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Given that most of us only get a new debit card every few years, it’s easy to forget just what’s involved when that happens.

It’s why a simple question like “When you get a new debit card does the card number change?” can suddenly hit you from nowhere, as you start to second guess what will happen.

Does your PIN or account number change? Do you need to change direct debits?

And, most importantly: will you still have access to your money?

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Luckily, in the vast majority of cases, getting a new credit or debit card is a very straightforward process. As you’ll see below, with a few key steps and a couple of precautions, you’ll barely notice when you get a new debit card.

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When you get a new debit card does the card number change?

Generally, the card number does not change when you get a new debit card. However, the expiration date and the CVV (card verification value) will be different on the new debit card.

However, there are some situations where this isn’t the case. The first is when you have ordered a new card due to your old card being lost or stolen. Because of the risk of a thief making purchases on your old debit card, the bank will issue you a new debit card with a new number.

In addition, if you’ve reported a case of identity theft, either suspected or actual, your bank will issue a new card with a new number. This is just in case the person who’s potentially stolen your identity has gained access to your card details.

It’s best to discuss a situation like this with your bank directly, as some will actually recommend that you close your account and open a new one. That way, any banking details that the thief managed to get hold of will be useless.

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Will a replacement debit card have the same number?

A replacement debit card will have the same number if the old card expired or no longer works, but will have a new number or if your old card was lost, stolen or if there’s a situation of identity theft.

Essentially, as above, a new number will only be issued if there’s a security risk of you keeping the old one.

When you get a new debit card, does the PIN number change?

The PIN for your new debit card will be the same as the old one, unless your old debit card was lost or stolen or there’s suspected identity theft. In those cases, a new PIN will be sent to you separately.

Much like the question of whether a new debit card involves the card number changing, the PIN will only generally change if there’s a security risk relating to your old debit card.

person using new debit card wondering if the card number changes

Of course, if you do get a new card, you’re able to change this to whatever you want, including the old PIN. Just be aware that the bank sends a new PIN in the above cases because of the risk that someone has accessed your account. 

This means that if you change your new PIN to be the same as the old one, you’re potentially creating a security risk for yourself.

If you get a new debit card, does the account number change?

If you get a new debit card, your account number will not change.

Your account number can only change if you take steps that lead to it changing, such as if you close your account and open a new one.

As mentioned above, some banks actually recommend that you do this if you’re the victim of identity theft. This means that, in those cases, an indirect result of you getting a new debit card could in fact be that your account number does change, but this will only be if you tell your bank to do so.

When you get a new debit card, does the old one still work?

When you get a new debit card, your old one will still work until the end of the month shown in the expiration date.

In most cases, your bank will send out your replacement card a few weeks before your old one expires. Just make sure that you activate the new card as soon as you get it, so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to your money.

It’s also worth noting that any automatic payments made from your old card will stop working once it expires. This is because they don’t transfer automatically to the new card, due to the expiration date and CVV number being different.

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Will an expired debit card still work at an ATM?

An expired debit card will not still work at an ATM. This includes that you won’t be able to withdraw or deposit any money through an ATM with an expired debit card.

This is one of the main reasons why it’s important to keep an eye on the expiration dates of your debit and credit cards to make sure you’re not suddenly left without easy access to your money (without going to a bank branch, that is) if your debit card stops working.

It’s worth mentioning that there are some stories online of people claiming that their expired credit card still works. It’s not easy to confirm whether these are accurate or not, but do seem to largely be limited to cases where banks switched technology, such as from signatures to chips and PIN. 

As such, this is rare and definitely shouldn’t be relied upon compared to simply replacing your soon-to-expire debit card.

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How do I know when my debit card expires?

The expiration date of your debit card will be on your card, written as MM/YY (month and year). Your card will be able to be used until the last day of the month in which it expires.

For example, if your old card says that it expires on 08/2024, you’ll be able to use it until 11:59pm on 31 August 2024.

Usually, your bank will send out a replacement card a few weeks before your old debit card expires.

If I get a new debit card, do I need to change direct debits?

You do not need to change any direct debits or standing orders if you get a new debit card. You will, however, have to change any automatic payments linked to your old card.

woman at computer with new debit card wondering if the card number changes

This is because direct debits and standing orders are made based on your account details. Automatic payments done through your card, however, rely on your card details.

This means that when your card details change, including when a new expiration date and CVV applies to your new card even if the card number stays the same, those automatic payments have to be updated so that the details reflect those on your new card.

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Does your credit card number change when you get a new one?

Your new credit card number will generally be the same as your old one, unless your old card was lost or stolen or you’re the victim of identity theft.

Much like your debit card, in those cases, you’ll be issued a new credit card number to avoid the security risk of someone else potentially having your card details.

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How long does it take to get a replacement card?

You will generally receive a replacement card within seven business days of when you ordered it, although it will depend on your bank.

Some banks even do it much faster than this. In response to questions from customers of when will their debit card arrive, they claim that their customers will receive a replacement card within two working days of reporting the old one lost or stolen.

Why do debit cards expire?

Debit cards expire as a method of fraud prevention, as well as to ensure your card stays in good working order.

new debit cards

Credit and debit cards are naturally damaged over time, with numbers wearing off, scratches to the magnetic strip or the chip, or even the entire card itself cracking in places. As it can be very inconvenient for users if their cards suddenly stop working, having an expiration date ensures that old cards are automatically replaced from time to time.

Replacing cards that expire also allows banks to take advantage of new security technology. This, in turn, makes it much harder for thieves to steal your card information.

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Can I request a new debit card number?

You generally cannot request a new debit card number unless your card was lost or stolen or there’s been a case of suspected or actual identity theft.

Even in those cases, you won’t be able to request a specific debit card number. Your bank will, however, issue a card with a new number as a security measure, to prevent any unauthorized transactions just in case someone has gained access to your old card.

Will getting a new debit card stop recurring payments?

Getting a new debit card will stop any recurring payments made through your old card. Your card details will have to be updated in the system for payments to start being processed again.

This is because even if you got a new debit card and the card number didn’t change, your CVV and expiration date will have. This means that two pieces of the security puzzle won’t fit anymore, meaning that the payment won’t be able to be processed.

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My debit card is worn out – can I get another one?

If your debit card is worn out, your bank will allow you to request a replacement card but there may be a fee, the exact amount of which should be checked in your Schedule of Fees.

person using new replacement debit card at cafe

For example, according to the current Bank of America Personal Schedule of Fees, you’ll be charged $5.00 for a replacement card. This increases to $15.00 if it’s a rushed request. However, this fee won’t apply if your card is replaced upon its expiration.

It’s worth checking this directly with your bank though, as other banks will give you one free replacement during its period of validity.

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What should I do when I get a new debit card?

When you get a new debit card, it’s important that you go through the following steps as soon as you receive it.

1. Activate the new card

Activating the new card should be your first priority, to avoid someone else inadvertently getting access to the card and being able to activate it (and use it) on your behalf.

This usually involves either calling a phone number, where you’ll be asked to follow the prompts to automatically activate the card. Alternatively, some banks have you do this through their app or their online banking system.

2. Sign the back of it

Most debit cards have a strip on the bank of the card that notes that the card won’t be valid unless it’s signed. 

This is also another reason why you should go through this process as soon as possible after receiving your new card: so someone else doesn’t find the card and sign it before you, making it possible that they’ll then be able to use it.

3. Cut up and dispose of your old card

Your final step should be to cut up your old card in as small pieces as possible so that anyone who finds a piece won’t be able to have all your details. This includes making sure that your card number and name are on different pieces and that the chip or magnetic strip are also in separate pieces.

person using replacement new debit card

From there, don’t put all the pieces in the same trash bag and then be done with it. Instead, spread them out in different trash cans over different days. 

It may sound a bit spy-ish, but it’s a very easy way to protect yourself from some very serious problems if someone were to get your old card and take advantage of that.

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Final thoughts

As you can see, there’s no need to worry if you get a new debit card that you’re going to mess something up and lose access to your money as, in the vast majority of cases, there’s no problem at all.

At the same time, it’s completely understandable that you may have forgotten what was involved last time you got a replacement card. It’s why you may have suddenly had the question of when you get a new debit card, does the card number change – as who can remember what happened last week, let alone three or four years ago when your previous card expired?!

The most important steps to take are that you make sure that the new card is activated before your old one expires and that any payments linked to the old card are updated so they’re not interrupted.

And if your case is a bit non-standard, like identity theft is involved, your bank will be able to advise you of any other steps you should take, like closing your account and opening a new one.

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