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It can be hard to find work that fits around your studies when you’re a student, let alone somewhere that will hire you if you haven’t had a job before. At the same time, we all have bills to pay. This is why if you’re studying, this list of the best online jobs for college students with no experience could be just what you need when looking for work that’s flexible – but where you can still earn great money.

After all, one of the biggest struggles when looking for work as a college student is finding something that fits into your schedule. We all know that we’re supposed to prioritize our studies, but you’re almost guaranteed to find yourself at least once in a situation when your shift at an in-person job clashes with a lecture or exam you should be studying for.

But even if you don’t have any prior work experience, this doesn’t mean that you need to settle for the first thing you find. Instead, by focusing on online jobs, you will – in most cases – find yourself able to work whenever you can fit it into your schedule.

And you definitely don’t need any experience in these fields in order to excel in these roles. In fact, with some good time management and an eye for detail, you’ll find that you have all the qualifications needed to land one of these positions.

Best online jobs for college students with no experience

1. Surveys

Surveys offer a great opportunity for college students to earn some extra money in their spare time. All you have to do is answer some questions and when you’re done, you’ll be paid for it – that’s literally it.

The money you earn can then be converted into gift cards at places like Amazon, Walmart or Starbucks or even into PayPal gift cards – which is basically the same as earning cash!

There are a bunch of survey sites out there, so it’s important to pick the ones that actually pay you legit money for doing this. This is why we’d recommend you stick to our top picks:

2. Blogger

Starting a blog as a way to make money as a college student is a great strategy to make money writing about whatever you want. 

It could be in the field you’re studying, to take advantage of the authority your studies have given you in this area. On the other hand, it could be about something completely unrelated, especially if you’re interested in other topics that your coursework doesn’t really cover.

You can see how to start a blog in less than 20 minutes here. As you’ll see, the best part about doing this as a college student is how incredibly cheap it is. In fact, your only initial cost will be paying for a host! 

FYI: Our top pick for your site’s host is easily Bluehost. In fact, if you sign up through our exclusive Bluehost link here, it will cost you less than $3 per month to run your site – not to mention you’ll get a free domain name, saving you an additional $15!

And there are plenty of college students earning serious money from their blogs. Check out this income report, for example, from someone who was earning more than $12,000 per month as a college student from her blog.

So there’s no reason why you can’t do the same!

3. Proofreader

Finding proofreading jobs online is incredibly easy as a college student, given that the exact skills you use as a student are the same ones that help you to excel in these kinds of roles.

That is, as a proofreader, you’ll be reviewing all sorts of documents to make sure they’re correct. This includes things like journal articles, website posts, book chapters or even CVs. 

And you can make serious money doing this. Just ask Caitlin Pyle, who makes more than $70,000 a year from proofreading.

To help you do the same, Caitlin‘s created a free workshop to show you just how to get started as a proofreader. Her workshop goes through:

  • Why proofreading could be the perfect fit for you to make money
  • How she used proofreading to get lifestyle freedom
  • Her strategies for attracting your ideal clients

Click here to sign up for Caitlin’s free proofreading workshop.

4. Focus group participant

Participating in focus groups basically involves getting paid to answer questions for an hour or so. These questions will usually be about a product that a company is thinking of launching or even sometimes about a certain political issue.

But the best part of this kind of work is how much can be paid. For example, by signing up with Survey Junkie you can have access to focus groups where you can be paid up to $150 just for one hour of answering questions.

QUICK TIP: To make sure you’re notified when a paid focus group is available, make sure you select the option to receive email updates after you sign up for Survey Junkie (it’s free!) so you don’t miss out on the chance to earn $150 for only one hour of work.

Another great option is Respondent. When you sign up for them, you’ll immediately have access to their list of available focus groups, with some of them even paying up to $250 per hour. 

You’ll have to provide some information about yourself, as focus group facilitators want to make sure that you’re in their target demographic.

But, from there, this can be a really lucrative way to make money as a college student. For more information, check out our article on the best paid focus groups online.

5. Transcriptionist

If you can type quickly and are looking for a job that’s extremely flexible with minimal stress (perfect if you want a slow paced job after the pressure of your studies), then checking out one of these transcription jobs should be your first priority.

Transcribing involves creating transcripts or captions based on audio and video recordings. While you’ll have deadlines by which you’ll have to submit your finished product, you can do the work whenever you want before then. 

This makes it perfect for anyone who needs flexibility, as you can simply finish each task whenever you have free time around your other commitments.

To start making good money from this immediately, take a look at this FREE seven-day course on how to start making money as a transcriptionist from home.

6. English tutor

Working as an English tutor is one of the best online jobs for college students with no experience, as you definitely don’t need to be a trained teacher to make serious money here.

For example, VIPKid pays up to $25 per hour for you to teach English online to students in China. They’ll even provide all the learning materials – all you have to do is show up and teach!

You do, however, need a bachelor’s degree so if you’re still doing your undergraduate studies, Magic Ears is a great alternative. They also pay at a similar rate to VIPKid but don’t require you to have a bachelor’s degree to qualify.

You can basically work as much or as little as you like with these companies. As an added bonus, the teaching hours are usually after school in China – or in other countries, like these sites where you can teach English online to Japanese students. If you’re in North America, this means you can get up, do a few hours of tutoring, make some great money and go about the rest of your day! 

Find out more about VIPKid here or go here to sign up for Magic Ears

7. Tutor

You don’t have to limit yourself to just teaching English online. In fact, there are plenty of online tutoring jobs for college students in all sorts of subjects.

For example, by signing up for Chegg Tutors, you’ll be able to teach basically any subject to students in a broad range of ages, from middle school to college. Your pay starts at $20 per hour and you can actually be located anywhere in the world, as your students will be from every corner of the globe.

girl on laptop looking for online jobs for college students

As you’ll see from our article on online tutoring jobs, some companies do require you to do a test to qualify. That said, most of them won’t need you to have formal qualifications in the subject in order to tutor in it, so this definitely isn’t limited to being a job for teachers.

And in terms of how high your earnings can go, take a look at our article on how much to charge for tutoring.

8. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who helps a business with basically or any online task you can think of.

You can choose to be a VA who focuses on social media, like making and scheduling pins on Pinterest or post on Instagram, or even more administrative tasks, like responding to and filing emails, editing and posting content on their site or a range of other things.

(In fact, to get the full picture of what you can offer, take a look at this list of 275+ services that a virtual assistant can provide.)

Not sure if becoming a virtual assistant is for you? Why not check out check out this FREE webinar to see if this is your ideal work from home job! It covers:

  • The fastest way to get started as a VA
  • How to get the right clients to start earning money ASAP
  • Why you definitely don’t need to be a tech whiz to succeed

Having a good eye for detail can help, as will being good at time management, given your clients will be relying on you to help them with their business. 

Find out more about how to become a virtual assistant here – even if you have no experience!

And for where you can find virtual assistant jobs, check out this list of the best virtual assistant websites to see where you can get hired today.

9. Ebook author

Becoming an e-book author is a great online job for college students with no experience, as plenty of successful authors have proven that you don’t need experience in an area to write about it well.

The easiest way to do this is definitely through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. This platform will have your book uploaded in only five minutes, at which point you’ll have access to Amazon’s millions of customers for selling it.

You’ll also set the sales price and will keep up to 70% of your book sales.

Find out more about self publishing your own e-book through Amazon here.

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10. Printables designer

If you spend any time on Etsy, you’ll know just how popular selling printables is. So given they’re clearly some of the best things to sell on Etsy, why can’t you do the same thing to make your own money?

And you can really make serious money here selling essentially any type of printable you can think of. Just ask Tracie Fobes, who’s made tens of thousands of dollars selling printables online.

male college student on laptop looking for how he can get a job online with no experience

In fact, based on her own amazing experience making money in this way, she’s created a course called  Easy Printables. In this, she’ll show you:

  • Exactly how to use free tools like Canva to design eye-catching, polished printables
  • The design tips and tricks that actually work to get people to pay for your products
  • How to get people to actually see (and buy!) what you’re selling

Find out more about Easy Printables here.

11. Freelance writer

Most major sites hire writers to produce their content so if you feel you have a talent for words, this could be for you.

You don’t even have to have any background in the topic you’re writing about. Simply get your writing assignment, do the research and prepare the article based on this.

It can be a bit tricky sometimes to get started on this, especially when it comes to finding clients or, worse, not getting ripped off by clients who underpay.

This is why I’d recommend anyone who’s serious about making good money as a freelance writer to take this free workshop on how to become a freelance writer (just scroll down a bit to get access to the free one!). Holly, the creator of this course, makes over $220,000 per year from freelance writing alone, so definitely knows her stuff.

Based on this, her course shows you exactly what you need to do to get started on the right foot and start earning serious income as quickly as possible from this.

12. Flipper

While flipping isn’t entirely an online job, the fact you’ll make most of your money by selling your items online means that we think it fits well on this list.

Specifically, flipping is when you buy something and then resell it at a higher price. This means that local thrift stores and markets can be a gold mine for finding things you can flip, making it a great weekend job if you like to trawl local markets on a Saturday morning.

(That said, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on Craigslist and similar sites to see what’s out there.)

And there really is serious money to be made here. For example, just take Rob and Melissa Stephenson, who made $130,000 just from their first year of flipping. 

They’ve turned their success into a free webinar to show you how you can make money flipping too. In this, they go through:

  • How to know whether flipping is the perfect job for you
  • How to use flipping to get lifestyle freedom
  • Their secret strategies to maximize your flipping profits

Sign up here for the free webinar on how to start making money as a flipper.

13. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is someone who keeps track of the money coming in and out of a business account. Because there’s no need for this to be done in person, plenty of small businesses these days hire virtual bookkeepers to do this – which is where you come in.

woman on laptop trying to find the best online jobs for students

You don’t need any sort of background in finance to do this successfully, although having an eye for numbers can definitely help. And given how important this is for businesses, you can be paid really well if you end up proving yourself to be a dedicated bookkeeper. 

To see exactly how you can do this, sign up this free course on how to start your own bookkeeping business. It will show you exactly how you can earn up to $45 an hour doing this, as well as how to best manage your clients around your other commitments – perfect for a college student.

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14. Product designer

Product designing doesn’t involve actually making the products yourself any more. Instead, there are sites out there that make it super easy for you to start earning money this way, especially if you’re looking for creative online jobs for college students.

Just take a look at Printify. All you do is create the design, whether it’s a saying, a logo or some other sort of artwork, and then upload it to their platform. Then, all you do is select what items you want this to be sold on, which can include shirts, shoes, bags, phone cases and more.

printify products

Once someone buys one of your designs, you don’t actually have to do anything. Printify handles the creation of the product and simply sends you your share of the sales price once it’s finalised.

Click here to sign up for Printify today.

15. Course creator

You may think that you need to have qualifications in a certain area to create courses that teach people about that subject, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, if there’s a particular topic that you know a lot about or have some sort of expertise in, even if you don’t have any formal experience, you could definitely make money by creating a course about this.

The best part about this as an online job for college students is that, eventually, it can become passive income. That is, once you’ve created the course and put it online, people can continue to come and pay to access it with barely any ongoing work from your side.

I recommend Learnworlds as a great platform for doing this. It’s incredibly easy for making professional looking courses, even for those who have no experience in this. You can also sign up here for a free 30-day Learnworlds trial.

Take a look at this video for a quick summary of how easy just to make a course this way:

16. Scopist

Another great option if you have a good eye for detail is to become a scopist, who essentially works as an editor of transcripts of court proceedings.

The first step in the process involves a court reporter preparing the initial draft of the transcript based on what they’ve heard when attending the proceedings in person. This transcript is then sent to a scopist to clean up the draft based on an audio recording of what happened.

man on laptop finding out how can a college student earn money online

This is a step up from normal editing work, so you’ll often be paid more given the specialized nature of a scopist’s responsibilities. And as a bonus for anyone looking for online jobs for college students with no experience, you don’t need any sort of official legal training to qualify for jobs in this field.

Of course, some training can help, especially when you’re trying to break into what can be a fairly competitive market. This is why I recommend this free course on legal transcription. It’s presented by someone who’s own thousands of dollars doing this and is now sharing her experience to help you do the same.

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17. Secondhand clothes seller

Some people have turned selling secondhand clothes online into a really lucrative side hustle, although it’s also a great way for you to just make some extra money each month.

What this involves is you take either your own used clothes or those you buy at a local thrift shop, and then sell them on sites like ThredUp or Poshmark.

And to get $10 of Poshmark credit for FREE so you can also grab some great secondhand clothes yourself, sign up for Poshmark here with our exclusive code LOGICALDOLLAR.

There are actually a ton of different sites out there where you can do this. To get an idea of, say, what sells best on Poshmark compared to other sites, check out our article on Poshmark vs Mercari vs eBay.

Of course, if you’re looking for online jobs for students without investment, this one won’t work for you as you will need to spend some money upfront to get the clothes you then resell. At the same time, when it comes to fun online jobs for anyone who loves clothes, the fact you can combine this with the ability to work online from home and get paid may make the investment worth it.

18. Data entry assistant

Data entry online jobs for students are perfect for anyone looking for work where you simply have to show up and perform your assigned tasks.

They’re also incredibly flexible, with most part time online data entry jobs for students not requiring you to work at set times. Instead, you’ll simply have a deadline by which you finish work, meaning you can easily do this once you’ve finished your course work for the day.

(Getting paid to type is also a great option for anyone looking for a job where you work alone, as it’s ideal for introverts.)

In terms of how to find part time online typing jobs for college students at home, start by checking out FlexJobs.

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19. Search engine evaluator

A search engine evaluator is responsible for doing a human check on the results that Google’s algorithms produce. Specifically, you’ll be reviewing whether search results are both accurate and relevant to the search query, to help with user experience.

woman on laptop seeing how can college students earn easy money

In terms of how to find search engine evaluator jobs, you don’t go directly to Google for online work from home roles. Instead, employment agencies advertise these on behalf of Google (and other search engine providers).

You’ll have to go through a few rounds of tests as part of your job application, but these are more to show that you have a good understanding of what users want when they enter a specific search term. This means that this is a great online job for college students with no experience, given that you’re assessed more on your intuition than your professional background.

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20. Website tester

Getting paid to test websites is a great online job for college students with no experience as you’re basically getting paid to shape the future of the Internet.

That is, a bunch of companies like to hire non-tech people to test their websites to see how you use it before it’s released to the wider public.

And this even includes major companies like Airbnb, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter.

There are a number of companies that offer this so click here to check out a list of how you can get a job testing websites for money.

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21. Freelancer

Freelancing is a pretty broad category of jobs, but it’s almost guaranteed that there’ll be something that falls under this umbrella that will work for you.

Freelance jobs for students can take many forms, whether it’s writing something, designing something or performing essentially any other online task you can think of.

What makes this kind of work perfect for college students is that you’re not finding yourself attached to an ongoing role. Instead, you can pick up more work when you have the time and drop back once things start to get it busier, like around exams. It can also be a really solid option if you need to get cash urgently.

To find freelance work, start by signing up for Fiverr. From there, you can create a profile for the kinds of freelance roles you’re looking for. Fiverr has hundreds of thousands of potential clients using it every day so by making your profile standout, you’ll easily be able to start getting work in this way..

22. Virtual friend

Working as a virtual friend may not be the first thing you think of when someone mentions online jobs, but it’s definitely a legit way to get paid.

How it works is that people pay you to basically talk about anything online. Don’t worry, it’s completely platonic – in fact, it’s usually used by people who are just looking for a bit of social interaction.

woman with coffee on laptop seeing how can a student start earning money

In some cases, it can take on a role a bit similar to a mentor. But, usually, it’s simply a way for people to have a chat when they may not be able to do it in person.

To find out more, take a look at her article on how to get paid to be a virtual friend online.

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23. Chat agent

Working as a chat agent is one of the best online customer service jobs out there, mainly because there’s almost always available work in this field.

Specifically, chat agents are those people who deal with questions and problems raised by customers through online chat features, like you see on Amazon. This means that you can be working from home and they provide equipment in order to do this and you don’t need any experience, although prior customer service work will help.

As an added bonus, the working hours are really flexible, given that most of these companies want people on hand to answer customer queries at any time day or night. This means that these can be super easy online jobs for students, as you can choose to work shifts that work around your study schedule.

Take a look at our article on how to get paid to chat to find out more.

(And as a similar but slightly different opportunity, you might also want to check out these paid moderator jobs.)

24. YouTuber

We’ve all heard the stories of people making seriously amazing money on YouTube. So why can’t you do the same?

Just take a look at these college students, who make between $500 and $1,000 a month on YouTube while at college. A lot of this money is made by getting paid to advertise for companies, like through promoting specific products, but you can also earn money from ads that display on your videos once you meet some requirements.

It will take some time to build up to the point where you’re earning that kind of money, so it’s probably best to combine this with another online job while you’re doing that. It can also be a good idea to combine this with starting your own blog, just to really cement your online status.

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25. Social media assistant

If you consider yourself pretty good at social media but working as an influencer isn’t for you, consider helping other people and businesses with their social media as a legit online job for college students.

woman on laptop looking for online jobs for college students with no experience

In many ways, this is similar to working as a virtual assistant who specializes in social media. That is, you’ll find yourself being responsible for building up a business’  social media profile, meaning it’s a good idea to really have a feel for all the major platforms, whether your client is looking to make money on Snapchat, Instagram or any others.

You can advertise your services on sites like Fiverr, but a good strategy is also to approach local businesses to see if they need your help. They may not be big enough to hire an actual social media firm but have realized that they need to boost their social media presence. This means they’ll be perfectly placed to hire you, even if you don’t have any formal experience in this area.

26. Travel agent

Another great online job for college students with no experience is to work as a virtual travel agent. Here, you’ll do all the same tasks as an in person travel agent, including making bookings, helping clients with issues with their travel and suggesting ideas for people’s itineraries.

It’s really good work for anyone who likes to travel, as customers love to hear about your own personal adventures and get inspiration for their own.

You will have to work set shifts rather than completing tasks when you have time, like some of the other jobs on his list. But if you’re looking for an online customer service role and have a love for travel, this could be perfect.

27. Graphic designer

While high-level graphic designers definitely have experience, there’s also work in this field for those with great design skills, even if you don’t have the professional experience to back this up just yet.

That is, many small business owners like to hire freelance graphic designers to do one off tasks. This can include something as simple as creating a logo or more complicated work, like designing website or document layouts or even products for them to sell.

To find work in this field, signing up for freelance sites like Fiverr or FlexJobs are great places to start. You’ll need some knowledge of design software but it’s perfectly fine if you’ve never worked professionally in this field – as long as you have the skills, the work is definitely out there.

28. Virtual receptionist

Many businesses figured out some time ago that they don’t actually need their receptionists to be on site for them to do their work. This has opened up a great opportunity for those looking for online jobs as more and more positions for virtual receptionists become available.

This will involve doing exactly what receptionists do in person, including receiving and transferring phone calls as well as other administrative tasks.

woman working on laptop

One of the main sites offering work like this is While you’ll have to commit to working at least 20 hours per week and must be based in the US, Canada or Mexico, you’ll actually be the assigned receptionist for a number of different businesses – which can be located anywhere in the world. 

This means you don’t have to work necessarily during business hours where you are. If you’d rather work late at night or early in the morning, when it’s business hours somewhere else in the world, that’s perfectly fine.

29. Recruiter

Virtual recruiters are another growing area, with businesses that aren’t big enough to have their own HR teams often turning to recruitment firms to fill vacancies for them.

And that’s where you come in. You’ll be responsible for tracking down people who may be appropriate for vacant positions and encouraging them to apply.

It’s worth keeping in mind that working as a virtual recruiter generally involves getting paid on a commission basis, with you receiving a percentage of the hired person’s salary once they’re on board. This means that this won’t suit people who prefer a steady paycheck. On the other hand, this means that you could make great money here, especially if you have a bit of a knack for finding the right people for the right job.

Check out FlexJobs for finding online recruiter roles.

30. Voiceover artist

All sorts of voiceover artists are needed for things like podcasts, commercials, TV shows and more. This is why getting paid to record your voice could be a great online job for you that you hadn’t thought of before, especially if you have a particularly distinctive voice.

Sites like are a great place to start, although people also find work in this field on Fiverr. While you may be paid more once you’ve done a few jobs, there are plenty of voice over jobs for beginners from home to help you get started. Simply create a profile and you’ll be good to go from there.

31. Loan processor

As a loan processor, you’ll be responsible for processing applications that people have submitted for taking out loans. While your exact responsibilities can vary, a lot of companies hire people to focus on one particular type of loan, like home mortgages, although sometimes it can be more general than this.

What you’ll be doing is looking at each applicant’s financial information and recommending whether or not it seems they’ll be a good borrower. You may also be recommending the exact terms to apply to their loan. That is, if they have a good credit score, they may be eligible for lower interest rates.

woman on laptop

You will need some understanding here of relevant regulations, particularly in the areas of fraud and compliance. However, you won’t be expected to have this already as you will get training in order to do this job. 

That’s why it can work really well as an online job for college students with no experience. This is especially the case if you’re studying something finance related, as the experience you get from this job can help you land something once you graduate.

32. Healthcare assistant

Another great online job where no experience is needed is working as a healthcare assistant.

Part time healthcare jobs for college students can be great experience if this is the field you’re hoping to get into when you graduate. And in the case of this specific role, you’ll be helping clinics and other businesses in the medical field manage their administrative tasks. 

It means that your job could include things like filing and processing insurance claims, responding to custom queries and managing the billing process.

While having some administrative experience can help, it’s not strictly necessary in order for you to get a job in this field. It can be pretty competitive, especially given that salaries start at around $40,000 per year. This means that if you see a vacancy for a role like this, it’s definitely worth applying to give it a go.

33. Etsy seller

If you have any sort of design skills, even if you don’t have official experience in this area, you can definitely find things to make and sell to make money on Etsy.

As you’d know if you spend any time on that site, people can sell literally anything they make on there. Whether it’s jewelry, home decor, website designs, printable documents or using their calligraphy skills to create things like invitations or menus for special events, you can definitely use that to make money with this.

(You can also use Etsy as a way to sell feet pics if you really want to get creative.)

A good starting point is to do a quick search to see how much competition you’ll have for your idea, as well as to make sure there’s actually demand for this. But from there, it’s simply a question of creating your products and making them available to Etsy’s hundreds of thousands of customers.

34. Virtual stylist

In terms of online jobs for college students with no experience but with a sense of style, you can’t go past working as a virtual stylist.

The fact you can do this online means that you’re opening yourself up to a massive pool of potential customers. After all, there’s no reason why you have to be with someone in person in order to help them with their style.

woman working on laptop

For most virtual stylists, you’ll have an initial appointment with your client to get a feel of what they’re looking for as well as of their own sense of style. From there, depending on how much you want to charge, you can be as involved as you want. You can limit yourself to suggesting products for them to buy or even doing follow-up video calls where you talk them through any recommendations you have for them, the work of a virtual stylist can really go as in-depth as you want.

It’s a good idea to build a fairly strong Instagram presence if you want to pursue this, as a lot of potential clients would like to see your styling ideas before signing up. It can also be a good idea to start a website to showcase your portfolio, as any examples you’re able to use to show off your own sense of style will help your clients to see if you might be a good fit for them.

Are there any online jobs for college students?

There are plenty of online jobs that are perfect for college students. This is because they offer a great combination of letting you use the skills you may be developing in your studies combined with the flexibility needed to work around your study schedule.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself only to work that’s relevant to what you’re studying. Instead, there are a ton of online jobs for students to earn money at home that can easily have nothing to do with your coursework if you need a break from that subject or if you’re simply looking to explore other areas.

But with a lot of companies being very eager to hire college students, you’ll have no trouble finding an online job where no experience is necessary.

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How can I get a job online with no experience?

To find a job online with no experience, keep an eye out for opportunities where specific qualifications aren’t required to perform the relevant responsibilities. For these jobs, soft skills are often more important, such as being able to write well, type fast or have an eye for detail, allowing you to then apply these skills to the tasks at hand.

This is why, for example, one of the options on our list of the best online jobs for college students with no experience is bookkeeping. While you may think that first that you need some sort of finance or accounting background to do this, this isn’t actually the case.

person working on laptop

Sure, some training can help. But it’s much more important that you’re organized and pay attention to detail so that you’re entering your clients’ information correctly. This is why specific experience in this field really isn’t needed to get this kind of job.

Take a look at some of the other highest paying online jobs out there to see why experience isn’t needed to find a seriously well paying job online.

What are the best online jobs for students?

The best online jobs for students are those that offer the flexibility needed to work around your study commitments. They also can be in a field relevant to your studies to give you some experience, but this doesn’t have to be the case, especially if you’re looking for something different for your working hours.

And we’re convinced that the list in this article offers some of the best jobs for college students. They all have the flexibility you need to work when you can as well as the fact that they all pay well.

Some, in fact, can be built up so that you end up earning seriously good money. We mentioned one example with the college student blogger who earns over $12,000 per month from her blog, but there are others on this list where you could absolutely do the same.

(See how to start a blog here in less than 20 minutes if you’d like to try to do this yourself!)

How can a college student earn money online?

College students can make money online in many different ways. The important thing, however, is to make sure you have good time management and remain self-motivated to ensure you’re meeting your deadlines and keeping your clients satisfied.

That is, most of the best part time online jobs for college students at home won’t involve you working set hours, although some do have this as an option. Instead, you’ll generally be given deadlines by which you’re expected to complete your tasks.

This means that you can basically work on these jobs whenever you have free time, making it perfect for college students with study (and social!) commitments. However, meeting these deadlines will be critical for making sure that you keep getting work, so self-motivation is going to be key for helping you to do this.

It can be a bit tough at first to do this well, especially compared to more “traditional” jobs where you’re on the clock. But with some self discipline and putting good habits into place, you’ll easily be able to succeed in these roles.

How can college students make easy money?

Some options for college students to make easy money include:

  • Complete surveys with Survey Junkie 
  • Make money with surveys, videos and games on your phone through Swagbucks (not forgetting that free $5 welcome bonus!)
  • Join paid market research groups with Survey Junkie or Respondent
  • Get cash back on your groceries with Ibotta (and enjoy their free $20 sign up bonus!)
  • Reduce your bills automatically with Trim
  • Save money without realizing by automatically rounding up your change with Acorns
  • Do freelance tasks through Fiverr

You won’t make huge amounts of money with these options (except for those paid focus groups which can be impressively lucrative), but they’re definitely easy money. Just a few taps on your phone is usually all it takes to get started.

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How can a student start earning money?

To start earning money as a student, figure out how much free time you have around your study commitments to narrow down the list of which jobs are available. You should also determine if your aim is to find a job that offers experience in your field of study or one that simply pays the bills, to focus your job search accordingly.

There are plenty of at home jobs for college students, but not all of them will be right for you depending on your goal here. In particular, if you want something you can add to your CV as proof of experience in a certain field, you may be slightly more limited – although some of the options on this list can certainly be adapted to this, such as if you start a blog on a topic that’s relevant to your coursework.

Once you’ve narrowed this down though, the process is fairly straightforward: start applying. Let’s be honest, no one likes this part of the process as it can be really repetitive and those rejections (or, worse, no response at all) can be really demotivating. But rest assured that you’ll get there eventually.

It’s also good to consider combining this. To use the example of starting a blog, you won’t start earning good money with this straight away. This is why it can be a good idea to launch your site while also working in one of these remote jobs for college students that pay a more steady paycheck. You can always drop this later once your blog takes off, of course!

Final thoughts on the best online jobs for college students with no experience

For anyone who’s been a student, which of us hasn’t sat there and thought desperately “I’m a college student and I need money!”

Fortunately, now more than ever it’s incredibly easy to find out how to make money online as a college student. With plenty of jobs for college students online, you’re almost guaranteed to find work from home jobs that offer the flexibility you need around your studies – not to mention some seriously good pay, even just from working part time.

In fact, you’ll find that many of these online jobs where you work from home can actually pay better than the in-person options you’ll find if you’re also looking for jobs for college students with no experience near you.

This means that something on this list will definitely help you get paid – and even get paid well – while balancing this out with your studies.

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