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Whether you’re sick of the faster pace of other roles you’ve had or you just know that something a bit calmer is right for you, somewhere in this list of slow paced jobs could be your next line of work.

No matter your reason for trying to reduce your work-related pressure, it can definitely help to narrow down your options to some of the least stressful jobs out there. And with plenty of possibilities, you’re certainly not going to limit your ways to make money – or even how much you can earn.

This is especially the case when you’re looking for slow paced jobs for anxiety management or for introverts who simply don’t want to deal with the face-to-face aspects of other roles. In those cases, these options could certainly be the best for giving you a much more positive working experience over the long term.

So keep reading to find what could be the happiest careers for you!

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Best slow paced jobs

1. Freelance writer

Freelance writing is a great example of a job where you can set the pace yourself (which you’ll also see applies to a couple of other jobs on this list!).

That is, it generally involves accepting tasks from clients based on a certain deadline. This means that the more tasks you accept and the shorter deadlines you agree to, the higher the pace of your work.

woman typing in one of the best slow paced jobs for introverts

The great impact of this is that it means that you can completely set your own volume of work and the terms on which you’re working. So are you a freelance writer looking for a slow paced job? Make sure you look for tasks that align with the kind of pace you’re looking for.

FYI: To find freelance writing jobs, check out FlexJobs as a great starting point. You can also find out more on getting started here with this article on how to become a freelance writer, even with no experience

2. Virtual friend

Working as a virtual friend can sound a bit strange at first, but it’s increasingly becoming a completely legit way to make money.

It essentially involves agreeing to simply chat with someone online. Don’t worry, it’s completely platonic, and is often used by people who may be struggling to have some in-person social interaction for whatever reason.

Find out more on how to become an online friend here.

3. Proofreader

Working in a proofreading job involves reviewing documents for errors. This means you could find yourself proofreading things like journal articles, website articles, CVs, college theses and more.

And the way you find work here is similar to a freelance writer, in that you can accept as much or as little as you like. This means that this is another great example of how you can easily turn this into a slow paced job if you want.

There’s also seriously good money to be made as a proofreader. For example, Caitlin Pyle makes over $70,000 per year doing this. It’s on this basis that she’s created a great, free workshop to show you how to get started as a proofreader too. It covers:

  • Why proofreading could be the perfect fit for you to make money
  • How she used proofreading to get lifestyle freedom
  • Her strategies for attracting your ideal clients

Click here to sign up for Caitlin’s free proofreading workshop.

4. Artist

When you think of the typical image of an artist, you probably think of someone painting in a paint strewn studio sculpting the next masterpiece.

But those kinds of artists are pretty rare – and the pool of those who actually make good money is even smaller. Fortunately, if you have a creative streak, there’s a much easier option for making money.

woman typing in one of the best slow paced jobs for anxiety management

In particular, finding things to make and sell on sites like Etsy can be a really lucrative side hustle. Given that you’re hand making these items, you’re definitely still an artist but using a platform like Etsy means you reach a much wider audience – who are all very willing to spend money on your pieces.

And as it’s your own online store, it’s fully up to you how much stock you want to hold (although it’s probably best to focus on items that rank among the best things to sell on Etsy). The less stock you want to maintain, the slower pace you’ll likely be working here!

To learn more about this, check out our article on how to make money on Etsy.

5. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist’s responsibilities involve creating transcripts and captions according to audio and video recordings that they are sent from their clients.

As above, this is another job where you can make it as fast or slow paced as you want to. It’s worth noting that you’re generally paid per audio minute here, so there’s definitely a financial advantage to working faster. 

That said, if you’re just trying to get into the working from home game, taking it a bit easier could be a good way to build your experience here without making things too stressful. This can also be a great option for anyone looking for, say, jobs for pregnant women, as it can be as flexible as you want and doesn’t involve you having to move much.

(Alternatively, you could check out these transcription jobs where no experience is needed.)

FYI: You don’t necessarily need formal training to become a transcriptionist, but it can always help to get some extra tips on how to work more efficiently. For that, I’d really recommend you check out this free seven day course on working from home as a transcriptionist.

6. Data entry 

Getting paid to type is a great work from home job if you’re looking for something where not much thinking is required. That is, you’ll be given the data and be asked to enter it somewhere else, which makes it perfect if you’re just not up for something that requires a bit more analysis.

This also means, like some of the others, that it can be very slow paced if you accept a volume of work that keeps things comfortable. Of course, the more data you work with, the more you earn, so that may be a consideration for you when deciding how much work you want to have.

But for anyone looking for slow paced jobs where you can set your own hours, data entry can certainly be a good option. Check out FlexJobs for opportunities in this field.

7. House-sitter

Working as a house sitter is the very definition of a slow paced job, given that literally all you have to do is sit there!

woman reading on sofa in a job that has the most free time

Let’s be honest, you probably won’t be paid that much to be a housesitter. Instead, the benefit comes from being able to save money on your own rent or even saving money on accommodation costs if you do it when you’re traveling.

This means that you may even be able to combine it with one of the other jobs on this list!

8. Pet sitter

Much like housesitting, pet sitting can be the dream slow paced job for anyone who doesn’t want much action or earning some coin.

Of course, there’s a bit more active work here than with housesitting, given that you have to, you know, look after the pets. But this could be very simple depending on the type of pet sitting job you’ve taken, such as simply visiting a pet while its owners are away for a weekend – to actually having them sitting around your house for the day (or longer!) while the humans are at work. 

Either way, assuming the pet isn’t completely hyperactive, this is going to be at a very reasonable pace for you.

To get started as a pet sitter, check out Rover – it’s the largest pet sitting site on the internet, meaning there are plenty of four-legged customers for you to connect with (and get paid for!) here.

9. Dog walker

Dog walking is slow paced as long as you have a similarly slow paced dog to accompany you. If you have a super active one that may not be so good on the lead just yet, this probably won’t be quite the pace that you’re expecting.

But a dog with a reasonable amount of energy who just wants to trot along happily next to you is a great way to get paid to walk, especially if you’re an animal lover.

Sign up to become a dog walker at Rover to find clients in your area – or even go the old fashioned route of a letter box drop or handing out fliers at your local dog park!

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most popular side hustles


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10. Librarian

Personally, when it comes to slow paced jobs, this would probably be my dream one. It can also be the perfect low stress job after retirement, for example.

Being a librarian actually involves more tasks than simply putting away books though. For instance, if you work at a community library, you’ll likely be helping to run events that are held at your library. 

library with chair for reading

Alternatively, if you work at somewhere like a school or university library, you’ll also be helping people find research materials while keeping an eye on which pieces should be added to the collection.

Overall, though, being a librarian is a far more slow paced job than many others out there. You’ll have to be a little bit of a people person sometimes, but it’s not quite as customer focused as others. 

11. Elderly companion

Working with the elderly can be extremely rewarding and, perhaps unsurprisingly, things don’t usually go at quite the same pace as other jobs.

But that can be perfect if that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Your range of tasks here can really vary, from doing things around the house and helping the person out with some of their needs, to simply being a friendly ear and having a chat with someone who may not be able to get out that much.

In some places, you need some sort of certification to have this kind of role or at least a form of clearance. Check your local area to see what applies for you.

12. Florist

Most customer service roles aren’t what you’d call slow paced jobs, but working as a florist is perhaps an exception to that rule.

For example, if you’re serving food or drinks, people want their order right now. But when they’re ordering flowers, people tend to be much more accommodating, perhaps given how peaceful the surroundings are.

There are other responsibilities in this job besides serving customers, of course. Arranging displays, submitting in orders, checking sales figures to see what works and more will all be part of your day-to-day tasks. That said, none of them could be called particularly fast paced so it could be a good option for you.

13. Gardener 

For anyone looking for slow paced jobs where you work alone, becoming a gardener could be for you.

woman gardening in one of the least stressful jobs available

After all, your job is just to look after your client’s garden to make sure it’s thriving and looking its best. And as long as you’re not paid an hourly rate (which is when your client may want you to move a little bit faster) this is a great way to earn money calmly. 

14. Cleaner

Working as a house cleaner is definitely another low stress job. With your primary responsibility being to keep the house clean, there’s not going to be a whole lot of pressure here in general.

Like the gardener, the one exception is if you’re being paid by the hour and your client is pushing for you to get done as quickly as possible. 

That said, there’s no harm in working efficiently, especially if it means you can fit in more than one client throughout the day to earn more money – just as long as you’re ok with the extra push this involves. 

15. Security guard

When we say that a security guard is a slow-paced job, it’s important to keep in mind the type of security guard we mean.

For example, I wouldn’t put someone working security at an airport in this category, which is basically the opposite of slow paced.

But if you’ve ever left a car park at night and seen a lone security guard keeping watch over the gates with barely anyone going through or noticed a single security guard watching over a museum overnight that’s never seen a break in, you can probably tell just how good this could be as a slow paced jobs for introverts, in particular. 

16. Masseur

Being a masseur is definitely a slow paced job given that that’s exactly what your customers are looking for.

someone working as a masseur as one of the happiest careers available

If you can offer a calm, relaxing experience, where your clients can take their time and enjoy a relaxing moment out of their busy day, you’re going to do well in this kind of role.

17. Window cleaner

Whether you’re high up on a skyscraper or cleaning windows at ground level, this is definitely the kind of job that can be considered slow paced.

You don’t even have to be good with heights here. Instead, you can focus on things like businesses with large storefront windows at street level or large houses and apartment buildings that have a number of windows getting dirty about the day.

Whichever you prefer, window cleaners are usually paid for the job overall, not by the hour. This only adds to the great pace on offer in this kind of role.

18. Archivist

An archivist is someone who collects and preserves records, especially those that may have some sort of value in the future. This means that you’ll often be dealing with very old documents that really need you to be careful so as to not damage them.

This means that the slower you go here, the better. It will certainly take some concentration – if you’ve ever picked up an old piece of paper and had bits of it flake off, you know just the damage that can be done if you’re not gentle enough.

But in terms of the speed of work required, there’s no risk here of being overly pressured.

19. Specialty store clerk

Have you ever walked past a store that sells a very specific type of item? Or perhaps you like to window shop past super fancy stores that no one ever seems to go into?

Either way, this is one of the very few customer service roles that can be considered a slow paced job. 

woman working in a specialty store in a job that has the most free time

These types of stores know that they’re not going to get as many customers as places like Target and Walmart. Instead, their goal is to offer a really specialized experience for customers that are interested in this. 

This means that you certainly won’t be on-the-go all the time In this job, although customer satisfaction will be more important than ever.

20. Archaeologist

Working as an archaeologist isn’t quite what the Indiana Jones movies would make you think it is. Instead, it’s a lot of very careful work, dusting away millennia of build up to make sure the piece lying below is protected.

This means that it could be perfect if you’re looking for slow paced jobs. In fact, the slower your pace, the better you may actually be in this kind of role, as it could show that you take a lot of care with the items you’re looking for.

There is a lot of training that goes into this and you’ll likely have to be comfortable living somewhere away from your hometown, depending where you’re from. But it can also lead to you having a huge impact on history in an incredibly interesting area of work.

21. Truck driver

When you’re driving a vehicle that doesn’t have the fastest maximum speed in the world, you’re kind of forced to keep your pace at a reasonable level.

And this is why I would definitely include truck driver as one of the best slow paced jobs for introverts out there, given that you won’t often see many – or even any – people out on the road. 

Just be careful to not confuse slow paced with no thinking at all. After all, given you’ll be driving long distances, it does take a fair amount of mental endurance to make sure you’re maintaining your concentration to keep safe.

22. Janitor

With janitors working at places like schools and mostly after hours, there’s no real pressure for them to get their job done quickly.

That is, in this role, you’ll have a list of things to get done but you can basically do them at your own pace. So whether you make this a fast paced or a slow paced job will be entirely up to you – as long as you get the job done in the end.

Final thoughts

When it comes to finding the least stressful jobs out there, a lot of the options on this list will fit the bill. In fact, in many of them, the slower you go the better, as it makes it more likely that you’ll get the job done properly.

That said, don’t confuse having a slow paced job with a job with the most free time. In all of the options on this list, there are definitely responsibilities to meet, even if they don’t necessarily have to be done as quickly as in other roles.

Nor are any of these going to necessarily be the best job for a lazy person. Like we said, there are certainly things to do in each of these as part of the job description and while some of them don’t require a whole lot of movement, it’s still important to show up for work and be ready for the day.

But otherwise, if you’re looking for slow paced jobs for anxiety management or simply because you’re done with the faster pace of other jobs you’ve had, the options in this article could be just what you need.

most popular side hustles


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