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If your camera roll on your phone is full of photos of yourself or you’re perhaps known for taking the odd selfie in your day to day life, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to make some extra money.

In fact, there are so many different options for selling selfies online – and all of them can be profitable if you do it right!

That’s why I’m going to cover how to sell pictures of yourself online for money. I’ll also provide some tips on how you can best sell selfies for money and answer some other FAQs regarding getting paid for pictures of yourself.

Where to sell pictures of yourself online for money

If you need some ideas for selling selfies online, here’s what to do:

1. On your website

If you have your own website, this is the perfect place to upload and sell pictures of yourself online for money. You can add photos on any page that you wish, such as in an online portfolio or even in a blog post.

The reasons why websites are the best places to sell pictures online for money are:

  • You get to keep 100% of the profits.
  • Your images stay online for however long you want, meaning it’s basically passive income.
  • Anyone can buy your photos.
  • You don’t have to worry about customer support or whether or not your host site has dealt with any requests for refunds as you’re totally in control.
  • You can set all the terms of sale, including if you’re not willing to accept requests for refunds.
  • It’s easy and free to create a website using website building tools (just check out our article on how to create your own website, which shows you how to launch your site in less than 20 minutes).
  • You can create a website using free tools such as Blogger and Tumblr (blogging platforms).

To launch your brand new site, I recommend getting started with Bluehost. You can even lock in a reduced rate of less than $3 a month (that’s less than a cup of coffee!) if you sign up with Bluehost through our exclusive link. And for that price, not only will they host your website, but they also let you choose a free domain name

They’re also super experienced in working with newbies, making it incredibly easy for you to set up your new site, even if you don’t have any tech experience!

2. Sell your photos on social media

Another popular option to make money selling photos of yourself online is through social media platforms, such as Instagram or for making money on Snapchat.

Post a picture that’s eye-catching with good lighting and tag the site where you’re selling your photos. You can also add a link to the online store for your photos in your bio on most platforms.

There’s also an option to make money from your photos by sharing them on social media. This can be an excellent way to get exposure for your pictures and lead to sales down the road.

The added benefit of using social media sites is that it has a built-in audience who already follow you – or can find you easily with some strategic hashtag usage.

3. Shutterstock

Shutterstock provides a safe and secure platform where you can upload, sell and share photos. It’s possible to make good money as a Shutterstock contributor, but only for those who sign away their rights and exclusively use the images on an enhanced license.

What do I need to sell? As far as requirements go, you must first become eligible by either having enough points or making purchases from Shutterstock. Then there are two ways of earning: through success levels and licensing of your artwork.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that offers various services and products, such as graphic design for logos or resumes. It’s also another place to sell photos online by uploading selfies and other images to their marketplace.

The advantage of selling on Fiverr is its exposure through its dedicated communities of buyers looking to purchase your photos and other artwork.

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5. Printify

If you want to make money selling photos of yourself, this doesn’t have to only involve selling the photos themselves. Instead, you may want to consider selling items with your selfies on them.

Printify is a great service for doing this. They let you sell anything from hoodies to mugs, phone cases, shirts, shoes, bags, hats and more with whatever design on them that you like. And this can definitely include putting your selfie on your new product line!

How does Printify work? Simply upload your design and then when someone buys an item, Printify makes and ships it to the customer. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the money to land in your account!

Find out more about Printify here.

6. Photoshelter

Photoshelter is also a great option to sell pictures of yourself online for money, but is very different from selling pictures on your website. That’s because it allows users to buy and license images from other people in addition to uploading their work.

You must first apply to become an approved contributor before being allowed to sell photos on the site. How much money you make depends on two things: quality and traffic volume, which are determined by popularity levels and licensing rights.

women taking selfies to make money selling photos of yourself

7. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a stock photography platform that you can use to get paid for taking pictures of yourself. You upload your photos and set them for sale. When someone purchases an image, Adobe sends you an email about it immediately.

8. Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons is an excellent option for selling selfies online if you aren’t afraid of people editing or re-editing your photos before purchasing them.

You can upload and sell as many pictures as you like! Just remember to read the fine print.

9. Sellfy

Sign up with Sellfy to sell your images online. It’s free to sign up and takes only a few minutes!

You can sell images, videos, music, and other digital goods on this platform. It offers you the ability to earn money from ads that show up in your account or by selling physical items, such as T-shirts with designs created by you.

10. TourPhotos

Another great way to earn money from selling photos online of yourself is by using TourPhotos. It’s a website that allows people to buy and license images of hotels, restaurants, beaches, etc.

You can create an account with them for free and start uploading your pictures right away. You’ll be able to make money online through TourPhotos by selling photos but also blogging.

There are reviews, behind-the-scenes galleries, and more with all kinds of unique layouts for each post, which is something other websites don’t offer.

woman taking a photo to sell her selfies for money

11. Crestock

Crestock is another place where you can upload your images or photos to get paid for selfies. It provides an easy-to-use interface, so it’s perfect for those just starting with selling pictures online.

It works through a point system: You earn points when someone views your portfolio, buys your work, and even contacts you about licensing your photos. You can also gain points through various ways, including getting feedback, advising others, and more!

12. EyeEm

EyeEm is a platform for photographers and artists to upload their photos so clients can buy them. It’s different from other websites because you can upload your pictures and make money from selling selfies on the internet without any restrictions.

The company works with major brands, such as Mercedes, Adidas, and BMW, which means more exposure for you. You also get to choose who gets to license your photos.

13. Alamy

Alamy is a website that allows you to upload photos, share them with others and sell the rights to use those images. You can sell pics for money by uploading your selfies and selling them to others. You can also get paid for taking pictures of your kids or pets and uploading them online.

As long as the photos you upload are in the public domain, there’s a chance someone will want to buy it and use it on their website, magazine cover, or book.

14. iStock Photo

This is a micro-stock photo agency that sells rights-managed and royalty-free photos. They accept submissions from amateur and professional photographers of any level.

You’ll need to go through an approval process before they let your photos be published for sale on their site.

Many iStock Photo photos are bought through subscription plans that allow customers an unlimited number of downloads for one monthly price. It will enable you to submit photos of any type and price based on what buyers are willing to pay.

man taking a photo to get paid for taking pictures of himself

15. Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the largest stock photo agencies in the world. They accept submissions from photographers, videographers, and digital artists to sell their images online on this website, making it a very popular option to get paid to take pictures.

You’ll need a UPC or ISBN if you want to sell photos through Getty Images, because it’s required by most retailers who purchase pictures for resale purposes.

16. Amazon Handmade

If you have handmade art that someone incorporates your selfies, Amazon’s marketplace can be a great place to sell them.

All you have to do is sign up for an account and upload photos of your pieces to their platform.

You also have the option here of just uploading your selfies. From there, simply choose whether the photo will be available as a digital download or printed on other products like cards, shirts, mugs, and more.

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17. DepositPhotos

DepositPhotos is a trendy marketplace for selling photos online. You earn money in two ways. First of all, the photos that sellers provide for this website are used by other websites and businesses worldwide as stock images.

Secondly, if someone wants to use your photo on their website or blog, they’ll pay a royalty fee (a percentage of the sales) to you. If this happens, then Depositphotos will take care of the rest and pay you your share.

18. CanStockPhoto

CanStockPhoto is the world’s leading provider of royalty-free images, photos and footage files. Every day, photographers upload more than 12,000 new photos to the site.

CanStockPhoto is a great place to sell selfies online because you can filter your search by category and keywords so that only images related to what you are selling will be displayed.

19. Snapwire

Snapwire lets you share your creativity with a brand, publisher, or small business that needs images. Snap a photo in response to the request of one of their users, and Snapwire will post it for them.

The platform makes taking photos easy – just open up Snapwire on any phone camera app (I recommend using Instagram) then choose which image is the perfect fit by tapping through their guidelines before clicking “send.”

20. Twenty20

Imagine a world where you’re never limited to selling any images you want. You can upload photos of old monuments and buildings, travel adventures, and trips to places that would be new not only for yourself but also for other people.

Twenty20 offers an unprecedented insight into your everyday life through photos submitted by photographers all over the globe. Anyone could become famous in their own right just by uploading some images online.

21. Zenfolio

Zenfolio offers a variety of features that make it easy to get paid for taking pictures of yourself, including printing and packaging capabilities. You can use their site to set up a password-protected account for your photos, where you can upload and edit images in bulk.

It’s one of the best places to sell pictures of yourself online for money because they offer several features that will help protect your privacy while making money from selling photos. Clients can access your photos using unique keys.

22. 123RF

123RF is a company that sells royalty-free images and stock photography to the web-based content industry. Their struggles inspired the founders of this business to find high-quality, affordable art for use on websites or blogs.

In addition to selling selfies or other photos on their site, they also have an affiliate program where you can join for free and earn money by referring to other photographers.

group of friends taking a selfie to upload their photos and get paid

23. Agora Images

With Agora Images, you won’t just sell the rights to your selfies once and be done with it. Instead, you’ll improve and take on a new challenge.

How it works is that the higher ranking you earn from better ratings will make it even easier for people in different industries who need great photos of their products or services.

Brands also host contests through this app. Not only can you submit requests for free prizes valued up to thousands of dollars, including vacations, but you can also receive cash award payments.

24. Scoopshot

How would you like to be in control of your price for photos as well as having an app to sell pictures of yourself? Scoopshot is one way to tick both boxes.

It’s an app where users can submit their work and set the retail value for themselves, which has the potential to earn them more if it’s high-quality material.

Other ways are through tasks requested by brands or contests that anyone could participate in. All the photos you upload can be used by online publishers for free, and when an ad is embedded in them, you earn a share of the advertising revenue.

25. Instaproof

Instaproof is a new online service that provides an easy way for photographers to sell their products, prints, and digital files worldwide. It was created by artists who were tired of using social media sites solely as marketing channels without any other benefits in mind.

They wanted more control over how people viewed their work. Users can create galleries designed explicitly around this purpose, with all images being fully customized based on what kind the creator wants it viewed publicly.

26. Dreamstime

Another site that allows you to upload and sell your selfies online is Dreamstime. They offer unlimited free storage for personal use (and an ad-free version of their service if a professional photographer).

woman taking a photo of herself for selling selfies online

When uploading images, they have two options – Standard licenses, which allow people to download the image onto their computer, or Premium, which gives more rights to the person purchasing your photo.

You can sign up with them for free or upgrade your account at any time if you want more features.

27. Bylined

If you want to make money selling photos of yourself to big brands, then choose Bylined. It has a unique app to sell pictures of yourself that creates partnerships between brands and photographers to create engaging on-demand photos.

They partner with businesses such as Nike, Oreo, or Redbull by sending out user-generated content (UGC) for them to compete in a photo contest where you can win some money if your favorite brand chooses you.

28. Image Vortex

Image Vortex’s claim to fame is the most cost-effective way to list and manage images online, with free tools for managing portfolios of work that are browseable by buyers or simply downloadable in high-resolution format.

Image Vortex lets you sell your images on other sites. So the only thing that will account for the exclusivity of your selfies is how good they look in an easy-to-navigate layout.

29. PhotoDune

PhotoDune is home to a thriving community of photographers and digital imaging experts. You can sell royalty-free photographs on the site, with prices based on file size/megapixels.

The PhotoDune marketplace makes sure all participants are protected by providing extra safeguards. This is extra important when you’re considering to get paid for pictures of your body.

For example, it has a trusted seller’s reputation system where people know exactly who they’re dealing with before making any transactions. That helps ensure everyone’s safety!

30. Stockimo

Stockimo, owned by Alamy, is a new app that helps you get in touch with your inner photographer. You can sell photos of anything you would like. This way, everyone has an opportunity for success by using this innovative tool.

However, you can only upload photos taken on your phone. If you use a DSLR camera, you might want to upload the images to other sites, like Alamy.

woman taking a selfie to make money selling photos of herself online

31. Snapwire

Snapwire is a photographer’s dream come true. Not only can you make money by posting photos to their site, including to get paid for pictures of yourself, but they’ll also pay royalties on any images that are used in someone else’s portfolio or for personal use as well.

So, not only do you get paid when your work gets published; there are thousands of people worldwide looking forward to seeing what amazing pictures await them from Snapworx photographers like yourself.

32. SmugMug Pro

SmugMug Pro is considered one of the most popular sites for people who want to sell images online, including if you want to make money selling photos of yourself.

You will need to pay a subscription fee. However, this gives you access to all the features of their service, including unlimited storage space for your photos and no ads.

The site is aimed more towards professional photographers who want extra tools such as slideshows or watermarks on their images. Photos are also automatically optimized to load quickly onto any device, and the site automatically resizes pictures to fit any screen size.

33. Foap

Here is another excellent app to make money selling photos of yourself. Download the free app and upload some shots right now.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to use Foap. That means that anyone can start selling their photos on the app right away.

34. Pixieset

Pixieset is a great site that makes it easy to sell pictures of yourself online for money. It’s perfect for people who have always wanted to be photographers but don’t know how to get started. You can upload as many images as you wish and access them at any time.

Even if you are new to photography, Pixieset is incredibly easy to use. You can start selling your photos on the online marketplace in just a few simple steps.

woman taking a selfie to sell her pictures online

35. Etsy

Etsy may be the most popular site on this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great place to sell your selfies. There are tons of self-portrait artists who make money on Etsy as an easy way of generating some cash from their hobby!

Etsy is home to thousands of independent sellers, with Etsy shop ideas ranging from all sorts of handmade goods, like clothing or accessories. You can join the site as a seller and start uploading photos right away to sell on Etsy.

36. Zazzle

Zazzle is another site that is perfect for people who are looking to sell their selfies online. You can upload photos and turn them into all sorts of different products, including t-shirts, mugs, posters, and calendars.

There are plenty of marketing tools built right in so you can promote your store with ease. Zazzle also has a community of bloggers who blog about products they are selling online.

37. Creative Market

One more option is Creative Market, which allows you to get paid for pictures of yourself right from your phone. This is an easy way for anyone to start making money with their selfies or any other pictures you have.

You can upload as many images as you want. Creative Market also has plenty of great photography products you can use to edit and sell your selfies.

38. Flickr

Flickr offers an excellent way to sell your selfies for money because it is easy to use, secure, and accessible. If you want to make money selling photos of yourself, download the app today. With over six million users, there’s no better place on the internet to sell photos.

Flickr is home to millions of images, and not all are for sale. However, the site has an incredibly active community, so uploading your content won’t be a waste. With over two million groups on Flickr, you can find people who will buy your selfies in no time at all.

woman in animal hat taking a selfie

39. iStockphoto

IStockphoto is one of the most popular sites for selling photos online. The site has been home to some of the world’s most significant photographers, and many use it as an easy way of making money from their hobby!

If you want to make extra cash by taking pictures, iStockphoto may be your best option because there are no fees, and the site is incredibly simple to use. iStockphoto has various options for buyers, making it possible for anyone with a camera to sell photos.

40. Stocksy

Stocksy is a great site to sell selfies online because it’s available in over twenty countries and accessible on your phone. If you want to make money from taking pictures, download the app today!

For those who don’t know, Stocksy is an online marketplace for stock photography. Photographers can upload their work and use tools to price their images based on the market demand. The site is easy to use, and the interface has been designed with photographers in mind.

41. PixMac

Sellers of photos on PixMac enjoy an easy, no-fuss experience. They accept both digital images and physical prints (although the latter will cost more).

It’s easy to sell pictures of yourself online for money on PixMac because you don’t need any registration. They accept both digital images and physical prints. It has a variety of different features that make designing pages more effortless than ever before.

42. Snapped4U

SnappedU is an excellent place to sell your selfies online. It’s perfect for people who want to make money by taking pictures!

With over 30,000 users and millions of images uploaded every day, you can see why Snapped U may be the best option on this list. The site has been designed with photographers in mind, and it’s effortless to use.

woman wearing a sheet mask taking a photo of herself

43. 500PX

500px is a photo-sharing platform with over 13 million members. The free tier allows you to use their marketing tools but only upload seven pictures per week, and not as many customizations are available on the paid subscriber levels.

If this sounds like something for your first time uploading photos or testing out whether it works before investing more time/money into 500PX, then definitely go ahead.

44. Sharesix

Sharesix allows users to upload their pictures and share them with other people who need images for projects, presentations, or even personal use.

The company claims that most of the people who use this site are businesses, but there is a high demand for family photos and other personal images. This makes it a great website to sell pictures of yourself.

45. Start a Patreon Account

A Patreon account is a website where fans can pay money to you for specific content. You post selfies and other photos, blog posts, or videos, and people can pledge a price per month or depending on how many things they want from you each month.

This is another way to sell your selfies online by making them available to people who want them.

46. Fotomoto

Fotomoto is a revolutionary new way to sell prints of your work online. You can sell photos and start making money. It takes only a few minutes to get your account up and to run.

It has over one million members who are photographers, agencies, and companies looking to purchase images from specific categories.

man taking a selfie with his phone

47. Society6

Society6 is a design site with over 10 million fans, and it’s one of the best places to sell selfies online.

The key feature you need to know about is uploading your images in different sizes, styles, backgrounds, and effects.

48. Fan Sites

Some sites are fan-sites where people can pay memberships to view selfies and other content. They might even allow you to sell your photos on their site for a small fee per month, but it’s not guaranteed that they will always ask or accept payment.

49. Feetfinder

If you’re looking to get paid for pictures of your body, this doesn’t mean you need to sell photos of your entire body. Instead, one particular body part is often more than enough.

And for those wanting to get paid to sell feet pics, Feetfinder is definitely one of the biggest names in the business. Plenty of people have made thousands of dollars on this site, meaning it’s definitely a legit place to make some money.

50. Instafeet

Another legit site where you can sell pictures of your body for money – even if it’s just one part of your body – is Instafeet.

Given the nature of what you’re selling here and, more specifically, why a lot of people use sites like this, it’s important to sell these sorts of photos in legit places that have the appropriate precautions in place.

After all, while it’s great to make money selling pictures of your body if you choose to do so, safety is still of the utmost importance. This is why you should always take certain steps to protect yourself, like keeping in mind the best tips to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

Tips to get paid for pictures of yourself

Ready to get started selling your selfies online? Here are great tips to make money selling photos of yourself.

Take good quality photos

Make sure that the photos you take are high quality. You don’t want blurry or dark images when trying to sell your selfies online, since customers won’t be happy with them and may not buy them or leave bad reviews.

Shots from different angles

Take a variety of shots from different angles to get more sales. It is essential for people looking to purchase your photos to see all sides and various angles for each shot.

Use Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to track your website or blog’s data. This will allow you to see what times are best for selling your photos and which days have the most traffic.

That will help you know when it’s a good time to post things online about yourself, such as selfies, that people would be interested in purchasing from you.

Show off your social media profiles

Ensure that the images you post show your face and include a link back to where people can find you on social media profiles such as Facebook or Instagram.

This way, they will see more of your work and have an easy way to contact you for future purchases. You can also sell these photos on any of these social media platforms.

woman taking a selfie with her phone

Include a watermark

Ensure that you include your name or brand as the watermark on each photo, so people know who took them.

You also want to clarify where they can purchase prints of these photos if they choose to by including information near the bottom in small letters.

The more professional and trustworthy you look, the more likely customers are to buy your photos.

Learn effective SEO practices

SEO is essential for getting your photos to be visible online. Many helpful articles and tutorials will help you learn how to do effective SEO practices, so make sure you research them!

For example, you can have a list of keywords when uploading an image so companies can find you.

Make eye contact with the camera lens

Make sure that you are looking into the camera lens when taking selfies, rather than looking at the screen, as otherwise your line of sight in the photo will be slightly off.

This will help them feel more connected to you and make it easier to trust you as a photographer.

Find your niche and build your audience

Your niche may depend on what you are comfortable with or what has worked out for other people. You can choose to sell pictures of yourself online for money at different prices and make a lot, some, or a little bit of cash doing it.

Find your audience and learn about marketing so that more customers will buy from you! The market must know who they are buying from.

Post several images regularly

Don’t just post one or two photos of yourself. Try to upload five or six images, so people have a better chance of finding and purchasing your shots.

Post regularly and market yourself to build your brand and increase sales.

Open an online shop

Opening up a shop to sell prints or digital copies is a great way to make money from selling selfies online. You can either open an online shop on your website or create a store on an already existing e-commerce platform.

Edit your photos

To make your selfies look more professional, consider editing them. You can use an app or do it yourself with a computer.

Lighten the photo and add filters for the best results. This is another way you can sell photos of yourself online by making them appear professionally taken.

Use a professional email

It’s also a good idea to use an email account that’s business-related when communicating with people who might want to buy your images. That will help you come across as more professional and credible in the eyes of potential clients.

Be patient

It takes time to build up a good reputation for yourself and for people to find your images – after all, being able to get paid for pictures of yourself isn’t going to be an overnight thing.

It’s important that you are patient and don’t try to rush things, because if your photos aren’t high quality, then companies won’t want to buy them, which will hurt your sales in the long run.

Ask for feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and interact with clients, especially if you’re looking to become a freelance model and are just starting out. This will help you get a better understanding of what they want and how to market yourself.

You can ask for feedback by making sure people know that all questions or comments are welcome, creating a contact form on your website, or sharing your email address with customers who want to reach out in different ways.

Non-revealing photos

Don’t post anything too revealing at first; just use photos that are in the public domain. A good idea would be to start with pictures of yourself that don’t reveal your whole face.

This way, people will feel more comfortable purchasing from you without exposing your or their information online. Be sure to let customers know where they can view these types of images, though.

Can I sell my pictures online?

Yes, you can sell your pictures online. There are several sites where you can sell your photos online, such as stock photo sites or sites where people are searching for a particular look. You can also sell products you create using pictures of yourself that you have taken.

Sell your photos on marketplaces, such as Etsy, or stock photography providers, like Shutterstock. Another great way to sell pictures online is by using social media sites, such as Tumblr and Facebook.

However, don’t forget to use hashtags when uploading photos on social media sites to allow your images to be found more easily by interested buyers.

Is it legal to sell pictures of yourself online?

As a general rule, selling pictures of yourself is legal. It depends on the purpose of taking the picture, the country where you’re based and who’s in the picture. Normally, however, if you’re an adult selling photos of yourself for commercial gain, then it’s not unlawful.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your personal images with friends and family online or making some extra money off them by uploading them onto an image-sharing site like Pixmac.

Although it’s not illegal to sell pictures of yourself, there are some laws and regulations you must follow to stay safe – and, as always, this is very much going to vary depending on where you live.

So, if you’re selling pictures of yourself online in a way that they’re public, obey the law by adding disclaimers or warning labels about the adult nature of the content if that applies

woman taking a selfie

Selling pictures of yourself is illegal if you’re selling them for any “adult” purposes (in certain countries). You want to make sure you check your state’s laws on the matter before uploading your photos to a site online.

It’s also a good idea to check the terms and conditions of the site you use to sell your selfies, as some websites don’t allow certain content, even if it’s a picture of yourself.

In addition, posting images that negatively depict children is often illegal and can get you into trouble. If you’re selling pictures of yourself as someone underage, then you could be charged depending on your state’s or country’s laws.

Overall: when looking into the best way for you to learn how to sell photos online and make money, being aware of where you live and the laws that apply is going to be critical depending on the nature of the photos you want to sell.

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