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Making easy Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs, bazaars or even online can be a great way to earn extra cash for the holidays.

The best part is that there are so many items that can be adapted for Christmas. This means that no matter what kind of craft you’re good at, there’s almost guaranteed to be someone who’ll pay you for it.

It doesn’t even have to include traditional things like wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell. Instead, anything from home decor to jewelry is in hot demand on sites like Etsy, either as gifts or even for the buyers to use themselves.

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Simple is often the most effective way to go, not to mention the easiest, so take a look at this range of beautiful yet incredibly cheap Christmas crafts to make and sell to see which one could be your next money making opportunity.

While each of these items obviously have different things that you’ll need in order to make them, most of them do at least need you to have the following:

  • Glue gun: This one has over 2,500 five-star reviews and is incredibly cheap
  • Scissors
  • Twine: No need to go fancy on this when this roll is an absolute steal and will last you forever
  • Ribbon: There’s an array of colors to choose from but in terms of one that has the most Christmas-y feel, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful gingham ribbon

And for some other ways to make extra money for Christmas, take a look at our article: 19 Easy Methods to Make Quick Cash for the Holidays.

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This means that any money you earn from Christmas crafts you make and sell using this credit will be 100% profit!

What decorations can I make and sell for Christmas?

1. Embroidery hoop ornaments

These embroidery hoop ornaments are incredibly easy to make and sell for profit. The addition of sheet music as the background is a very effective way to call back to a Christmas carol – and could potentially be free, if you can find an old music book somewhere.

The instructions can be found here.

2. Coat hanger wreath

Not only is this wire coat hanger wreath beautiful, but it’s actually free to make if you grabbed those must-haves we mentioned at the start of this article (and assuming you have some unused wire hangers lying around – don’t we all?)

What makes this a particularly good Christmas craft to sell is the sustainability factor. That is, by using an old coat hanger and foraged leaves, you can tell potential buyers that basically all the materials are reused, which is a major selling point these days.

Click here to see the instructions.

3. Personalized baubles

christmas crafts to sell at bazaar
Source: Pizzazzerie

To quote the creator of these ornaments, these Christmas crafts are “embarrassingly easy” to make. They’re also perfect to sell as people love receiving personalized Christmas items. It would be very straightforward to advertise these on Etsy and have potential buyers tell you what name they want on each bauble. Simply add their name and you’re done!

You will need a few extra items, namely:

  • Clear balls: I’d recommend getting these glass ones as even though they’re slightly more expensive per unit, a few of the commenters on the post about how to make these said they had some trouble with glitter sticking to the inside of the plastic ones
  • Sticker letters: These sticker letter sheets have the best font available, in my opinion
  • Confetti or glitter: This shimmery ivory confetti would look incredibly elegant. Plus it’s biodegradable!

See how to make them yourself here.

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4. Christmas wreath candle holders

These Christmas wreath candle holders are another incredible easy Christmas craft to make and sell. They also have the added bonus of looking gorgeous.

You picked up that glue gun at the start, right? If so, you only need a few extra things to make these, namely: candles, some ornaments and some fake leaves. Pop down to your local Dollar Store to get these, although mixing and matching a few colours from this set of ornaments would also produce some beautiful results.

Check out how to make these here.

What are some good Christmas crafts that can be worn?

5. Christmas tree earrings

There are, frankly, an unlimited number of Pinterest Christmas crafts to sell, at least half of which appear to be jewelry. This means that narrowing them down to just a few is almost an impossible task.

At the same time, I love these earrings and would happily buy them for myself. Making them is also very straightforward, although it would be best if you have some experience making earrings at other times of the year as that probably means you’ll already have the wire and beads you need.

Find out more here.

6. Mrs. Claus apron

With so much of the holidays being focused on food, a Christmas-themed apron would be more than welcome by the chefs of each household.

And one YouTuber has nailed this with a super easy apron for you to make that’s based on this simple DIY sewing pattern.

See her instructions for how to make this below.

7. Holiday skirt

Even if having full blown Christmas parties won’t be possible in 2020, people still want to look good for the (socially distanced) get togethers they’re able to have. And offering something that’s both cute and Christmas-themed is the ideal find over the holiday season.

Luckily, one YouTuber has created this video to show us exactly how to make this beautiful holiday skirt.

8. Santa costume for dogs

It’s not only humans that should have all the holiday fun. This is especially the case given that you’re making these Christmas crafts to sell – and that you’re probably aware just how much pet owners like to spend on their furry family members.

This Santa costume is extremely cute and can easily be adapted to different sizes, making it the perfect item to sell to make some extra money this Christmas.

(There are plenty of other pet-related Christmas crafts to make and sell on Pinterest too if you want to expand your range of offerings, like holiday-themed collars, water bowls and more.)

Click here to get the pattern and instructions for this dog costume.

What are easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for kids?

9. Sensory board for babies

Sensory boards are one of the easiest DIY Christmas crafts to sell, as they basically just involve nailing anything interesting to a board for babies to then play with to their hearts’ content.

However, if you can jazz it up ever so slightly like the one in the photo (which they’ve done just by painting strips of color behind each item on the board), you can easily sell this for a significant mark-up to people who simply don’t have the time to make this themselves. 

And the best part is that you don’t need to follow a guide. Simply go to your nearest hardware store and find anything that you can nail down that won’t be a choking hazard. Popular additions to sensory boards include chain locks, swing bar locks and door knockers.

Basically, the louder and clackier, the better!

10. Glitter festive-themed slime

Slime has been a favorite of kids for years now, making it continue to be a popular gift. It definitely helps that it’s super easy to make too.

The instructions in the video below are very straightforward to follow, although a good idea is to sub in more Christmas-y colors than what she’s used. From there, just store it in an airtight container like these ones, wrap some ribbon around it – and voila, your next Christmas craft is ready to sell!

11. Building blocks

In terms of wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell, these are probably the easiest ones out there – mainly because they don’t actually involve any woodwork!

The beauty of these building blocks comes from how homemade they look, meaning you don’t need to be Van Gogh to sell these. In fact, the simpler your designs the better for the little hands who’ll be playing with these.

You don’t even have to stick to Christmas themed designs. Animals, numbers, letters and colors will all be popular, especially with parents who are always keen to help their children learn.

This pack of 250 blocks (for less than $20!) will let you make dozens of packs to sell. Simply bundle the finished blocks in a bag like this one, add a ribbon – and you’ve got the perfect DIY children’s Christmas toy.

See how to make them here.

What are some easy Christmas crafts to sell that are related to food?

12. Dessert in a jar

Dessert in a jar is a deceptively simple concept. You basically put all the ingredients needed to make a dessert into a mason jar (this pack of them is extremely cost effective, given how many you get) along with the baking instructions. Then just wrap it in something festive – and that’s really it!

You can also do the same thing with pre-prepared desserts, by putting them into the jar with a small wooden spoon tied on with twine or tinsel. These wooden disposable ones not only look rustic yet modern, but they’re biodegradable too.

To create the jar seen in the picture above, click here.

13. Granola in a jar

Sticking to the mason jar theme, there’s no reason why your Christmas crafts to sell have to be completely unhealthy! In fact, you can literally put anything you want into a jar, with some people putting home made jam, pasta sauce, hot sauce and various snacks.

This granola is a great example of this and it looks amazing too – when, really, all it has is a simple yet well-designed label and these silver star garlands wrapped around each jar, proving that it really is easy to add a beautiful holiday-themed decoration to whatever you choose to make.

Click here to see how to make these.

14. Christmas gift baskets

There are some incredible gift baskets out there – that are also incredibly expensive.

But this actually presents an opportunity for you in that it’s more than possible for you to make a great looking Christmas gift basket…and to then price it according to the going rates, which I assure you are higher than you probably think.

This YouTuber shows just how easy it is to make some beautiful baskets using items she bought at Dollar Tree. Simply start with a basket (she got hers from a thrift store but this one from Amazon is just as good) and build it up from there!

You could even be really savvy and offer different ones at different price points, helping you to attract a range of buyers no matter what their Christmas budgets are!

What are some cheap Christmas crafts to make and sell as stocking stuffers?

When making stocking stuffers as small Christmas crafts to sell, you want them to be easy to make. After all, these gifts are going to be fairly small and thus cheaper than some of the others, given their intended purpose.

This means, given the return on investment, you want things that you can make in bulk and at a low price, to make sure you’re making a profit.

Fortunately, we found a bunch of options that fit the bill.

15. Christmas soap

This soap is deceivingly simple to make, given how cute the final products are. And once they’re done, simply wrap them in some cellophane and twine or ribbon and you’ll easily be able to sell them in packs at your nearest Christmas craft fair.

You will need some melt and pour soap base (this one is very highly rated and reasonably priced), but this will be able to make a number of pieces of soap for you to sell.

(Just make sure you double check any labeling requirements to avoid this accidentally becoming an illegal side hustle…)

See how to make these here.

16. Bath bombs

…and to match the Christmas soap, why not add some Christmas bath bombs?

They’re very cute, apparently smell amazing and take only 20 minutes to make up to nine bath bombs. Plus you get to smash some candy canes, so what’s not to like?

Take a look at the how-to video below.

17. Candy coins

These “candy coins” each take about 10 seconds to make and would make a cute addition to any stocking. Wrapping each one differently is also a great tip to encourage people to buy more than one, especially as they may be wanting to put a set of them into someone’s stocking.

Find the instructions for these here.

18. Nail polish

This is another very simple yet effective idea as a Christmas craft to make and sell. 

Ideally, you’d buy a set of the sparkly nail polish when it’s on sale before the holiday season really kicks in. Otherwise, any type will do – the photo includes this specific nail polish by OPI, but you may be able to find a cheaper brand with a similar product.

Click here to see how to do this yourself.

19. Chocolate dipping spoons

These chocolate dipping spoons look amazing and the instructions will blow you away with how simple these are to make. Probably the best part is that you can make a ton of them at once, making them the perfect product to make en masse the night before a craft fair or other Christmas market.

To save some money and add an extra zing to them, visit your local thrift store for some spoons. They don’t all have to be the same – in fact, they almost look more interesting by being different!

Check out how to make them here.

Final thoughts on making Christmas crafts to sell

If you’re looking for easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit, the options on this list should more than meet your needs. Whether you’re a guru in the kitchen, a whiz with the sewing machine or can pull a professional gift basket out of a Dollar Tree hat, there are definitely ways for you to make some extra money over the holidays by selling these.

You could make these Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs, but Etsy is also a great place for this. Millions of people visit Etsy every day, meaning you have far more potential customers than if you simply stuck to selling these in-person. And while this will mean having to deal with things like shipping, the possibility for massive sales is definitely there.

Either way, as a way to make some extra cash over the holidays, these beautiful crafts are bound to sell like festive hotcakes.

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