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Flipping is not just a term that’s exclusive to real estate. In fact, finding the best things to buy and sell for profit and be a really lucrative way to make money – not to mention that it can be a ton of fun!

After all, buying products to sell them for a profit is an endeavor that is as old as time. Whether you enjoy hunting for rare collectibles or hopping on the latest trends for the biggest profit margin, there are many things to buy to sell and make money in today’s world.

So keep reading to see some of the easiest things to sell to make money fast!

Best things to buy and sell for profit

1. Retro video game consoles

Selling video game consoles is a lucrative opportunity. Due to the increasing demand for old school systems such as the original Playstation, Xbox, Dreamcast, and even Sega Genesis, collecting and reselling just about any game console is possible for profit.

2. Bicycles and exercise equipment

Another category of goods to consider reselling for decent resale value includes bicycles and pricier exercise equipment. Regardless of your location, there is likely a demand for bicycles somewhere around you. In fact, they’re actually one of the best things to buy and sell for profit at the moment given that, due to the pandemic, there’s been a massive global shortage of second hand bikes causing prices to skyrocket.

From traditional bicycles to kids’ bikes and bikes for off-roading, there are plenty of options here for you to focus on.

3. Wooden/upcycled furniture

High-quality furniture will always remain in demand, especially unique and long-lasting furniture that is made from top-quality wood. If you collect wooden pieces of furniture or if you are a woodworker and create your own furniture, you have the opportunity to turn a generous profit.

Check out our guide to flipping furniture to see how to get started.

Two people who’ve had amazing success at flipping furniture are Rob and Melissa Stephenson. In fact, just from flipping as their side hustle, they made $130,000 in only one year.

To help you do the same, they’ve created a free webinar that can teach you:

  • How to know whether flipping is the perfect side hustle for you
  • How to use flipping to get lifestyle freedom
  • Their secret strategies to maximize your flipping profits

Click here to sign up for their free webinar on how you can start flipping too!

4. Home appliances

If you are searching for a lucrative opportunity with a high profit margin, consider investing in and reselling home appliances. It is possible to find home appliances that have been thrown away, have minor issues, or are being resold right online using sites such as Craigslist.

If you are familiar with appliance repair, this may be the right gig for you.

5. Power tools

One of the most expensive types of items to invest in as a homeowner includes power tools. Power tools are expensive and can run at hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, depending on the type of power tools you are in the market for yourself.

Invest in power tools when they are on sale and when they are on clearance. Find power tools to resell by visiting local yard sales and browsing large auction websites. You can also find power tools by investing in abandoned storage units, depending on where you live.

power drill as an example of one of the best things to buy and sell for profit

6. Vintage jewelry

Collecting and selling vintage jewelry will open up many opportunities in multiple markets. From appealing to new-age Millennials to appealing to the old school women who invented jewelry styles, vintage jewelry is a hot selling item, both online and off.

When searching for vintage jewelry, check into thrift stores, browse online, and always research genuine and authentic vintage retailers. Selling vintage jewelry can quickly become one of the easiest things to flip for profit with the right audience and marketing strategy in mind.

FYI: You can also make money on Etsy by selling vintage jewelry. Most people know Etsy as being for handmade items only, but you’re also allowed to sell vintage pieces there. This means that it’s often the first stop for people looking for classic pieces – after all, there’s a reason jewelry is one of the best things to sell on Etsy!

7. Designer items

If you have an affinity for brand names and designer labels, consider getting involved in reselling designer items. From collecting designer handbags, accessories, and shoes, to entire wardrobes, there are many lucrative paths that come with investing in designer items and collectible accessories.

Take a look at what sells best on Poshmark for an idea of the demand that’s out there when it comes to designer pieces. If you’re not familiar with Poshmark, our Poshmark review could help you out.

8. Gala/prom dresses

One of the most in-demand items for young girls and women who are attending an upcoming formal event includes prom and gala dresses. Formal dresses are not always easy to find, and can quickly rise in price, causing them to be out of budget for many shoppers.

prom dresses on hangers as an example of some of the best things to buy to sell and make money

Invest in used prom dresses to resell by finding them via online auctions and even with the use of social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace. You can also consider using a clothing-specific platform, so check out the difference between Poshmark vs Mercari vs eBay to see which one may be best for you and your pieces.

While selling dresses and gowns may not be an option year-round, it can be a very lucrative opportunity during seasons where dances are most prevalent. It’s also worth keeping in mind that most people only wear them once, so even a second hand dress is often of a very high quality, making this one of the best things to resell.

9. Retro t-shirts and accessories

The retro and nostalgia market is not going anywhere anytime soon, especially in today’s age. Retro shirts and accessories are more in-demand than ever, and growing in popularity. Showcasing retro shirts can help trigger positive and fond memories, making them one of the most popular items to resell, even for those new to the reselling market.

If you have a love for retro t-shirts and accessories, you are in luck. From selling shirts using traditional auction websites such as eBay to launching your own website or using Facebook Marketplace, you have plenty of platforms to sell retro t-shirts on and to turn a profit.

You can also sell vintage-looking shirts, even if they’re not actually second hand. Sites like Printify make this incredibly easy these days by allowing you to create designs for a range of products, including shirts, shoes, phone cases, bags and more.

And all you have to do is upload your design and your work is basically done. That is, as soon as someone buys an item with your design on it, Printify will arrange for the product to be created and shipped to the buyer, with the money then sent to you straight after. So all you have to do is sit back and wait for the cash to arrive in your account!

Find out more about Printify here. 

10. Small furniture pieces

If you intend to ship the items you are reselling, both locally and online, consider searching for only smaller and compact furniture pieces if you are selling furniture. And if you’re handy at upcycling them, this could easily be one of the products you can buy cheap and sell high.

Selling large furniture pieces can quickly become expensive if you intend to ship them or if you do not have a vehicle to transport them yourself.

11. Outdoor furniture

Another furniture market that is extremely lucrative, for both individual sellers and major retailers alike, includes the outdoor furniture market. Selling outdoor furniture is a year-round opportunity that is highly niche and targeted.

Because outdoor furniture has such a high demand, it also has a much higher profit margin than standard items and collectibles. It is important to have a delivery truck or a shipping solution planned out if you intend to deliver or send the outdoor furniture you are selling yourself.

outdoor furniture as an example of one of the easiest things to sell to make money fast

12. Sports cards

The market for buying and selling sports cards has always been pretty hot and it doesn’t appear to be quietening down anytime soon. While some of the more generic resale sites out there can be good for this, there are also a ton of sites dedicated exclusively to trading sports cards, some of which have literally thousands on offer at any given time.

This suggests that if you have the time and the money to build your initial stock, sports cards can certainly become one of the best things to buy and sell in bulk.

To get started with this, take a look at our article on the best place to sell baseball cards, as many of the options there also apply to other sports too.

13. Electronics and outdated electronic devices

If you enjoy tech and collecting the latest electronic gadgets, reselling electronics may be the right opportunity for your reselling venture. – investing in old and outdated electronics such as brand-name computers, smartphones, tablets, and even specific types of trendy televisions.

Selling outdated or rare electronics is a fast-growing market, and one that offers plenty of opportunities for those willing to invest their own time and money. You can find outdated or rare collectible electronics by visiting yard sales, browsing auction websites, and even by checking your own basement or attic.

14. DVDs and CDs

While it may seem counterintuitive to collect these given where the technology is these days, DVDs and CDs are still in high demand by collectors, depending on the type of music you intend to collect and invest in.

Although not all DVDs and CDs have a great profit margin, there are plenty of collectible sets and collectors’ items that will still garner you a hefty profit, regardless of where you choose to list, promote, and sell them. If you manage to secure some solid, popular sets, these can easily turn into some of the best things to buy and sell in bulk.

15. VHS tapes

You may not have seen a VHS tape in years, or even decades at this point. However, that hasn’t stopped collectors from hunting them down all over the world.

VHS tapes as an example of one of the best things to buy and sell in bulk

VHS tapes are more in-demand than ever, with prices slowly climbing. Some VHS tapes, such as unique Disney collectible items, are valued in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in selling VHS tapes or simply love the memorabilia market, you can begin searching for used VHS tapes by visiting local yard sales, fairs, and even by checking local thrift stores. In some instances, it is even possible to purchase VHS tapes in bulk lots using online marketplaces and auction websites.

16. Vinyl records

You may have noticed that vinyl records are back in style and are more popular and trendy than ever. Investing in vinyl records is another way to make an entrance into the world of reselling, even if you do not have any prior experience with reselling items personally.

From searching for unique and rare vinyl records to completing full collections, the options are endless when it comes to music collections and investing in collectible items from the past.

17. Musical instruments and accessories

Whenever someone is interested in learning a musical instrument, they will most likely need to invest a large amount of money just to get started. If you have an opportunity to collect and resell musical instruments and instrument accessories, you can quickly begin generating a side income with ease.

If you are thinking of buying and reselling musical instruments, familiarize yourself with the market and the overall wholesale and retail value of the item(s) you intend to purchase.

You can find used musical instruments and musical instruments at wholesale prices by visiting yard sales, thrift stores, and even by checking live online auction websites, such as eBay.

18. Comic books and collectible items

With the rise in popularity of Marvel comic books and movies, comics have made their way back into mainstream popularity. Whether you have an affinity for classic comic books or if you are a collector of other vintage items and collectibles, you can resell just about any type of collection you are interested in.

From collecting rare art and plush toys to unique and unopened comic books, the options are virtually endless if you intend to target a niche audience and demographic.

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19. Board games

If you enjoy board games or love classic traditional games that were once a favorite family pastime, consider investing in board games to resell. Today, board games are making a comeback, providing plenty of hours of entertainment and a nostalgia factor that cannot be compared.

Investing in collectible and retro board games can help you to increase your profit margin, especially when you are investing in board games that are no longer available publicly or difficult to find. Board games such as classic Candyland and Monopoly can quickly add up, especially when selling board games as part of a classic collection.

board games as an example of one of the products you can buy cheap and sell high

20. Wedding items

Planning for a wedding is pricey enough, even without purchasing all brand new decor, gags, and accessories. One niche market to consider getting involved if you enjoy fashion and are familiar with the industry includes wedding items.

Wedding items may range from gloves and veil accessories to party favors, floral arrangements, and wedding decor. Diving into the wedding industry is highly niche and can help you to turn a profit much quicker than alternative markets that are already highly saturated and overpopulated.

21. Watches

Watches may seem old school and traditional, and most often, they are for those who wear and collect them. However, watches have the potential to turn a hefty profit margin for those who follow the watch industry and are “in the know”.

Familiarizing yourself with popular watch brands and styles can help when searching for watches to invest in. You can find watches to invest in at local thrift stores, pawn shops, yard sales, and even with the use of online auction websites and online marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace.

22. Car Parts

Do you love working on cars and updating vehicles? Are you familiar with the price of modifications, updates, and specific car parts needed to improve a vehicle? If so, you may thrive in the market of buying and reselling car parts.

From buying traditional car parts and accessories such as brake pads to investing in highly specific parts such as belts and engines, there are plenty of ways to turn a profit when selling car parts, both online and off.

23. Photography and video equipment

With the rise of social media and video streaming communities, more people than ever are investing in professional video and photography equipment for their own personal use. Selling photography equipment and video cameras can quickly become a lucrative opportunity with the right marketing and customer service.

a camera as an example of one of the best things to resell

Although it may be pricier to get started on, purchasing video and photography equipment can garner you a much bigger profit margin than alternative items and electronics. Photography equipment and video cameras are only becoming more popular each year, and the market shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

24. Commercial electronic equipment

Along the same lines as investing in video cameras and photography equipment, commercial equipment is also in-demand and becoming increasingly popular among individuals today. Today, large companies are not the only ones who are interested in using commercial equipment with the rise of video streaming services and online platforms.

Selling commercial equipment for audio recording, photography, and videos can help you to quickly build a name for yourself as a professional retailer, especially because the market is highly niche. This market is also optimal for those who are searching for ways to increase their overall profit margin.

How do I start reselling?

Getting started with reselling is not too difficult, especially once you have settled on your idea and the type of product(s) you intend to resell.

1. Research products you are interested in reselling

Before you begin buying and selling items for a profit, you will need to take time to research the products you are thinking of reselling. When you are ready to enter the reseller’s market, ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you are fully prepared to get started:

  • Are the products you are interested in available year-round?
  • Are you able to offer a lower price than both online and local retailers?
  • How will I reach my target audience? What is the best method of appealing to my target audience based on the type of items I am going to promote and sell?
  • What is the profit margin I am looking at if I receive top dollar for the items I choose to resell?
  • How much time does it take me to source one time to resell? What is the value of this item and my time? How can I maximize my profit margin without wasting time?

2. Get to know your target audience and demographics

When you are in the process of researching your new buying and reselling idea, you will also need to get to know the target audience and demographics you are targeting. Learning about your target demographics is key for any business owner or entrepreneur, especially those involved in direct sales.

Research the age range, location, and type of individuals you intend to target with the items you plan to invest in and resell.

3. Complete market research in your region

Even after you have a general idea of the type of product(s) you are going to source and resell, you will need to learn more about the demand that you may or may not encounter based on your current location.

Research markets in your region to determine if the demand is high enough to pursue your current venture. Compare prices and retailers near you, both online and off, to determine if you have a viable market available near you.

woman working on laptop to find the best items to flip on eBay

4. Do keyword research so your listings are findable

If you plan to sell online, some keyword research is important. This refers to figuring out what search terms people are typing in to find your item. In doing this (and then including those keywords in your listings), you’re giving yourself the best chance possible to make as much money as you can.

5. Cultivate customer relationships

Buyers in this area can very often turn into repeat customers, especially when they’re buying something as a collectible. This means that they’re likely willing to buy more items in that field so if you can offer those pieces at a great deal and with a consistently high level of quality, you could be on your way to doing seriously well here.

How do you make money flipping?

When you begin to look for things to buy and sell to make money, you may be unsure of where to start and what to settle on, especially if you are new to the reseller industry. However, there are a few ways to go about flipping items that can help you to streamline the process of getting started.

1. Research profit margins

Once you make the decision to begin reselling items for profit, you will need to research the potential profit margins of the products you are investing in. Not all profit margins are the same, as some items are more popular and rarer, hence garnering a larger profit margin.

Keep in mind that items that have a higher profit margin potential will likely be more difficult or more expensive to obtain when you are first starting out.

2. Research market demand

In addition to researching the profit margin potential, you will also need to research market demand in your region, depending on the items you intend to promote and sell. You can find out more about market demand by researching local shops and by searching various social media platforms and their marketplaces to see what items are available most and which sell the fastest.

3. Maintain patience

Generating a profit and flipping products is rarely an overnight venture. In fact, it may take months for you to begin generating an income that is suitable for the amount of work and effort you are putting into your new reselling venture.

Whenever you are in the market of buying and reselling items, patience is key. Without patience, you are much more likely to fold and give up, even before you make your first sale and profit. Take your time when researching products, markets, and the potential for profit to ensure you are on the right path that is most fitting for you.

4. Create a name for yourself

One of the most important elements of buying and selling things for profit is developing a name for yourself while building a professional reputation. You can begin creating a name for yourself by choosing a business name or by requesting testimonials and reviews from authentic customers who have purchased from you in the past.

Build your own website and launch an official social media presence for your sales to help create a name and professional image for yourself. Because the reselling market is highly populated and extremely dense, you will need to develop your online presence to help set yourself apart.

Using an online presence is one of the best ways to garner trust from prospective customers who have a genuine interest in the products you promote and sell.

With an official website or social media presence, you can also begin to attract followers, providing you with additional selling opportunities in the future.

Where to find things to flip for profit

Finding products you can buy cheap and sell high does not require a degree or years of experience. Instead, a bit of hands-on training can quickly help you to become acclimated with the environment of buying and selling items for a profit.

  • Thrift stores – Find an array of jewelry, collectibles, DVDs, electronics, and even pieces of high-quality furniture by browsing thrift and resale stores. Oftentimes, thrift stores sell items at a fraction of their retail value.
  • Local fairs – You may have the ability to snag retro gear and collectible items by visiting local fairs, depending on your location.
  • Yard sales – Another way to snag a great deal on items you intend to turn a profit from is to visit local yard and garage sales. Most yard and garage sales have items for sale at a fraction of their retail price in order to help unload and declutter.
  • Local storage unit auctions – If you are interested in bidding on storage units, you can do so at a local storage unit location. While it may not be possible to see all of the items that are available in a storage unit before placing a bid, it does provide a unique opportunity to score an array of potential resale items.
  • Online auction websites – If you prefer to shop online, you can do so via online auction websites. Online auction sites such as eBay provide the opportunity to invest in just about any item; old, new, used, or rare/collectible. You can compare prices and research sellers to find the very best deal before placing a bid or making a purchase.
  • Online marketplaces – If you are experienced with finding products at a discounted rate or you are familiar with the price range of the items you are seeking, you can also have luck with online marketplaces. Using online marketplaces via social media such as Facebook Marketplace can provide you with unique opportunities to snag high-end designer label goods, wooden furniture, and even expensive tools or household appliances at a fraction of their retail cost.

Best places to resell items for a profit

When you are looking for the easiest thing to sell to make money fast, you will need a platform or location to sell them. Oftentimes, you can resell items to make a profit in the same locations where you are able to find them, depending on the type of items or collectibles you invest in.

  • Local fairs – If you have a local fair that receives a fair amount of foot traffic, consider selling your items there by renting a booth or a space. Using local fairs can also help you to spread the word about your resale business if you are trying to make a name for yourself.
  • Online auction websites – Using online auction websites such as eBay is not just for purchasing and investing in items you intend to resell. You can also use online auction websites to build a name and reputation for yourself while simultaneously listing and selling your items to buyers from all around the world.
  • Online marketplaces – If you prefer to sell items you invest in using social media, you can do so using social media marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace. Using platforms such as Facebook Marketplace can help you to quickly maximize your reach and ability to appeal to a much wider audience.
  • Your own website – One of the best ways to begin reselling items for your own business is to do so with your own official website or online eCommerce platform. Whether you choose to build your own online store with the use of Woocommerce and WordPress or if you prefer a third-party solution such as Spotify, building and launching an eCommerce shopping website of your own is a way to fast track your ability to establish yourself professionally.

Is it illegal to buy and sell?

In most instances, it is not illegal to buy and resell a product that you have bought from a legitimate source. In the majority of cases, manufacturers of products do not have control over who purchases and resells items once the items have hit the market and been sold to an initial customer.

It is important to note that it is illegal to buy and resell items such as alcohol, tobacco, or other substances, so make sure you’re not accidentally starting an illegal side hustle but selling these kinds of things. Most items that cannot be resold say so within their own retail tags or manufacturer label.

Is it illegal to buy and resell on eBay?

No. In fact, eBay is rife with thousands of live auctions and listings of items for sale year-round and is one of the main reasons it exists. Many people who begin selling items on eBay also invest in products at a lower retail price in order to earn a profit. 

Some of the best items to flip on eBay include tools, collectibles, jewelry, and rare items that are difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

man working on laptop

If you have questions regarding the legality of reselling your preferred item(s), it is best to direct your questions to your item manufacturer and original creator to verify that there are no conflicts with reselling the items in any capacity.

Similarly, if you intend to sell items that you have purchased throughout international countries, it is also advisable to research any restrictions, laws, or rules that may be in place already, depending on the type of products you are intended to resell.

Is it worth it to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

In recent years, Facebook Marketplace has become increasingly popular and has become the central location to find the best things to buy and sell for profit, even for beginners who are new to reselling. You may not want to use it to target higher end collectors though, who tend to use other platforms for buying items in their niches.

Whether you are searching for the easiest things to sell to make money fast or if you are ready to list your own best things to resell, there is no shortage of opportunity with the use of Facebook Marketplace, but especially for more everyday items rather than higher end pieces.

What sells well on Facebook Marketplace?

Some of the best things to buy and sell for profit using Facebook Marketplace include clothing lots, household cleaning products, tools, and even handcrafted gifts or furniture.

There is no shortage of buyers when using Facebook Marketplace, especially if you live in a densely populated area or if you provide the option to ship your sold items to your customers.

Some of the best things to buy to sell and make money on Facebook Marketplace might include:

  • Small furniture pieces and outdoor furniture
  • Clothing lots for children, women, and even men (in bulk)
  • Socks and necessities in bulk (new and unopened)
  • Lots of household cleaning products
  • Tools for the home and for vehicles
  • Home appliances if you are able to deliver these directly or if you are available locally

Final thoughts on finding things to buy to sell to make money

Learning how to buy and sell items for profit is a great way to generate a secondary income stream or to develop a full-time business of your own.

From selling collectible retro jewelry and vintage comic books to offering home appliances and tool sets, there are virtually endless opportunities for those who have a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the reselling market.

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