma

While donating plasma is generally very safe, it’s not entirely without risks. In particular, if you meet any of the exclusionary criteria, you shouldn’t donate plasma. In addition, if you’ve had side effects after donating before, check with a medical professional before donating again.

There’s a reason that you go through a medical exam before donating plasma: not only to help the center get the best plasma possible, but also to minimize any risk to you.

If you have any concerns about donating, be sure to raise them with a medical officer at the center, as they’ll be best placed to advise you accordingly.

So what is the highest paying plasma donation center near me?

This is very much – unsurprisingly – going to depend on where you live. The best thing you can do is check the plasma donation centers on the list above to see which ones are in your state and then start narrowing it down.

It can also help to check the social media pages of your local centers to see if they have any city-specific promotions on right now that you can take advantage of. After all, if you want to get paid for plasma donation, you may as well maximize what you can earn!

At the same time, doing plasma donation for pay isn’t for everyone, especially if you get a bit queasy at the thought of anything remotely medical.

But for anyone who can cope with that and is looking for a bit of extra cash every now and then, working out where you can donate plasma for money near you is a great option.

Sure, you won’t get rich from planting yourself at the highest paying plasma donation center near you. It’s also worth keeping in mind that if you need a more consistent side hustle, then there are some better part time online jobs you may want to consider. 

However, doing plasma donation for pay can still be a nice little boost to your weekly budget, no matter how much you can make donating plasma near you (given that the price does fluctuate slightly between different areas).

You can also easily use the time you’re in the chair to catch up on some reading or your favorite podcast. This means that, when combined with the money you’ll get, donating plasma for money can be a really effective use of your time.

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