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Having some easy Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs, bazaars or even online can be a great way to earn extra cash for the holidays.

The best part is that there are so many Christmas craft ideas out there. This means that no matter what kind of craft you’re good at, there’s almost guaranteed to be someone who’ll pay you for it!

You don’t even have to limit yourself to only make and sell traditional things like wooden Christmas crafts or DIY Christmas decorations. Instead, anything from home decor to jewelry is in hot demand over the holidays as a way to make money on Etsy or other similar sites, either as gifts or even for the buyers to use themselves.

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Simple is often the most effective way to go, not to mention the quickest, and we’ve got you covered on both fronts here. This means that there are bound to be some Christmas crafts to sell here that could be your next money making opportunity.

(And if you’re looking for some other ways to make money for Christmas, our article on how to make quick cash for the holidays can definitely help.)

While each of these items obviously have different things that you’ll need in order to make them, most of them do at least need you to have the following:

  • Glue gun: This glue gun has over 4,500 five-star reviews, while still being incredibly good value
  • Scissors
  • Twine: No need to go fancy on this when this roll is an absolute steal and will last you forever
  • Ribbon: There’s an array of colors to choose from but in terms of one that has the most Christmas-y feel, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful gingham ribbon

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Christmas crafts to make and sell

1. Embroidery hoop ornaments

These embroidery hoop ornaments are an incredibly easy option if you’re looking for things to make and sell for profit for the holidays. The addition of sheet music as the background is a very effective way to call back to a Christmas carol – and could potentially be free, if you can find an old music book somewhere!

The instructions can be found here.

2. Coat hanger wreath

Not only is this wire coat hanger wreath beautiful, but it’s actually free to make if you grabbed those must-haves we mentioned at the start of this article (and assuming you have some unused wire hangers lying around – don’t we all?)

What makes this a particularly good Christmas craft to sell is the sustainability factor. That is, by using an old coat hanger and foraged leaves, you can tell potential buyers that basically all the materials are reused, which is a major selling point these days.

Click here to see the instructions.

3. Star ornaments

These star ornaments look absolutely beautiful, but you may be shocked that they’re made simply with this metallic cardstock paper. It takes mere minutes to cut and fold each one, meaning you could easily make a large amount of them to sell in a relatively short period of time.

From there, simply add the sparkly embellishment you see in the middle (which is literally made by gluing on a piece of metallic pipe cleaner) and you’ve got yourself an elegant yet oh-so-simple Christmas ornament to make and sell.

See how to make them yourself here.

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4. Christmas candles

These Christmas candles are another incredibly easy Christmas craft to make and sell. They also have the added bonus of looking gorgeous.

What’s great about these is that they involve making the candles from scratch. While that may take longer than simply picking a few up from the store, being able to create your own fragrances with each one can allow you to produce an amazingly unique product line. It’s also much easier to do than it sounds, as you can see from our article on how to make candles to sell from home.

Check out how to make these here.

5. Christmas tree earrings

There are, frankly, an unlimited number of Pinterest Christmas crafts to sell, at least half of which appear to be jewelry – just in case you’re looking for a way to make money on Pinterest. But this means that narrowing them down to just a few Christmas craft ideas to sell is almost an impossible task.

That said, one way to pick exactly which craft to make if you’re looking to earn money is to find something that you yourself would buy. And that’s where these earrings come in – personally, I love them and would happily buy them for myself.

Actually making them is also very straightforward if you have the necessary equipment. The person who made the ones in the picture used a Silhouette Cameo, but using the (cheaper!) Cricut would be just as good.

Find out more about making these here.

6. Mrs. Claus apron

With so much of the holidays being focused on food, a Christmas-themed apron would be more than welcome by the chefs of each household.

And one YouTuber has nailed this with a super easy apron for you to make that’s based on this simple DIY sewing pattern.

See her instructions at the video above for how to make this.

7. Holiday skirt

When preparing for the Christmas holiday party bonanza that the end of the year offers, it’s only natural that people are wanting something that’s festive but that they won’t see on anyone else there.

This is why offering something that’s both cute and Christmas-themed is the ideal find for your customers over the holiday season.

Luckily, one YouTuber has created the video above to show us exactly how to make this beautiful holiday skirt, that you could easily make and sell.

8. Santa costume for dogs

It’s not only humans that should have all the holiday fun. This is especially the case given that you’re making these Christmas crafts to sell – and that you’re probably aware just how much pet owners like to spend on their furry family members.

This Santa costume is extremely cute and can easily be adapted to different sizes, making it the perfect item to sell to make some extra money this Christmas.

(There are plenty of other pet-related Christmas crafts to make and sell on Pinterest too if you want to expand your range of offerings, like holiday-themed collars, water bowls and more.)

Click here to get the pattern and instructions for this dog costume.

9. Festive dog treats

Pet-related items are some of the best things to sell on Etsy, with this being one of the most popular categories out there. So if making a Santa dog costume isn’t your thing but you’re still keen to make Christmas craft ideas to sell aimed at the four-legged member of the family, why not check out the option of making and selling dog treats?

The ones in the image above are made using these exact Christmas cookie plungers, just in case you love the look of these. And as you’ll see from the instructions, they’re also incredibly easy to make. In just a couple of hours, you’ll be able to make a massive batch that you can sell at a huge profit during the festive period.

FYI: If making money from selling dog treats sounds like your ideal side hustle, check out our article on how to start a dog treat bakery!

10. Glitter festive-themed slime

Slime has been a favorite of kids for years now, making it continue to be a popular gift. It definitely helps that it’s super easy to make too, meaning you should have no problem in making several different colored batches to sell in the lead up to Christmas.

And the “Grinch themed” slime in the image above is perfect for this. While the heart charm in the middle looks amazing, I’d suggest as an alternative using one of these Christmas-themed charms to really continue with the festive spirit.

Once you’re all slimed up, just store it in something like one of these airtight containers, wrap some ribbon around it – and voila, your next Christmas craft is ready to sell!

11. Christmas countdown blocks

In terms of wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell, these countdown blocks are truly beautiful. You could easily market these to be the perfect addition to any mantle or side table as people get their homes ready for the holiday season.

You will need your Cricut for the writing on these, but otherwise it’s simply a matter of finding the different shaped blocks you need and painting them, which really won’t take long at all.

Check out the video below to see how to make these.

12. Cookie mix in a jar

Cooke mix in a jar is a deceptively simple concept. You basically put all the ingredients needed to make a dessert into a mason jar (this pack of mason jars is a steal, given how many you get) along with the baking instructions. Then just wrap it in something festive – and that’s really it!

You can also do the same thing with pre-prepared desserts, like actual cookies, by putting them into the jar with a small wooden spoon tied on with twine or tinsel. These wooden disposable ones not only look rustic yet modern, but they’re biodegradable too.

To create the jar seen in the picture above (including to get a copy of the instructions tied to the jar in that image), click here.

13. Homemade hot chocolate mix

Sticking to the mason jar theme, when talking about traditional treats over the holiday season, it’s probably no surprise to hear that your Christmas craft ideas to sell aren’t necessarily going to be the healthiest options around. Luckily, it’s more important that they’re delicious and bring a smile to people’s faces!

This hot chocolate mix is a great example of this – and it looks amazing too. You could even market them as packs for people to buy from you and hand them out to the whole family on Christmas morning.

Those mason jars you grabbed under the last option on this list will also work perfectly here. Check out the instructions here for how to make these, where you can also grab a copy of the recipe label seen in the image above.

14. Christmas gift baskets

There are some incredible gift baskets out there – that are also incredibly expensive.

But this actually presents an opportunity for you in that it’s more than possible for you to make a great looking Christmas gift basket…and to then price it according to the going rates, which I assure you are higher than you probably think.

This YouTuber shows just how easy it is to make some beautiful baskets using items she bought at Dollar Tree. Simply start with a basket (she got hers from a thrift store but this empty gift basket is just as good) and build it up from there!

You could even be really savvy and offer different ones at different price points, helping you to attract a range of buyers no matter what their Christmas budgets are!

15. Candy cane soap

This soap is deceivingly simple to make, given how cute the final product is, meaning they definitely fit the bill if you’re looking for easy Christmas crafts to make and sell. And once they’re done, simply wrap them in some cellophane and twine or ribbon and you’ll easily be able to sell them in packs at your nearest Christmas craft fair.

The full instructions are available here which, as you’ll see, includes this peppermint essential oil. After all, having candy cane soap without the actual cent just wouldn’t be right, would it?

(Just make sure you double check any labeling requirements when you start to sell these to avoid this accidentally becoming an illegal side hustle…)

16. Bath bombs

…and to match the Christmas soap, why not add some Christmas bath bombs? And that’s not even considering that bath-related products like these are traditionally some of the best selling Christmas crafts out there, especially as people look for things like stocking stuffers.

They’re very cute and smell amazing, with a mix of the peppermint essential oil from the candy cane soap instructions combined with this vanilla essential oil.

The finished product also matches perfectly with the soap, meaning you’d easily be able to sell them both in a pack to really target potential customers on the hunt for a festive yet useful gift for their lucky recipient.

Take a look at the instructions here.

17. Christmas stockings

Homemade Christmas stockings
Source: Lia Griffith

These stockings look amazing and with so many variations available, you could easily build an entire product range of these.

You do have to be a bit nifty with a sewing machine but as long as you’re comfortable with that, people will be knocking down your door at the prospect of being able to wake up on Christmas day to a view like in the picture above.

Find the instructions for these here.

(And if you liked the “joy” sign above the mantle there, you’ll love the next option on this list…)

18. Light-up sign

This would be an amazing handmade creative addition to any home over the festive period, whether it’s on the mantle in the lounge room or in a window looking out to greet holiday guests.

The fact it’s so impressive to look at means that, when it comes to Christmas crafts to sell, this is one of the options where you could probably set the price higher than some of the others would allow. Don’t mistake that higher price though for needing more work, as the hardest part of this sign, based on the instructions, will simply be drilling the holes into the letters for the lights.

That’s especially the case if you buy the letters pre-made rather than cutting them yourself with a jigsaw. You can grab the ones in the image above at Hobby Lobby.

You won’t want to make these with too many letters, to make it easier on yourself. Some other options to sell, in addition to “JOY” could include:

  • “NOEL”
  • “MERRY”
  • “YULE”
  • “XMAS”

19. Nail polish

This is another very simple yet effective idea, meaning it’s the very definition of easy Christmas crafts to make and sell. 

Ideally, you’d buy a set of the sparkly nail polish when it’s on sale before the holiday season really kicks in. Otherwise, any type will do. For instance, while the exact one in the photo from OPI isn’t sold any more, this sparkly red OPI nail polish is a good alternative, although you may be able to find a cheaper brand with a similar product.

Click here to see how to do this yourself.

20. Wreath

You may have seen this style of wreath doing the rounds on Pinterest lately, not only for Christmas but year-round. However, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same for a more unique spin on this Christmas classic!

It’s also nowhere near as hard to make as it looks, with all the pieces simply glued onto a willow wreath form. Just grab an assortment of decorations, that hot glue gun you got at the start and you’ll be done in no time!

Check out how to make this here.

21. Wooden sign

This sign looks incredible and you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to make. In fact, the hardest part is making the stencil to form the words on the sign.

From there, it’s simply a question of sourcing enough wood to keep up with demand. And, of course, you can create as many different sayings as you want. It’s always good to try to strike a balance between offering a few options while not creating “analysis paralysis” in your customers – just a few great festive sayings that they’ll be more than happy to buy from you.

See how to make this here.

Final thoughts on making Christmas crafts to sell

If you’re looking for easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit, the options on this list should more than meet your needs. Whether you’re a guru in the kitchen, a whiz with the sewing machine or can pull a professional gift basket out of a Dollar Tree hat, there are definitely ways for you to make some extra money over the holidays by selling these.

You could make these Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs, but Etsy is also a great place for this. Millions of people visit Etsy every day, meaning you have far more potential customers than if you simply stuck to selling these in-person. And while this will mean having to deal with things like shipping, the possibility for massive sales is definitely there.

Either way, as a way to make some extra cash over the holidays, these beautiful crafts are bound to sell like festive hotcakes.

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