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Have you ever stopped at a convenience store, seen the rolls of shiny, colorful scratch tickets and thought…maybe I could win the jackpot with one of those?

Well, we have an app that could be just what you’re looking for. And, as this Lucktastic review will show you, you don’t even have to go all the way to your local 7/11 to play!

Summary of our Lucktastic review

  • It’s a fun, free way to gamble without having to put in any of your own money
  • The scratch card idea in particular is a good way to spend some time, with a great variety of options. However…
  • Reports online indicate that it’s hard to earn any substantial amount above a couple of dollars and cashing out can be difficult
  • Overall, we’d recommend another app like Swagbucks where you can also play games but are more likely to win. And the $5 sign up bonus just for validating your email with Swagbucks is far more than most people seem to win with Lucktastic.


Free sign-up bonus: $10

A great app for making extra money, including with cash back from online shopping, watching videos, playing games and more.

And given it’s paid out over $550 million through Amazon, Paypal and other gift cards, it’s 100% legit.

What is Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is a free app on both Android and iPhone which lets you play by scratching digital scratch cards.

It also has other ways to win money, like by earning daily rewards or entering contests – all of which are also free.

This makes it basically like gambling without having to put any of your own money in the pot.

There are a few requirements for those looking to use Lucktastic, namely:

  • You must be based in the US
  • You must be 13 years or older (making it great for teens looking to make money)
  • You must have an Android or iPhone with in-app GPS services enabled (although, when we used the app, we denied this request and it seemed to work perfectly fine…)
  • You must have the time to devote about 30 seconds to each scratch card, as an ad of this length will play before each game

Finally, Lucktastic headquarters is based in New York and was founded in 2012, so has been around for quite some time in comparison to other, similar apps.

How much money can I make with Lucktastic?

Lucktastic claims to have awarded over $3 million in prizes to players. It also has occasional competitions for people to win amounts ranging up to $25,000, including the chance to win $10,000 on an instant scratch card.

Lucktastic really gained notoriety when it awarded a prize of $1 million to a lucky winner in Las Vegas. Given that almost four million people entered that competition, it should give you an idea of how many people use this app.

Other Lucktastic reviews online, however, suggest that it’s far more common for players to only win a couple of dollars – or even just a few cents. 

Essentially, it’s best to not play expecting that you’ll win thousands of dollars. It’s just good luck if you do.

How many people use Lucktastic?

This is a fair question, given the information that Lucktastic has shared indicates that you have a greater chance of winning the less people play.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to answer this question with the available information. Lucktastic’s “Advertise with Us” page hasn’t been updated in a few years, but it mentions that there’s an average of 40,000,000 monthly mobile transactions. Whether that’s 40 million users or 40 million scratch cards played each month is hard to say.

Either way, it’s safe to assume that there are a lot of people competing for what may be a fairly limited amount of prizes.

How can I make money with Lucktastic?

There are a range of different ways to make money with Lucktastic – some of which are more likely to give you a win than others.

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1. Scratch cards

Scratch cards are the main part of Lucktastic. There are a limited number every day, which are available until 4am EST. They then reset, with new cards available an hour later.

lucktastic scratch card example

You also have access to bonus cards, which appear between 1pm and 5pm EST as well as after 9pm EST.

Each card has six boxes and you need three matching symbols to win. Playing is easy: you just hold your finger on the screen and swipe it side to size – like you’re scratching off each box – to show the symbols underneath.

$5,000 card

You’ll be given a daily $5,000 card once you play at least one scratch card every day for four days in a row.

$10,000 card

A card that gives you the chance to win $10,000 will appear after you’ve played 150 cards.

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2. Daily rewards

If you play a scratch card for at least four days in a row, in addition to accessing the $5,000 bonus card, you’ll also be able to earn a daily rewards bonus.

The reward can include tokens, cash, entries to Lucktastic contests or other prizes.

lucktastic review of daily bonus

And the longer you keep playing, the longer you’ll have access to these daily rewards. That means that if you miss a day, you’ll have to start again at the beginning of the four consecutive day period.

But this also means that the longer your streak, the more you’ll earn. This makes this probably the easiest way within the app to continue to build your token balance.

3. Contests

Lucktastic constantly has a range of contests for anyone to enter. At the time of writing this article, these include winning:

  • $200 per week in grocery store vouchers
  • Up to $2,500 for three winners
  • $200 for a winner in each US state
  • A trip for four to Universal Studios

Like the scratch cards, it’s free to enter these contests. You can also earn extra entries through the daily rewards.

If you’re lucky enough to win, and after a Lucktastic review that your entry is legitimate, they’ll notify you. You’ll then have 48 hours to respond before someone else is selected as the winner.

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4. Refer friends

Every Lucktastic player has an individual link, which you can access in the top left corner of the app by selecting “Friends”. 

lucktastic referral screen

What happens here is if you share this with your friends on social media or directly via email, WhatsApp or similar, you receive 1,000 tokens for each one of them that signs up.

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5. VIP program

The Lucktastic VIP program gives you the chance to win even more prizes. The different levels of this include:

  • VIP Bronze – install one app and play 30 cards
  • VIP Silver – install three apps and play 50 cards
  • VIP Gold – install seven apps and play 200 cards

The higher you go, the more you can possibly win. For example, being at the bronze level gets you a weekly entry into winning a $5 Amazon gift card and a daily 500 token scratch card. 

lucktastic VIP gold sample screen

On the other hand, at the gold level, you have the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card each week, a daily 3,000 token scratch card and a lot more.

Just make sure you keep playing the app from time to time once you get to a certain level, or else you’ll drop down to the one below.

6. Become a College Ambassador

For college students who play Lucktastic, you may be interested in joining the College Ambassador Program.

The aim is for you to refer others on campus to also download the app. In return, you’ll receive gift cards to stores like Amazon, Dominoes, Walmart and more for the amounts below.

referral amounts for becoming a lucktastic college ambassador

You’ll also receive a package of Lucktastic merchandise, including apparel, stickers and pens.

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7. Download new apps

From time to time, you’ll receive offers for ways to earn new tokens (and, in some cases, actual cash payouts), which mostly involve you downloading partner apps. 

By installing these and sometimes doing a quick activity, like browsing a certain page in the app, you’ll often earn better rewards that you would from just using scratch cards.

So if you download the app, make sure you check the Lucktastic offerwall for some potentially better offers than you’d otherwise get.

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What can I win with Lucktastic?


You can actually win straight-up cash with Lucktastic. Once you earn at least $2, you can trade it in for a gift card to a range of over 30 stores.


Tokens are essentially an in-app currently that you can use to enter contests.

Reports from other players suggest that you’re far more likely to win tokens than cash. And once you’ve earned 30,000 of them, you can redeem tokens for a $5 Amazon gift card.

screen showing tokens won with lucktastic

And at various times, there are even better deals for exchanging tokens for gift cards. For example, this user on Reddit mentions the possibility of redeeming 75,000 Lucktastic tokens for a $50 Amazon gift card.

Others that are reported online include the following:

  • 30,000 tokens gets you a $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts or Burger King
  • 40,000 tokens gets you a $10 gift card to Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Groupon or Petco
  • 97,750 tokens gets you a $20 gift card to Sephora, Children’s Place, Panera or Gamestop
  • 199,999 tokens gets you a $50 gift card to Ruby Tuesday, Shutterfly, Applebee’s, Bath & Body, Chili’s, JC Penney, Olive Garden and more

How does Lucktastic work?

1. Download the app

Pretty self explanatory. It’s available on both iOS or Android.

2. Sign up

Once you have downloaded the app and sign up, you’ll receive an alert that Lucktastic is for US residents only. It will then ask you to prove this by entering your zip code. 

You’re also supposed to agree to enabling GPS services – but, as mentioned above, we didn’t and the app still seemed to function perfectly.

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3. Tutorial

You’ll then receive a quick tutorial on how to use the scratch cards as well as other functions within the app.

It will then suggest that you try a scratch card yourself and, surprise surprise, you’ll probably find you win $1 and some tokens!

This is basically a sign up bonus – everyone wins this amount as a way to keep you in the game. Still, it doesn’t hurt.

4. Check your dashboard

Your dashboard is like your home base, showing you all of the scratch cards that are available for you to play with, your daily rewards, any alerts, your balance and so on. 

Each of the scratch cards will tell you how much cash or how many tokens you can win, so you can focus on those where the reward is higher.

You’ll also have a countdown timer close to the top of the page. This indicates when all your current cards expire and when new ones will be available.

5. Check your points balance

This is at the end of the toolbar but is really what you’re focusing on here. After all, this amount may determine what actual cash you can win.

The balance will actually be two numbers: one saying how many tokens you’ve earned and another showing you how much cash you’ve won.

screen showing your lucktastic points balance

6. Check your daily rewards

As mentioned earlier in our Lucktastic review, if you play at least one scratch card every day for four days in a row, you’ll have access to daily rewards. These are usually tokens.

This means that this is a good next place to check in the app if you’ve met the four-day requirement.

And don’t forget that the more days you play consecutively, the better the daily rewards become. Clearly this is a way to incentivize you to keep playing but if it helps you win more, then so be it.

7. Check your alerts

The alerts are normally fairly promotional and basically encourage you to click on more things in the app.

That said, there are occasionally hidden gems like new contests you may not have seen or additional bonuses because of something you did while using Lucktastic.

It takes five seconds to quickly check it and close it but, from time to time, it can be worth it.

8. Check the VIP section

Next to the “Alerts” button is the one for the VIP program. This screen is fairly straightforward: it will tell you what you get at each tier of the program, what you need to do to get to each one and how far you are from upgrading to the next level.

9. Check the sidebar

There are a bunch of items in the sidebar that you probably won’t need or are fairly self explanatory. For example, “Scratch Cards” take you to your available scratch cards, “Enter Contests” is where you enter contests and so on.

But there are some worth pointing out or clarifying:

  • Friend Bonus – this is where you find your referral link which you can use to get bonuses if your friends also sign up
  • Registration – it’s worth noting that this seems to be optional. In fact, the Lucktastic FAQs state that you can register at any time using either your email address, Facebook or Twitter
screen showing lucktastic sidebar

What are the odds of winning with Lucktastic?

Lucktastic doesn’t give exact amounts but it does report that the odds of winning depend on how many people are playing the scratch cards.

In addition, for contests, the odds of winning apparently depend on the number of entries received, with all entries having the same chance of winning.

It’s hard to tell how many people are actually entering each contest. That said, we showed you above the example of the man who won $1 million with Lucktastic.

Given that almost 4 million people entered that competition, it’s safe to say that you have to be pretty lucky to win big.

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Is Lucktastic a scam?

Lucktastic isn’t a scam as some people do win money. Even just a casual user who doesn’t win a jackpot can still win a couple of bucks – and the fact that Lucktastic pays this out shows it’s not a scam.

That said, there are definitely issues with this app.

For example, there are a lot of complaints that Lucktastic gift cards are often out of stock, like this one on Reddit. This makes it next to impossible to cash out the tokens you earn.

There are also people who complain that they have played for months and have barely won anything. While this is discouraging, it’s also similar to the regular, real life lottery.

Basically, while Lucktastic isn’t a scam, it’s also far from the easiest way in the world to make money, especially if you need it urgently.

It’s also worth noting that the Better Business Bureau has awarded the company an F rating at the moment. However, this isn’t to do with the game itself but with problems arising from its failure to respond to complaints as well as advertising concerns.

When does the Lucktastic app pay me?

Lucktastic claims that it pays people out as quickly as possible, but comments online indicate that that’s far from the case.

Apart from the issues mentioned earlier in this Lucktastic review about actually earning items to cash out, for those that get that far, it can apparently take a long time and involve jumping through a range of unnecessary hoops.

If you win a contest, they will contact you shortly after it ends. However, if you don’t respond within 48 hours, they’ll select another winner.

In terms of the payout for a contest, it’s not quite that fast but it’s not bad. That is, Lucktastic states that they aim to send contest prizes within ten business days of you confirming your win.

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Is there a Lucktastic hack to help me win? Any cheats and tricks?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any tips and tricks out there to help you win more, except to play more.

Like a “real life” scratch card, winning is purely a matter of chance. This means that you can’t hack Lucktastic as the results are, theoretically, completely random.

That said, one “hack” could be to make sure you’re online for the daily bonus scratch cards. These appear between 1pm and 5pm EST as well as after 9pm EST.

Are there other apps like Lucktastic?

There are plenty of apps you can download that involve playing games of chance to make money. Most of them will, however, only see you winning a couple of dollars, at best.

There are exceptions though:

Swagbucks – $5 sign-up bonus

One exception that we’d recommend if you’re just looking to play a random set of games, not lottery-specific type games, is Swagbucks. 

It’s also free but reviews are far more positive in terms of how much you’ll win – and the fact that you’ll actually be paid out with fairly minimal effort.

And if you sign up here with Swagbucks and register your email address, you’ll even get a $5 sign up bonus – which is already more than the $1 you’ll probably win your first time playing Lucktastic.


Free sign-up bonus: $10

A great app for making extra money, including with cash back from online shopping, watching videos, playing games and more.

And given it’s paid out over $550 million through Amazon, Paypal and other gift cards, it’s 100% legit.

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Ibotta – $20 sign-up bonus

Ibotta doesn’t involve playing games. Instead, it’s a free app that gives you cash back for buying things like groceries, with reports online of people earning $500 or more per month – not to mention the $20 sign-up bonus.

This basically makes it free cash for doing exactly what you’d be doing otherwise.

Ibotta app cash back example from shopping


Free sign-up bonus: $20

Ibotta is a completely free app that gives you cash back on what you’re buying already – groceries, medicine, clothes and more.

In fact, users make $150 per year on average – not including your free $20 welcome bonus – with over $682 million having been paid out, so you know Ibotta is definitely legit.

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Is Lucktastic secure?

Lucktastic collects information like most apps and there is no indication online that this has ever been breached.

As with any service you sign up for, it’s best to read the Privacy Policy to make sure you’re comfortable with how your data is being used and whether the level fo security is acceptable to you.

Main takeaways from our Lucktastic review

With literally millions of users and Lucktastic’s own admission that your chances of winning depend on how many people play, we can assume from this Lucktastic review that it’s pretty difficult to win a ton of money with this app.

Sure, it happens from time to time so there’s certainly a chance of winning big. But the information available is fairly out of date, so it’s hard to know what the winning trends have been in recent years.

For the majority of players, it seems that the most they’ll win is a couple of bucks. Depending on how long you end up spending in the app, this might not be worth your time.

So should I download Lucktastic?

Don’t get us wrong: the app is fun to use and the scratch cards have enough variety to keep them interesting. But if you’re looking to win actual money, we’d recommend a different app, like Swagbucks.

At the same time, if you’re just just looking to have some fun and waste some time, Lucktastic is a solid option.

There’s no question that there’s a quick thrill in any gambling game – especially one like this where you don’t actually have to put your own money up.

So if your intention is simply to spend some time playing around on your phone and you don’t mind whether or not you actually win anything, then Lucktastic could definitely be worth your time.

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