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As more and more people are looking for remote work these days, it’s natural to turn to some of the biggest businesses out there to see what they can offer. And when it comes to big business with these sorts of roles, being able to work for Amazon from home is as big as they come.

The sheer range of options on offer at Amazon in terms of work from home jobs is almost overwhelming. As you can probably imagine, given the size of the company and the huge amount of areas that the company covers, there are tons of options in almost any field you can think of.

This includes things like Amazon jobs from home for students and that are part time, just in case you need a bit of flexibility in your working life!

So keep reading to find your ideal remote Amazon job!

Is it true you can work from home for Amazon?

Yes, Amazon allows some people to work from home in various departments and positions throughout the company. Amazon typically has over 500 jobs listed as work at home. The ability to work from home is only for their US employees. However, Amazon intends to allow most of its corporate employees to continue to work from home.

When looking for Amazon work from home jobs, it’s helpful to know which specific jobs within the Amazon universe allow remote work. This mainly includes looking at the right departments that offer this, as in terms of the contract types, there are actually Amazon work from home jobs that are part time and full time, so you definitely have options there.

There’s also no shame in admitting that money can be a deciding factor. It’s definitely true that some jobs on this list pay more than others but with those that require specialized skills or qualifications, you’ll find that they’re some of the highest paying online jobs out there, especially for anyone who prefers to work for a company rather than work for themselves.

How do I work for Amazon from home?

1. Amazon Customer Service Jobs

Amazon is always focused on customer service. They have virtual call centers that are home and remote positions. Amazon Customer Service Jobs is one of the Amazon jobs from home for students.

Amazon Customer Service Jobs offer excellent positions for those who enjoy working with customers and want to get paid to chat. It offers good flexibility, although you do have to live in specific states to be able to secure one of these positions.

These are often seasonal positions, with there being more demand for customer service around holidays when shopping is at a peak, and are quickly filled. However, if you manage to grab one, there is a possibility of the position becoming permanent. And at the same time you can work at home and they will provide equipment for you.

2. Human Resources

Amazon has a strong need for human resource managers. While these positions enable you to work from home, they can also be challenging. At the same time, these positions do sometimes provide the opportunity for travel.

If you have Human Resources experience, you can easily apply your HR skills to work for Amazon from home. One of these jobs will certainly provide you with valuable experience working for a qualified team. You can see this through the fact that Amazon considers this a serious job and has a set of basic qualifications that all candidates must meet..

The qualifications include a bachelor’s degree, six years of experience, and at least one year of experience as a supervisor.

3. Blogger

If you are interested in a slightly different way to work for Amazon from home in a job where you work for yourself, why not become a blogger? While this doesn’t involve working directly as an Amazon employee, you are working to promote Amazon.

That is, when you write content for your blog, there are a ton of ways you can earn money. And one of the biggest ways is through affiliate marketing, which is where you promote products or services and, if someone buys something through your link, you receive a commission. Just ask Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who launched a hugely successful course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, based on the fact that she she makes over $50,000 per month just from her blog using affiliate marketing.

One of the largest companies for affiliate marketers is Amazon. It’s not surprising when you think about it, given the sheer range of products available on Amazon. For many bloggers, their entire sites are structured around promoting products in the hope of attracting an audience that will click on their links and earn them an income.

And this can be very lucrative, with even amateur bloggers making literally thousands of dollars every month just from Amazon!

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4. Recruiting 

in terms of the kind of work you can do from home with Amazon that’s broadly in the field of HR, consider recruitment. Recruiters at Amazon are the ones that help others find the perfect job at Amazon. In addition, they can help come up with new ways to recruit talent.

Amazon has recruiter jobs that work across departments or on an individual team. These individuals may help find potential employees for interviews.

Amazon is expanding rapidly, which means new positions open often. So recruiters work to create those positions and fill them.

5. Online Healthcare

When looking for work for Amazon from home, check out some of their great positions in healthcare. They have many virtual locations where a healthcare employee can work.

woman working on laptop looking for Amazon work from home jobs

Some of the jobs that are listed at the time of writing this include a Senior Solutions Healthcare Architect and Bio-Pharma Consultant. Amazon is constantly adding new positions in this area.

This position requires travel, experience with consulting, and IT experience. In addition, some of these positions create new solutions for healthcare positions.

6. Marketing Campaign Manager

Amazon offers marketing campaign manager positions that lead on initiatives and objectives that are focused on growth for specific business areas and products at Amazon.

A marketing campaign manager is a person that is responsible for planning, executing, and improving the marketing campaigns across many channels.

Many of the tasks of this job include things like taking the lead on promoting larger projects, while also working on projects that have an impact on short and long term growth. In addition, Amazon offers marketing roles such as marketing program manager, product marketing manager, and brand specialists.

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7. Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace on Amazon. Mechanical Turk is a place where small tasks are offered as jobs in exchange for money. These are perfect for anyone looking for Amazon work from home jobs that are part time and that involve getting paid to type.

These jobs do not pay a large amount of money, but they’re very flexible and do not usually require a significant amount of time if you only want to work for a few hours a week for some extra cash. For example, these jobs could include researching topics, transcribing audio and other transcription jobs you can do from home, even with no experience.

8. Amazon Stylist

You may not have known that Amazon work from home jobs include stylist positions. Amazon requires individuals in this position to be experienced and energetic. The purpose of this position is to provide professional assistance with fashion.

These individuals have great communication skills and provide communication to customers. In addition, they are able to multitask while working under pressure.

Working as an Amazon Stylist can be a great opportunity to grab an Amazon work from home job that’s part time and has a variety of available shifts, including holidays and weekends. However, if you’re interested, just keep in mind that individuals must have at least two years of fashion experience.

9. Administrative Support

Another opportunity to work for Amazon from home includes some of their many positions in administrative support. These positions are ideal for those that prefer a situation where everything runs smoothly.

man on his laptop looking for Amazon jobs from home for students

This position has many jobs with different titles, including executive assistants, office managers, receptionists, and administrative assistants. Some other exciting positions are in post-production and film or TV.

This position requires individuals that have strong verbal and written communication. They also have the ability to work in an environment that changes quickly. In addition, the ideal candidate has experience in administration work.

10. Amazon Associate Affiliate

One of the best ways to work for Amazon from home is the Amazon Associate Affiliate programs. With over 900,000 worldwide members, it is one of the largest online affiliate programs.

It is a great way to work online from home and earn money. If you are a blogger, online influencer, content creator, or publisher, this could be the job for you. In addition, if you’ve ever worked in a virtual assistant job, this would be an easy leap given your understanding of the needs of online business owners.

In this position, you create content that includes a link to a product on Amazon. This customized Amazon referral link provides the account owner with a commission whenever anyone clicks on it and then purchases that item from Amazon.

11. Amazon Design

Designing is another one of the Amazon work from home jobs that may interest you. This type of job is for researchers, artists, photographers, program managers, and producers, just to name a few.

As a designer, you can work in varying departments, including Amazon advertising, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Alexa design, digital entertainment, and Amazon devices.

You should have experience in logo design, graphic design, and web design. In addition, they want those in this position to have an understanding of technology and innovative trends.

12. Editorial & Content Management

The content displayed on Amazon’s website is the most of what customers see. As a result, it is critical that Amazon keeps the content fresh and in excellent working order.

With that in mind, Amazon is always interested in the best creators and editors to continue to build an extensive amount of content. However, it also must be accurate and appropriate before it is launched.

Some of these positions include digital editors, content strategists, publishers, and creative material coordinators. Needed skills include top notch writing skills, strong management skills, and experience collaborating with a team.

13. IT Support Engineering

If you’ve got IT experience and are interested in finding some Amazon work from home jobs in this field, consider joining the IT Support Engineering team. In many ways, this is the center of the company and what keeps Amazon running smoothly.

These positions include network engineers, network support engineers, IT technicians, and IT systems engineers. Amazon wants you to have experience in information technology operations or operational services for these positions.

woman writing in a notebook

14. Amazon Flex

If you are interested in an Amazon work from home job that is part time, consider Amazon Flex. This job allows you to create your own schedule and work when it is convenient for you.

In this position, you deliver packages to customers. You pick them up from the Amazon warehouse and ensure they are safely delivered to customers. Where you live dictates how much you earn.

In this job, you must use your own vehicle, but it provides a lot of opportunities to earn an income while creating a schedule that works for you.

15. Paid internships

Amazon offers a large amount of Amazon work from home jobs to students, Veterans, and military spouses. Amazon values the military and created initiatives to support Veterans and their spouses.

Some of these positions are paid internships. These paid internships are ideal for students, as well. In addition, Amazon is always posting new online jobs for college students and veterans on their job posting board.

16. Amazon Influencer

Another option for those looking to work for Amazon from home but without actually working for the company is as an influencer. An influencer for Amazon is a person that uses social media to promote Amazon products. To be successful as an influencer, you’ll likely have to have a solid social media presence and following, and use that to promote the products.

An influencer can, like a blogger, make money through affiliate marketing. Here, that means having your own Amazon URL to promote and feature products. Your job will be to encourage and recommend products to your followers – but in a genuine way, as no one likes to feel like they’re being sold to. One of the more common ways you’ll see this is people talking online about their favorite items and linking to them on Amazon through their unique link.

This unique link takes the potential customer to the Influencers storefront, where they promote their favorite products. When someone makes a purchase through this link and storefront, the influencer gets a commission.

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17. Amazon Sales

To work from home in making Amazon sales, you must have a robust selling strategy and a passion for succeeding. In addition, you must have an Amazon seller account to get started.

Amazon requires you to have some basic information to create a seller account. The required information includes a government ID, business email address, tax information, phone number, and bank account.

man on a video call talking about Amazon work from home jobs that are part time

18. Technical Lab Developer

Amazon Web Services provides plenty of opportunities to work for Amazon from home. One such position in this area works on cloud technologies to transform how the business functions.

This position works for the Amazon Web Services training and certification area. They are focused on improving cloud skills and careers. The Amazon Web Services team is a quickly growing team focused on helping customers build their own cloud skills.

The ideal person for this position has experience developing, designing, and coding. In addition, they must have a strong knowledge of IT domains and know how to analyze technical material.

19. Solutions Architect

Another option is to work for Amazon from home in a part time customer advisor role. This position helps Amazon develop and integrate APIs for selling partners. The Solutions Architect role allows sellers to gain access to Amazon information and search data back and forth.

Your role here will be to help develop a strategy to encourage the adoption of APIs within the companies that work with Amazon. These can range from small start ups to large enterprises. Because of that, this position interacts with API Developers, Solution Architects, Product Managers, and C-level stakeholders.

An ideal employee for this position is capable of thinking strategically about products, business, and any technical challenges the business faces. This position requires a fair amount of past work experience, including over five years of development experience.

20. Software Developer

A software developer is another option for those with an IT background looking for a work for Amazon from home job. Again, it utilizes leading innovation and technology to transform data about transactions into meaningful information. This information is used by various teams and companies to understand more information about the products and customers.

Someone in this role is responsible for front end and user interface development. The position is focused on creating an application that an operator can use to take data and transform it into usable information in an environment where production is active.

Some of the responsibilities of this position include the ability to collaborate with businesses, product managers, and customers to understand the customer experience and concerns. In addition, this person designs, implements, and deploys products and features. They will also troubleshoot issues and find solutions across multiple product lines.

21. Amazon Web Service

It’s probably not surprising that many of the available Amazon work from home jobs out there are in IT, but just to continue the trend: another option is to look for positions in the Amazon Web Service area. Amazon Web Service provides solutions that are built on the Amazon Web Service Cloud and provides a secure, fast, and affordable ability for employees to work remotely.

woman on phone call in front of computer as she works from home with Amazon

Within Amazon Web Service, Amazon offers Amazon Connect, which is a way to create a remote contact center. This group prides itself on being innovative and constantly looking for ways to go down unexpected paths while seeing things from a different perspective.

This group offers a wide variety of work from home positions within the Amazon Web Services group. If you are interested in innovation and working towards technological advances for businesses, this could be perfect for you. A particular perk is that these positions allow employees to try new things – and, importantly, allow the employees to fail, which is critical for encouraging innovation..

22. Amazon Alexa

Mostly everyone knows about Amazon Alexa, but you may not know that you can work for Amazon from home while improving Alexa for customers. Specifically, the Alexa team works on the Echo.

Don’t expect to get a voice over job in this area as Alexa’s voice is pretty set by now. Instead, employees working in this area include voice designers, developers, speech scientists, and many more. Echo has grown into the Echo Dot and Echo Show. In addition, Alexa is available on fire tablets and Amazon Fire TV.

The Alexa Voice Service allows Alexa to connect to other products and Alexa Skills Kit. The employment opportunities for working on Amazon Alexa and all the various pieces of it are countless.

23. Usability Designers

When trying to find an opportunity to work for Amazon from home, consider becoming a usability designer if you have the right professional background. This part of the Amazon organization is cross functional and incorporates product management, design, research, and engineering. An employee in this position creates surveys, facilitates groups, and applies the outcome into the design and digital experience.

In addition to the above, someone in this role may find themselves leading the strategic planning phase of projects. This can include creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes and high fidelity mockups with specifications for web interfaces throughout the design process. These employees advocate for design that is centered around the human using it.

This position is concerned with multiple stakeholders and their needs. An employee in this position often mentors or leads other designers. They develop best practices and standards for Amazon design.

24. Amazon Fulfillment

One of the Amazon work from home jobs with the possibility to earn the most is Amazon Fulfillment, also referred to as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Amazon Fulfillment is a service that helps businesses grow by giving them access to the logistics network on Amazon. Businesses send items to the fulfillment centers whenever a customer makes a purchase.

While you can do Amazon FBA yourself, you can also work in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. These centers receives the item, packages it, ships it and handles the customer service, and returns for the items. There are various positions within the Amazon fulfillment center. These include inventory management, tracking inventory, and restocking.

The Amazon Fulfillment center also handles missing packages or inventory that becomes stranded. There is also a dashboard that allows employees to see what is happening across the inventory, which also includes factors for influencing.

25. Amazon Owned Businesses

In addition to devices, food, beverages, and finance, Amazon has a myriad of businesses that they own – in fact, they have over 40 subsidiaries at the time of writing this. You can work for any one of these in varying roles. Depending on the business, they have different products and items.

These are varying positions in which you can work and handle just about any role based on your experience and work history.

man working on computer

26. Counsel

The Amazon team is always looking for ways to enhance their legal team that works on a variety of legal issues across the full range of teams within the company. Amazon is seeking motivated lawyers that serve as a key voice to provide advice to product teams and other business teams through all phases of the product development life cycle.

This team tackles privacy, consumer protection, marketing, intellectual property, digital currencies, and advertising that participate in the operation and growth of a global service. Given the broad nature of Amazon’s work, their lawyers have to be very cross-functional, assisting the product, engineering, business development, and advertising teams, among others.

Counsel for Amazon helps other teams develop strategies towards product development while advising on how to mitigate any legal risks. Clearly, though, you can only really consider a job in this team if you have at least a law degree, in addition to their other requirements.

27. Amazon Applied Scientist

An Amazon Applied Scientist works at all levels. They have experience with Search, Personalization, NLP, Systems, ML, DL and UI Design. Here, you’ll find yourself working next to other scientists and engineers to help develop and create systems for searching to deploy to production.

This role works with a team of collaborative and open researchers who provide long term thinking and taking risks that are highly rewarding. They value collaboration between the scientific and engineering community. This team develops and deploys machine learning and modeling to extract information for search queries.

The expectation for duties of this role include defining, designing, and implementing initiatives with other responsibilities including parsing the framework, querying, classifying, rewriting, and knowledge graphing. You’ll write technical reports for research and publish the results and use statistics and machine learning to create scalable systems. There’s also a general expectation that you’ll build robust and scalable platforms to support data analyses, model development, training, and validation – so, clearly, pretty extensive technical experience is needed here.. 

How much does Amazon pay you to work from home?

The annual salary you can expect to earn from Amazon when working from home full time ranges from $50,000 upwards per year. That said, your earnings will vary depending on where you live and the type of position in which you work, especially if it needs some sort of specialized qualifications.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, California is widely considered the highest paying state when it comes to working from home for Amazon.

woman working on tablet

For example, in California, the hourly wage for customer service roles with Amazon starts at around $15 – $18 per hour. Weekly wages can be as low as $298 but as high as $2,300, with the average holding right around $600. They often offer sign-on bonuses for these positions. 

Keep in mind; there are positions that earn a much higher salary. These are not always work from home positions, but employees can earn over $150,000 annually in these.

Does Amazon work from home pay weekly?

Yes, all Amazon employees are paid weekly. Prior to October 2020, full time employees were paid bi-weekly, while part time employees were paid weekly. However, Amazon changed that at the end of 2020 due to the pandemic. So, now, all employees are paid weekly.

Typically, Amazon employees get paid every Friday. The pay week starts on Sunday, so earnings are from Sunday to Saturday. Employee checks are directly deposited into a bank account. Some banks may allow you to access your money a day earlier.

What equipment do you need to work from home for Amazon?

Depending on the job you have with Amazon, your needs may be a little different. For example, the typical work at home job requires you to have an Amazon laptop, a headset, an Ethernet adapter, and two tokens.

These are the common pieces of equipment you need. However, certain jobs with particular technical requirements may ask you to have other items on hand. In those cases, Amazon itself may send them to you.

What equipment does Amazon send you to work from home?

Amazon always supplies you with a laptop, a headset, and an ethernet adaptor. If you need any other special equipment specific to the job to do your job, Amazon provides that as well. If you have special accommodations, you may not be sent that equipment automatically. You would need to request any special equipment.

There are some jobs where Amazon requires you to have your own equipment, such as Amazon Flex. In addition, you must have your own vehicle to use for delivering the packages. Amazon is clear about those requirements in the job posting and before you are hired for that specific job.

Is Amazon remote friendly?

Yes, as of October 2021, Amazon changed its policy to allow remote work by most employees. However, Amazon does require remote employees to commute to the office when necessary. Deepening on the position, an employee may have to work in the office for a set number of days per week.

Amazon did have a culture that required employees to be in the office. Once they allowed people to work from home due to the pandemic, they expected to bring everyone back to the office. However, as the pandemic continued, Amazon had to assess the way they do business and determine if working from home was viable for the organization. 

Based on this, there are some positions that are completely remote. Others are able to be remote most of the time, and others that are remote some of the time.

Can you travel and work for Amazon?

Yes, you can travel while working for Amazon. There are a number of positions at Amazon that travel. However, the rules for traveling have changed drastically since early 2020. Then, Amazon had positions that traveled frequently but many don’t travel as often now, if at all.

Amazon changed its travel policy at the beginning of the pandemic and has made further changes to it since then. The ability and requirement to travel for Amazon may continue to change as regulations and safety protocols change due to the pandemic and general health.

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