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When looking to make money by selling on Poshmark, it’s definitely a good idea to know what sells best on Poshmark. That way, you’re positioning yourself to make as much money as possible. 

This includes seeing what brands sell best on Poshmark (including the best men’s brands) and which brands don’t sell as well on there.

All of this information is especially useful if you’re planning to turn selling on Poshmark into a side hustle, although it’s true that it can also help you to decide what to sell on the site if you’re cleaning out your own closet. By being armed with the intel on what works and what doesn’t, it will mean you’ll know exactly what to look for when you’re scouring your local thrift store for items to resell.

What sells best on Poshmark?

It’s worth starting out by noting that what sells best on Poshmark is going to vary slightly depending on the season. That is, it’s not really a surprise to say that the swimsuit you just listed in winter is probably going to be sold a lot faster in summer instead.

But based on the current data, the following list is of the top-selling categories on Poshmark at the time this was written – with the information provided by Poshmark itself.

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1. Blouses

list of blouses as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

Whether it’s long-sleeved blouses or a more summery sleeveless version, blouses are one of the top selling items on Poshmark at the moment.

These are one of the few best sellers that aren’t so season-dependent. With blouses being able to be adapted to a range of different temperatures, you’ll find that these are one of the bestsellers on Postmark all year round.

2. Leggings

list of leggings as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

In terms of what is trending on Poshmark, leggings are always a winner. This includes not only leggings used for workouts, but also those comfy ones to wear around the home, as well as more stylish ones that you could wear out.

Based on the current listings, it looks like the first two types are the most common ones you’ll see on Poshmark at the moment. This probably isn’t surprising, with people spending more time at home than usual, but it’s something to keep in mind when tailoring your Poshmark closet.

3. Short Sleeve Tees

list of short sleeved tees as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

Everyone’s probably got a short sleeve tee in your closet that you don’t wear anymore. Fortunately, as one of the items that sells best on Poshmark, you can easily make a few dollars from this.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for these when you’re wandering around local thrift stores. Tees are a common piece for people to give away for sale at these kinds of stores, offering the perfect opportunity for you to flip these for more money on Poshmark.

4. Tank Tops

list of tank tops as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

The range of tank tops on Poshmark include both activewear and more casual tops to wear out and about, so you can tailor your Poshmark closet towards either of these (or both!)

While buyers do have the option of wearing this under a jacket, this will likely be one of the items that sells better in the lead up to summer. This means that it’s best to think about your timing in terms of when you want to list this.

5. Mini Dresses

list of mini dresses as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

Mini dresses are popular all year round, whether it’s with a pair of flip flops in summer or over tights and boots in fall and winter. 

This makes it easy to see why these are one of the products that sells best on Poshmark as this versatility can help you make great money here.

6. Sweatshirts & Hoodies

list of hoodies and sweatshirts as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

It’s hardly a surprise to say that sweatshirts and hoodies will sell better in the cooler months but this means that you can use the warmer times of year to collect any of these you find secondhand. 

That way, you’ll be ready to sell your haul once the temperature starts to drop.

7. Skinny Jeans

list of jeans as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

While the site has confirmed that skinny jeans belong firmly on the list of what sells best on Poshmark, as you’ll see a bit further below, some people find jeans a bit hit and miss when selling.

That is, some sellers report having pretty good success at selling jeans while others think their customers are a bit hesitant, given the different fits involved.

This means that you may not want to buy dozens of pairs of jeans to resell. Instead, start with a few and see how you go.

8. Sneakers

list of sneakers as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

It’s not only clothes that are on the list of what sells best on Poshmark, with sneakers also being one of their top selling items.

With so many different styles and brands, you can easily make some great money selling these on Poshmark, especially with the more popular brands – as we’ll run through below.

9. Midi Dresses

list of midi dresses as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

If mini dresses aren’t your thing, take a look at selling midi dresses instead – or as well! Much like their slightly shorter counterparts, midi dresses sell well year round different styling choices can suit different seasons.

This means that you should keep an eye out for a range of styles when looking for pieces to resell, particularly with different sleeve lengths to cater to the various temperatures your buyers could be experiencing.

10. Cardigans

list of cardigans as an example of what sells best on Poshmark

A staple for many of us when the temperature just isn’t cold or warm enough, cardigans are one of the top selling items on Poshmark for much of the year. 

It also helps that the size doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly right for a cardigan to look good, meaning people are often more willing to buy these online without trying them on beforehand.

What brands sell best on Poshmark?

In terms of what brand sells best on Poshmark, the site releases this information from time to time to give you an idea of what the top Poshmark sellers are pushing through their closets. These include:

  1. lululemon athletica
  2. Nike
  3. Free People
  4. Victoria’s Secret
  5. American Eagle Outfitters
  6. PINK Victoria’s Secret
  7. J. Crew
  8. Coach
  9. Anthropologie
  10. Zara

These are going to be far less seasonal than the top selling items on Poshmark. It also helps that these brands generally have massive ranges of clothes, meaning it can be easier to find things that people are eager to buy second hand.

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This means that it’s hardly one of the biggest secrets to selling on Poshmark to say that selling pieces from this list of brands is going to be a good idea to help you sell things fast. 

As most Poshmark reviews emphasize, refining your Poshmark closet so that it mainly has pieces that are proven to sell are going to make your closet far more popular with potential customers.

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Best men’s brands to sell on Poshmark

With the vast majority of Poshmark users being women, it can help to specifically identify the best men’s brands to sell on Poshmark based on the available data. These include:

  1. Nike
  2. adidas
  3. Polo by Ralph Lauren
  4. Under Armour
  5. NBA
  6. Jordan
  7. Levi’s
  8. lululemon athletica
  9. Vans
  10. NFL

As you can see, with a couple of exceptions, these brands are generally different from the top selling ones throughout the entire site. This is, as mentioned because the overall top brands reflect the mostly female-leaning customer base on Poshmark.

To clarify, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful at selling men’s pieces on Poshmark as there’s definitely good turnover here. You may, however, want to focus on the brands listed directly above instead though given that these are proven to sell well with Poshmark’s male customers.

What sells quickly on Poshmark?

Items that are in high demand either due to the season or a certain style being popular at the moment are going to be the pieces that sell quickly on Poshmark. This means that learning how to sell on Poshmark fast can come down to a mix of logic and keeping an eye on what’s in right now.

For example, in this Poshmark trend report from mid-2020, they discuss the impact of certain people on what sells best on Poshmark. One case of this is when Meghan Markle wore a pair of Aquazzura heels, which saw sales in that brand increase by 151%. 

Even more significantly, Cardi B’s partnership with Fashion Nova contributed to a 210% increase in pieces from that brand being purchased on Poshmark over a one-year period.

While some of this may come down to luck (I’m not sure how many of you have a pair of Aquazzura heels sitting in your closet waiting to be sold), you can also predict this to some extent, especially when it comes to pieces that are more seasonal.


Brands that don’t sell on Poshmark

In terms of brands that don’t sell on Poshmark, Reddit users have some opinions on this. Specifically, from looking at Reddit comment threads like the ones here and here, we can see some trends that indicate the brands that aren’t necessarily top sellers on Poshmark:

  1. Ann Taylor
  2. Lucky
  3. LOFT
  4. Banana Republic
  5. Michael Kors
  6. Forever 21
  7. Levi’s
  8. BCBG

What’s funny to note is that the commenters in the various Reddit threads aren’t always consistent, with some people reporting that they’ve had zero luck at selling certain items while others see huge success with the same thing.

This suggests that you shouldn’t necessarily write off these brands as complete selling failures, especially if you have a more unique piece from one of them.

It’s also worth noting that even if something doesn’t seem to sell on Poshmark, there are other sites where an item may sell better. 

Check out the following articles for more information on possible alternative selling sites:

What sizes sell best on Poshmark?

The sizes that sell best on Poshmark are going to be those that reflect the average sizing of the general population, as more people are going to be this size leading to more demand. This means that the average American woman’s sizing of 16-18 will likely sell best.

Specifically, this study found that these sizes are the current average in the US, which is slightly surprising given that the usual opinion is that size 14 is the most common. 

In any case, what this means for your Poshmark closet is going to vary depending on the brands or types of clothes you’re focusing on. In particular, a size 16 in one brand is going to differ from a size 16 in another, so it’s worth looking up the sizing conversion between the brands or items you’re planning to sell, to see where the “average American woman” falls on each brand’s scale.

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Final thoughts on what sells best on Poshmark

While there are some clear trends in terms of what sells best on Poshmark, a lot of it is going to come down to the season, current trends and just a bit of luck.

There’s no question that checking a recent Poshmark trend report for what brands sell best on Poshmark can be great guidance for what may also work for you. This is especially the case if selling on Poshmark is a side hustle for you, so you already know that it’s one of the best websites to sell stuff locally. This also means you’ve probably spent hours at thrift stores trying to figure out what will sell for you and what may not.

But intuition also helps here. If you look at the top poshmark closets at any point, most of them don’t follow the information in these lists to the letter. Instead, once they get a feel of what their customers want, especially as they embrace the more social aspects of Poshmark, they start to tailor their offerings accordingly.

So to ensure you’re also building one of the best Poshmark closets possible – not to mention making as much money as possible – a combination of the available information and what’s worked specifically for you in the past is likely going to produce the best results.

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